The Porsche


"Not in the porsche."

The dreaded phrase. Youji sighed to himself, frustrated. He couldn't even count how many times he'd heard that phrase. Even with one hand sensuously caressing Aya's thigh… even with the redhead fiercely tugging aside his shirt in order to reach the skin underneath… even in the midst of serious necking…

Not in the porsche.

Goddamn it! Aya loved that damn car more than he loved him!

Still… he had to give it his token resistance. "Come on," he breathed enticingly, against Aya's familiar, talented mouth. "Everyone's got to have sex in a car at least once. It's practically a requirement for sex!"

Aya smirked; he could feel the twist of those enticing lips. "Well," the shorter man answered, in a very low voice that had come to mean only one thing between them. "In that case, it seems inevitable."

Youji froze for a moment, in shock. Did I just… ? Did he just… ? Are we going to…? He couldn't keep himself from grinning. Yes! "Well, then…" He leaned in for another heated kiss.

Just as Aya opened the car door and moved away from him.

Youji glanced up in bewilderment. "What…? I thought…"

Aya stood gracefully. "Your car," he said, calmly, "is down the street, as I recall."

Goddamn it!


"Mmm… hey Ken?"

The older boy scowled, not pleased at being interrupted. "What?" he asked irritably.

Omi smiled up at him, ignoring the tone. "Did you ever get the urge to… you know… experiment?"

"Omi… now is not really the time for - "

"Now's the perfect time, Ken!" The younger boy shifted himself up a little, plucking at the couch cushions beneath him. "What were you just doing?"

Ken gave a frustrated sigh, shoving one hand through his hair. He was not at all pleased to be interrupted, and with good reason. "Making out with you - or weren't you paying attention?"

"And where are we?"

The dark-haired boy's forehead creased in puzzlement. "The couch in front of the TV?"

"Exactly!" Omi wagged a finger in his lover's face, as if he'd just made a very significant point. "We're always on the couch - or in bed."

"Not always!" Ken protested.

Omi made a face. "Ken, I meant when we're making out or… well. You know."

"Oh. So?"

"So… don't you ever wonder what it'd be like to be more…" Omi struggled for words to describe it. "Spontaneous?"

Ken frowned. "Have you been talking to Youji again?"

"Maybe just a little. What do you think, though, Ken?"

"I think us talking about it defeats the purpose of 'spontaneous'."

"Ken!" Omi sighed, disappointed. "You're no - "

A car door slammed.

Ken glanced up almost guiltily, and sighed again. "Sounds like Aya and Youji are home," he said regretfully, and pushed himself up and off the couch. Vaulting across the room, he glanced out the window. "Yup."

"So we move it up to the bedroom?" Omi suggested, sitting up.

"Well…" Ken seemed to hesitate, watching out through the window. "We could…"

"Could?" Omi repeated, getting up to join his lover. "What does that mean?"

"They're not coming in," Ken said, instead of answering. "Look - they just went down the block." He seemed a bit smug when he added the rest. "Youji's practically drooling down Aya's jacket. I wonder what they're going off to do, hmm?"

"Why not just come inside?" Omi's voice sounded mystified.

"Who knows?" Ken shrugged. "Point is, they won't be back for a while - knowing those two."


"So, what were you saying about spontaneous? Let's go!"

"Go?" Omi repeated. "Where?"

Ken grinned wickedly. "In what could possibly be the most evil place we could." Pausing a moment for dramatic effect, he stated, "Aya's car."

Omi's jaw almost hit the floor. "No!" he gasped. "Ken - no!"

"Aw, come on!" Ken's grin hadn't left; if anything, it had gotten bigger. "You were the one giving me the speech on 'spontaneous'! Here's your chance! Besides, Aya wouldn't mind."

Omi stared at him.

"Okay, maybe he would. But," Ken added, hastily, "he wouldn't find out."

"But Ken…" Omi's protest was decidedly weak; he was starting to cave. "Aya has alarm systems set in his car. I should know how good they are; I installed them myse - " He stopped.

"I'm sure you did an excellent job." Ken steered his now wide-eyed lover toward the door. "And," he added, a bit smugly, "you'll do an even better job at completely disabling them."


Aya stalked downstairs, his face like a thundercloud.

"Aw, Aya! Wait!" Youji hurried after him.

The redhead ignored him and kept going, heading purposefully for the door. His steps were crisp and dangerously angry.

"It could've happened to anyone!" Youji protested, not attempting to halt his furious lover. He liked to live dangerously, sure, but he wasn't stupid. "So what if I forgot it was my turn to provide us with a refill?"

Aya continued to ignore him, snatching a set off keys from where they'd been carelessly hung earlier that night. He stalked toward the door.

"I'm sure some place will be open! I'll just drop down and pick up some, huh?" Youji tried again, desperate to get back into the shorter man's good graces. Damnit, things had been going so well

Aya suddenly spun in his tracks, practically making Youji fall over backwards. In an instant, he grabbed the front of the blond's shirt, hauling him in roughly for one of those fierce, madly passionate liplocking moments that sent his head reeling and made his pants abruptly shrink a size too small. The taller man was started to reach for Aya's clothing, fully prepared to go down on the floor and start… exploring… when the redhead backed off completely, leaving him cold.

"That," he said, in a frigid tone, "can keep you company while you wait here, as I take an impromptu trip to a store somewhere to get us some lube!" And he turned on his heel, again, and left the house, taking Youji's car keys with him.

Youji slumped to the floor, sucking in quick breaths as he tried to calm himself down.

Knowing Aya, he'll take his time on purpose.

Well… it wasn't like he didn't deserve it, for being an idiot and forgetting.

Goddamn it… Youji pushed himself up and went outside to cool off.

The porsche was still parked where Aya had left it earlier that day - when they'd moved their party upstairs since starting anything in there was against any and all of Aya's rules. Naturally, the redhead wouldn't take his own car; it was Youji's fault, and therefore Youji's car was the one that would suffer the loss of gas. While Youji himself was forced to cool his heels and wait for his lover to return.

Aya wasn’t exactly known for his forgiveness.

Oh well. Youji leaned against the wall where it was most shadowed. He could wait for Aya to return without making it look like he was waiting. The other two would probably think they'd gone out together.

"Come on, come on."

"Ken, I'm not sure… That was Youji's car. What if Aya's still here?"

"He's not. I saw him leave. The coast is clear, don't worry."

"But… Ken…"

Youji looked up in interest. His remaining teammates had left the shop and were making their way to where Aya's car was inconspicuously parked. What on earth are those two doing? he wondered, noting that Omi was dragging his heels reluctantly as Ken pulled him along.

"Omi, this was your idea, remember?"

"My idea? It was not!"

"Well, you wanted to be spontaneous."

"I didn't want to have us die a horrible, horrible death! Aya's going to kill us!"

Ken's voice took on a low, persuasive note. "He didn't catch us last time, did he?"


"Danger makes it more exciting? Remember?"


"So why not?"

"Oh… all right." As Youji watched, Omi approached the porsche. Is he disabling the alarm? What on earth could those two be doing in Aya's car?

"Got it," Omi announced, after a moment, opening the door into the back seat. "Come on, Ken." The last was said in an unmistakably sultry tone. Grinning, the taller boy bent to take his lover's lips, pushing them back into the car in an obvious way.

The door slammed shut behind them.

Youji blinked.

Are they…? In the porsche?

Aya would kill them!

Youji shuddered. He couldn't even imagine what the redhead would do once he found out. Ken had said 'he didn't catch us last time'. That implied that they had done this more than once. When Aya found out…

I don't even want to be there!

Poor kids, just trying to have an interesting sex life. Youji shook his head. They had no idea what they were messing with. Aya was the devil himself when it came to punishment. Once he heard what Ken and Omi had been up to…

If he heard…

Youji frowned to himself. He should tell Aya - it was his duty to, really. After all, wasn't Aya his lover? Shouldn't he be more loyal to the redhead than anyone else? He should tell him right away, as soon as he got back.

They're desecrating the porsche.

He sighed, envious. How many times he had wished that could be him… Ken and Omi were out there fulfilling his dream. If he couldn't do it himself…

At least he could know it was being done.

And Aya will never know…


They were kissing heavily, things rapidly heating between them. Aya's hands ran down Youji's thighs, firmly, pulling the man roughly forward. The friction created between their bodies was close to unbearable. Soon… soon the nearing act would become an inevitability.

Aya backed off, firmly. "Not in the porsche," he ordered, as usual.

Youji opened his mouth to say something, then changed his mind. "Why?"

A frown spread on the redhead's face. "Because," he answered, "you don't have sex in a car like this one. It's simply not done." He pulled away from the taller man, opening the door behind him.

A strange smirk was spreading on Youji's face. "Well, then," he said, spreading his hands helplessly. "I guess there's no point in trying to convince you. Let's take this to my car, shall we? It's just around the corner."

Aya's eyes narrowed. Youji never took it this well. It seemed too easy. "Why did you park over there?"

"A little variety." Youji shrugged innocently. "Come on."

Aya followed him. Perhaps I'm imagining things. There's no way he could have anything up his sleeve. No one could get into my car without my knowing about it.

He made sure to set the alarm carefully.

Just in case.

Satisfied, he joined Youji in moving their party to the other car. Surely, now, all was right with the world and his car. Nothing could possibly happen to it.



The End