Beach Vacation


"Shigeru! Come look at this!"

I glanced up from the words of Michael Crighton to where Satoshi crouched in the sand beside his attempt at a sand castle. He was beaming at me. "Hurry up, Shigeru! Come on, quick!"

"All right, all right." I pushed myself out of the lawn chair reluctantly, crossing the beach to where Satoshi had been frantically gesturing to me. "What is it, Sato-chan?"

"It’s done!" he announced gleefully, spreading his arms to indicate the sand castle. "Quick, before it falls apart, what do you think?"

I tried to hide a smirk as I looked over his ‘castle’. It really wanted to break free and spread across my face. The walls were sagging horribly; Satoshi hadn’t spent enough time on them, and they were too thin, with not enough base to support them. He’d built towers, but the sand used to make the tops had already crumbled enough so that they were hardly recognizeable. I glanced back at my Sato-chan, who had a look of pride on his face. Obviously, he loved his work.

"It’s perfect, love," I told him, moving down to his level so I could slide my arms around his waist and kiss his cheek from behind. He sank back against me happily.

"Thanks… I like it too." He rested his hands on mine and I noticed the contrast in our skin colors immediately. After three days at the beach, with the sun blazing overhead, I’d tanned considerably. He, however, remained quite light, despite the fact that he’d been in the sun far longer than I had. There were things about Satoshi that remained a mystery to me – like how he could pack away food as you wouldn’t believe and still be so small. I couldn’t explain it; there was an unchangeable quality about Satoshi that only time could alter.

He’s my angel, I thought, a smile spreading on my face as he leaned forward in my arms to brush some extra sand off the… castle… and fuss over it some more. He’s just special; that’s all there is to it.

"Awww…" Satoshi slumped back, disappointed. The rising tide had just knocked over a section of his creation. "I was hoping it would last longer."

"Nothing lasts forever," I reminded him, tightening my arms around his waist.

He melted against me. "That’s not true."


His hand found my fingers and he ran his own over them softly. "I’ll love you forever."

My heart melted at those words. He said things like that so often, and every time he did, it affected me the same way. The sweetest part was how fervently he believed in those simple statements. Satoshi believed that our love would last forever, and every time I saw that in his eyes or heard it in his voice, I believed it too.

"Satoshi…" A slight breeze cooled the air slightly. My dark-haired lover, who was still a little damp, shivered slightly. "Want to call it a day? It’s getting late."

"OK." He freed himself of my arms and stood, brushing himself off. "Let’s go inside."

I glanced down and shook my head. "Your feet are all muddy. We can’t go traipsing mud all over the floors. We’re just renting this place, remember?"

He looked down, then back up at me, and smiled. "But Geru-chan," he protested innocently. "If I wash off my feet, they’ll get sand all over them when I walk up the beach."

I smirked. "Well, I have a solution to that problem. Go ahead and wash your feet off, Sato-chan. Just don’t get out of the ocean when you’re done."

He gave me a quizzical look, but did as I said. When he looked back up at me for further instructions, I slid one arm around his waist and one behind his knees, scooping him off his feet easily and carrying him up the beach. "Your suit’s still wet," I commented, pretending to complain. "Here I am all nice and dry, and you have to get me wet like this."

"I went swimming." He didn’t bother to respond to my complaint; of course, he knew it wasn’t real. I could feel the smile spreading on his face as he leaned against my shoulder. His fingers traced patterns on my chest lightly. "Besides, we’re going to go in the hot tub, aren’t we? What’s the point of having a nice big cabin with a hot tub if you don’t use it?"

"We’re staying in a villa," I corrected him. "And we can go in the hot tub for a while if you want. Just let me grab my book." I freed a hand and grabbed my novel, which Satoshi relieved me of almost immediately.

He glanced at the cover. "Why are you reading Jurrasic Park?" he asked teasingly. I knew he was baiting me; I’d always been more of a literary fan than he was. "Can’t you just watch the movie?"

"Do you have it in your back pocket?" I smirked, and he fell silent for a moment.

"Hot tub," he reminded me as I set him on his feet by the door.

I smiled. "I didn’t forget." He slipped an arm around my waist casually as we moved inside. I could feel him trembling, and knew why he was so anxious to get to the hot tub. Satoshi loved playing in the ocean, but it did get cold when you were out of the water and the sun was setting. I hugged his shoulders with one arm to keep him warm until we made it into the room with our hot tub.

Before he could protest, I scooped him up again and placed him in the water. He tensed at the heat, then relaxed. I ran my fingers through his hair and joined him, while he looked up at me and smiled. "You’re too good to me, Shigeru."

"What do you mean?" I brushed the fingers of my still-dry hand over his cheek. "All I did was lift you into a hot tub."

"No, not that. I mean all of this." He waved around vaguely. "I only made one little comment about how I’d like to see the beach, and you take me on a fantastic vacation." He sighed happily. "You spoil me too much."

I smiled and moved closer to him, sliding my hand around the other side of his neck to rest on his shoulder. "I like spoiling you." His skin was smooth under my fingers; I loved the way he felt. I loved everything about him, even the things I didn’t particularly like. Every quirk, every annoying little habit… I loved them all.

He turned to face me, the most mischievous little smile on his face. Without warning, he slid into my lap, straddling my hips and grinning at my surprise. "As much as I like spoiling you, my Geru-chan?" he breathed enticingly, and his hand slipped down past the elastic of my swim trunks.

I gasped and my head flew back as Satoshi’s fingers sent waves of pleasure all through my body. A moan escaped my throat and he stroked me harder, as if he were as desperate for my release as I was. Oh lord, Satoshi… He nipped at the junction between my neck and shoulder, and I groaned. "God… so close…" I felt Satoshi lick the skin just beneath my ear, and my climax hit me abruptly, sending spasms of ecstacy coursing through me.

"Like that?" he purred into my ear, continuing to nibble and suck at my neck as though it was a delicious treat. I could feel his arousal pressing against my hip as his thighs clenched and unclenched against my legs. Satoshi really loved to take advantage of my staying power…

"Oh yes…" I ran my hands slowly around his waist, taking the opportunity to enjoy the feel of his silky-smooth skin under my fingers, and then stood, lifting us both out of the water. Satoshi’s arms locked around my neck and his legs were already braced against my hips, so I set him down on the smooth floor by the hot tub, leaning over to catch his lips in mine. The tables were turned, I noted in satisfaction, as I trailed kisses down his throat and over the front of his chest. He moaned and arched slightly into my mouth.

But I wasn’t interested in his chest, nice as that was. I continued to move downward, pausing to linger against the soft flesh of his stomach, and he whimpered slightly in anticipation. My fingers clenched around the waistband of his shorts, trailing over his skin as I pulled them fully off of him. Satoshi’s breath came in ragged gulps as I ran my tongue over his erection, battling himself for control as I took him in my mouth. "Ahh… Shigeru!" he cried, and his body arched, spilling his essence, with frantic jerks as his orgasm took hold. I waited until he began to soften, then pulled back, smiling.

"Good?" I kissed each of his half-shut lids and waited for a response.

His eyes flew open. "Perfect," he breathed, with sincerity. "But I still have plenty of energy left. You’ll have to take me, Shigeru. Tire me out." His hands were quick to free me of my own shorts, which had become fairly constrictive again.

"What a chore." My hand reached out blindly beside us as I smirked down at him. After the first night, we’d decided it was best to have a jar of lubricant handy whenever we used the hot tub. Good thing, or we’d have to try and make it back to the bedroom first. I wasn’t sure I could get that far, not with Satoshi’s adoring eyes gazing expectantly up at me from just inches below. Fortunately, I wasn’t going to have to try.

Satoshi let out a soft sigh as I readied him. "Just right," he hissed softly, moving with me as I took him with my fingers. "Shigeru, hurry…"

"Patience, love." I stroked his face and reclaimed my fingers, replacing them quickly with my hardened arousal, poised just short of being inside him. A low moan escaped his throat, and his eyes slid shut as I took him. All mine, I thought, holding his hips in place gently. Satoshi wasn’t above taking matters into his own hands if he thought I was going too slow, and I really didn’t want to hurt him. I went in deep and he whimpered my name.

"God, you’re perfect," I breathed fervently, moving slowly into him so he could adjust. I felt like I was going to explode. "Perfect…" I struck his prostrate and he gave a cry as his body jerked. I let myself move faster, and little appreciative noises started to build at the back of his throat. "Satoshi… perfect…"

"Love you, Shigeru!" he gasped. "Love you… love you… love you…!"

I thrust once more into his soft body and then I came violently, my vision clouded by bright sparks of light as I cried out his name.

"Shigeru…" I slumped over Satoshi, and he feathered fingers through my hair. He felt good around me, close and warm and perfect, but I pulled out of him while he was still loose enough. A sigh escaped his lips, and I know we both felt that brief sensation of loss. "Love you," he whispered again, eyelids fluttering shut.

"I love you too." I lifted him again, carefully, and managed to stumble into the bedroom, setting him down on the bed and stretching out beside him. A few damp strands of black hair fell across his forehead, and I brushed them away gently. "My beautiful, perfect Satoshi."

He snuggled against my chest. "Thank you, Shigeru."

I smiled, and held him close. "Any time." My angel.


The End