So What Else Can Go Wrong


Omi stood in the back room, looking at the door to the flower shop with some consternation. I must be crazy. He started to reach for the door handle, then drew back his hand. Scratch that. I must be in love. And that's worse.

Well… worse when you weren't getting what you wanted from it.

The youngest Weiss member leaned his head against the wall beside the door. I must be really desperate if I'm going to Yohji for advice!


It'd been more than three weeks since the misunderstanding with the rose [1] that had led to Omi and Ken, in the words of their teammates, "finally" hooking up. They were nearing the one-month mark, which did not seem particularly important to either of them but which Yohji had dubbed a 'step up' - probably something to do with the fact that he'd never dated anyone steadily for more than a week or two, much less a month.

He'd also decreed that he and Aya were treating them to dinner.

Omi had to wonder how he'd gotten Aya to agree to that.

"He's paying for you two," the readhead had told them, before he could ask.

And that was that.

"It'll be fun," Ken said to Omi later on, nudging the younger boy's chin with the knuckles of his hand like he loved to do. "Then after, we can come back here and watch some of those old mysteries you like in my room. What do you think?"

"Sounds good," Omi agreed, shrugging. He didn't actually care where they went or what they did. "Where are we going?"

"Some place casual. I told Yohji I didn't want to dress up, and I know you'd rather not." Ken laughed at the expression on his face. "Anyway, we're going on Friday some time, so don't make plans, okay?"

Omi grinned. "What sort of plans do you think I'd be making without you?"

"Good point." Ken leaned over and planted a kiss on his upturned lips - one that was typical of their kissing habits. Soft… sweet…

Maddeningly short…

Pull-out-your-hair frustratingly casual…

"I'll see you after work, Omittchi," Ken said, pulling back. "A month - can you believe it?" Then he was gone.

Omi sighed. No… he couldn't believe it.

Almost a month, and no sex. Not even some nice heated necking sessions. No petting. No making out. Ken treated him like some little kid that he just happened to kiss once in a while.

It was enough to drive Omi crazy.

Not that he could complain - he and Ken always had so much fun when they went out. Every second they spent together was like some kind of new adventure. The past three and a half weeks had been quite possibly the best of Omi's life. He still felt tingly whenever Ken touched him, or smiled at him in that special way. He was dizzy with being in love, and thrilled to have it returned.

But still…

He was eighteen, damnit! That was only two years younger than Ken, and it was the age of consent. He could tell that Ken wanted to get more… friendly. But whenever it seemed like he might, he just… stopped. Then he'd ruffle Omi's hair like he was a little kid, and that'd be the end of it.

It's just not fair!

Somehow, he had to get Ken to stop looking at him like a kid. He just didn't know how yet…


Omi backed away from the wall and sighed. This is your only option. Unless you plan to be a virgin until you die, that is. God, he could just see that - getting up to take his medication and having Ken ruffle his hair and call him 'kid'. No no no! There is no way I'm letting that happen! I will get laid if it kills me!

He opened the door and walked into the shop. "Yohji, I need to talk to you."

The blond didn't look up. "Yeah? What about?"

"How do you get someone to sleep with you?" Omi blurted out, then immediately slapped a hand over his mouth as his face went from a normal temperature to burning hot in two seconds flat. Gah! I didn't mean to just come right out and say it!

Yohji turned around slowly. "You want… sex advice?" He blinked, then his eyes narrowed. "Wait a minute! Just how old are you now? Fifteen? Sixteen?"

"Eighteen," Omi corrected through gritted teeth, forgetting his embarrassment in the midst of his frustration. "And that's my problem with Ken, right there! He treats me like I'm some kind of little kid! I'm an adult! I want sex, damnit!" Crap! Why can't I keep my mouth shut? He flushed again.

Yohji looked as though someone had smacked him upside the head with a board. "I never thought I'd hear that coming from you." Then he seemed to snap out of it. "Ken's not satisfying you? Why not talk to him about it?"

"I tried," Omi admitted, biting his lip. "I got so embarrassed, I just couldn't say it. Besides, it seems kind of rude, don't you think? Demanding sex? What if Ken just doesn't want to?"

Yohji snickered. "Omittchi, if he can sleep with a girl he's just met, he can sure as hell climb into bed with you, can't he?"

"But it doesn’t always work like that!" Omi protested. "I mean…"

"Never mind," Yohji interrupted. "I'm supposed to be helping you, right?"

"Right." Omi's heart leapt. "So… what should I do?"

Yohji shrugged. "Dress sexy, be more flirty, and jump him in a public washroom."

Omi gaped.

"What? Getting hot when you could get caught - it's always good for a thrill."

"But… it seems kind of…" Omi racked his brain for the words he was looking for. "I don't know… desperate?"

"That's the point." Yohji grinned. "You want him so bad you'll jump him when you could get caught. It'll make him crazy."

"If you say so," Omi agreed doubtfully. "How do I be more flirty?"

"Geez!" Yohji rolled his eyes ceilingward. "I don't know! Flutter your eyelashes! Smile a lot… play footsies with him under the table!"


"You know… tap his foot with yours…" Yohji seemed to realize that Omi wasn't totally understanding, because he sighed and threw his hands up. "Never mind! Maybe you should wait until you're older, after all."

"No! I'll be waiting forever!" Omi scowled. "I'm getting some tonight! No more waiting! After you take us out for dinner - that's it!"

"Good. Great. I'll make it a point not to be here." Yohji smiled to take the hard edge out of his words. "Best of luck, Omi - you're going to need it."

Thanks a lot.


Omi stared at his closet.

Dress sexy, huh?

He seemed to be lacking the necessary clothing.

There has to be something in here… If worse came to worse, he could always wear one of those club-hopping outfits Yohji kept giving him. They'd look a little out-of-place, but if it would get Ken's attention…

Where did I keep them again?

He dug into the back of his closet, throwing aside his usual t-shirts and shorts. They must be at the back… He grabbed the hanger rack above him and tried to pull it down so that he could get a better look at what there was.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have miscalculated where the hanger rack was.

With a loud 'clunk', the water pipe he'd grabbed came free in his hands.

And the water that had been fueling Yohji's shower was suddenly all over Omi's closet.



"This isn't bad at all. The food was pretty good - it's been a nice night." Ken took a sip of his coke. He was the only one besides Omi who'd ordered a non-alchoholic beverage. He had said that it was because athletes needed to stay on their toes, but Omi suspected it was just to make him feel better.

He needed to feel better. That fiasco with the closet had been embarrassing - and everyone in the house knew about it. After Ken had fixed the pipe, all of Omi's clothes were soaked through, and he'd had to borrow some of Ken's - which were too large on him, and made him feel even younger and smaller.

Not exactly the result he'd been aiming for.

And, to make matters worse, the first words out of Yohji's mouth when he saw him had been 'that's sexy?' They had been accompanied by a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Omi felt ridiculous.

Still, he was determined to carry through with the rest of Yohji's advice. He was getting laid that night, no matter what! I'm not going to give up. I don't care what happens!

"Is there something in your eyes, Omi?" Ken asked, after a few minutes. "You're doing a lot of blinking. Do you need some water?"

"No, I'm fine." Omi sighed, and slumped back in his seat. So much for fluttering his eyelashes. He forced a smile, and tried to remember what else there was. He was running out of options, and that horrible washroom suggestion was getting closer and closer.

All right, then… I can tap his foot with mine. No problem.

"Are you feeling all right, Omi?" Ken asked, concerned. "You look pretty tense."

"Uh… I'm okay." Omi tried to keep up a smile and tapped his foot against Ken's. "Just fine." Smile a lot… tap again. Why on earth did Yohji think this would work? It was stupid!

Ken shrugged, unconcerned. "All right. But if you are, don't hesitate to say something, okay? This is supposed to be our one-month free dinner, after all." He smiled, and Omi's heart jumped.

Ken's way better at this flirting thing than I am.

Speaking of which… he tried the tapping thing again. Why did Ken not seem to notice it? Did he have wooden legs that Omi just didn't know about? Maybe that was why he didn't want to -

"That's it!" Aya suddenly stood, glaring at all of them. "Whoever is kicking me under the table, stop it now. I'm not finding it amusing."

Oh… oops.

"Kicking you under the table?" Yohji repeated. "Who in their right mind would - ?"

"S-sorry," Omi squeaked out. "I thought that was the table leg. I'm a little jumpy tonight."

"Omi?" Ken was looking at him funny. He couldn't bring himself to look at Yohji - he knew the blond would be trying not to laugh. "The table leg's over here - Aya's in the opposite direction."

Omi's face felt like a furnace. "Sorry," he muttered, looking down. "I think I do have something in my eye - I'm going to go wash it out!" He jumped up and made a run for the washroom.

"Maybe I should check on him…?" he heard Ken's voice say, distantly, before he made it into the safety of the empty room.

Stupid stupid stupid! All you're doing is making an idiot of yourself! Omi crouched on top of the toilet seat in one of the stalls. Why did you listen to Yohji, anyway? His advice never seems to help you!

The door to the washroom opened, and somebody came inside, hesitating a little before heading for the stalls. Omi glanced under the bottom, and caught sight of Ken's sneakers, beneath the familiar black pants. He's in here… no one else is, just me and him…

He shoved aside the fact that none of Yohji's other suggestions had worked out. This was his last chance. He was going to get Ken to sleep with him now, and this would be the clincher. Omi hesitated for only a second, before deciding that sex was more important than his pride.

So he flung open the stall door and tackled the unsuspecting boy on the other side.

"Fuck! What the hell are you doing?"

That wasn't Ken's voice… "Ah…" Omi backed off, eyes wide. "I thought you were someone else - it's a running joke - I'm really sorry…" Shit!

The stranger sat up, giving him an angry look. "Watch it, you little freak!"


He looked up. Ken stood in the doorway, taking in the scene with some confusion. Oh great. This gets better and better, doesn't it?

"Can't even go to the bathroom safely any more…" The stranger pushed past Ken and left the room.

"Are you all right, Omi?" Ken asked again, looking at him with some concern. "You've been acting really strangely all night. What happened?"

"Nothing…" Omi sighed, and lowered his eyes. "I'll tell you outside," he said. This time I will tell him! No more taking Yohji's advice - I'm going to do what I should've done in the first place!

I just need the right place…

Omi looked around the restaurant, and saw where the speakers were set up to project music across the room. It'll be too loud over there for anyone to hear us…He started to steer Ken in that direction.

"So what's up?" Ken asked, before they got there."

"Yohji was giving me some advice." That was an easy start. Omi swallowed, and continued. "He told me to… be more flirty." That was harder. He tried to keep going. "He said… flutter my eyelashes… smile a lot… and… umm…"

"And?" Ken prompted. "Why did you need advice anyway? We're already dating - you don't need to attract my attention again." He smiled. "I like you just how you are, Omi - you don't need to change for me."

"It's not just that…" Omi trailed off. "Come over here," he said, and led Ken to directly under the speakers. "That's better."

"What?" Ken shouted, over the music.

"It's because…" Omi took a deep breath, and continued. "I want to take things… to the next level."

"What?" Ken repeated, still shouting.

"I want us to sleep together," Omi said, louder.


"I want us to have sex!" he repeated loudly, getting irritated.


Omi's patience snapped. "I want you to fuck me!" he shouted.

Unfortunately, that was the moment the song ended and the music stopped.

Everyone in the restaurant turned to look at them.

Omi wished he could sink into the floor.

"Oh." Ken looked a bit shocked. He glanced over at the people looking at them, and flushed a little. "Oh. Well… damn." Taking Omi's arm, he quickly led them away from the speakers, just as the next song started up.

A few people clapped, and several made hooting noises. Omi's face was hot enough to cook things on it. God, that was the stupidest thing you've done all night! Now he probably thinks you've gone nuts!

"We're going to get back to the shop," Ken told Yohji and Aya. The blond was openly laughing, and even Aya appeared to be fighting back a smirk. However, Ken kept a straight face. "I need to talk to Omi for a while."

Omi stared at his shoes. Oh great…

He let himself be led outside, to where he'd left his motorcycles. Yohji had offered the use of his car, but Omi had declined it, thinking that maybe he and Ken might go back early - if things worked out the way he wanted.

This wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind.

"How come you didn't just tell me, Omittchi?" Ken asked, using the nickname Yohji liked. "If that's how you felt, why did you go to Yohji instead of coming to me?"

Omi didn't meet his eyes. "I… I tried," he stammered, uncomfortable. "I couldn't get it out. I thought… I don't know… that you might think less of me… you know? I mean, it's kind of rude, demanding sex…" He blushed even more.

Ken's fingers tipped up his chin, and he looked up involuntarily. The older boy was smiling. "Omi, you don't need to be embarrassed about it. We're supposed to be in a relationship - that doesn't make me your dictator or anything. If you've got a problem, I want you to tell me about it. Communication, right? You of all people should know it's important."

"Yeah…" Omi nodded. "But I…"

"You were embarrassed." Ken shrugged, then chuckled a little. "I think you've had more than your share of embarrassment about this." He smiled again, and swayed a little.

"Are you all right?" Omi asked, suddenly concerned.

"Fine." Ken waved a hand. "I had a long day. You know…" He grinned, and brushed Omi's face a little. "I was thinking that maybe tonight would be the night, too. I've been waiting for a sign from you."

"Really?" Omi's heart started to pound. He… thought that, too? "So it wasn't because you think I'm too young?"

"Too young?" Ken looked puzzled. "You're eighteen. How would that be too young?"

"Never mind." Omi felt like laughing. All this time, I've been worrying over nothing!

"Shall we go home?" Ken offered, grinning as he got onto Omi's motorcycle. "You're in the driver's seat."

"Definitely!" Omi was close to bursting with excitement. He climbed on in front of Ken. "Hang on - I'm going as fast as I can!"



They entered the house in the middle of a flurry of quick kisses. Omi's arms were locked around Ken's neck. At last! At last something is going my way! His heart was pounding so hard against the older boy's chest - Omi was on the verge of dragging Ken over to the couch and pulling him down right there.

"Let's get to my room," Ken said, pulling away for a minute. His face was as flushed as Omi's felt, and his eyes were half-lidded. "It'll be more comfortable there." He'd probably guessed what the younger boy had been thinking about the couch.

"Okay," Omi agreed, not letting go of him even as they stumbled down the hallway. He was half-afraid that if he let go of him, Ken would disappear and Omi would be left with his frustration again.

Ken pushed him onto the bed and moved his kisses along Omi's neck, nipping a little at the soft skin by the corner of his jaw. "Is this what you want, Omittchi?" he breathed, that warm air flooding over the younger boy's ear.

"Oh yes…" Omi squirmed with pleasure, feeling elated. This whole miserable day was worth it for right now… Ken… "Mmm… more…" he whispered, arms tightening around the older boy's neck. "Oh Ken…"

He sighed happily as Ken's lips moved down his neck, his fingers beginning to unlace the ties of Omi's shirt. This was what he'd been craving… Ken's hands on him, Ken's mouth teasing him, making him groan, not stopping, not relenting…

Not moving?


Omi shook his potential lover's shoulders. Ken's steady breathing was hot against his neck, and his body was somewhat slack.

"Ken, you had better not have fallen asleep on me!" Omi shook him harder.

No response.


I knew it was too good to be true. Omi tried to push Ken off of him, resigned to returning to his room for another night of steamy, taunting dreams. But Ken seemed to have other ideas; he unconsciously tightened his hold on the younger boy and buried his nose in the crook of Omi's neck, refusing to relinquish his position.

Omi tried a few more times to dislodge him, then gave up. Ken's body shifted carelessly against his, and he whimpered to himself.

This isn't fair!


Omi woke up the next morning feeling more subdued. The previous evening was over and done with, and he felt relaxed. He was in Ken's arms, and when Ken woke up… well, he wouldn't be too tired then!

Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on this whole thing, Omi thought, as Ken shifted lazily against him. I mean, sex isn't everything, right? It's just one part of the relationship… Ken shifted some more, his hands trailing down Omi's sides to some more interesting places.

One important part!

"Mmm… Omi…" Ken sighed against his neck. Then he tensed. "Omi?" Abruptly, he pulled back, staring at the younger boy in consternation. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I can't believe I fell asleep like that! I was trying so hard to stay awake, but yesterday was a really long day, and I was just so - "

"It's okay," Omi interrupted. He leaned up and stole a quick kiss. "I was being stupid. I think it took yesterday to make me realize it."

Ken relaxed a little, and sank back down. "How so?" he asked, nuzzling Omi's shoulder. This new affectionate side of him was nice. The younger boy purred a little, reveling in the much-desired attention.

"Well… all this fuss about sex… and it would've happened anyway." He smiled. "I need to learn to be less sensitive. Besides, that isn't even the important thing. The important thing is that we're together, and we'll have plenty of opportunities. It'll happen when it happens."

Ken smiled against his throat. "Suppose we make 'when it happens' now?" he suggested, kissing the exposed skin.

"Mmm…" Omi's smile widened. "No objections here."

Maybe things are finally going my way…

"Hey!" The door crashed open. "You guys finished with your night of love yet?" Yohji asked teasingly. "Because it's time to open the store up, and you've got an early shift, Ken - remember?"

Ken sighed, and pushed away from Omi, flopping onto his back. "Damnit," he muttered. "Right." He got up out of bed and reached for a change of clothing.

…or maybe not.


[1] See my other fic, Annonymous


The End