Completing the Circle


Prologue: To Defend the Balance


In whose arms the universe rests...
But not forever.

Cataclysms rock the face of Earth,
And Air shall show its might,
Water storms to prove its worth,
Fire devours by dark of night.

In the hands of Four rest the weight
Of destiny.

Heart of Earth, loyal and pure
Spirit of Air, determined and sure
Storm of Water, untamed and caring
Soul of Fire, relentless and daring

Only with the circle complete
Will balance be restored.

Creation's Eternal joinings lead the world
To harmony.

Fire and Earth, Air and Water -- circles within the Circle

* * *

"In the first hour of creation, it was a convergance of Fire and Earth. Untempered and wild, Fire is content to spread and burn, gleefully consuming all in its path, in a desire for freedom and a chance to revel in power. Earth, solid and cool as the night, tames this raging inferno with compassion and loyalty -- the willingness to blend and combine, to create the basis of life in what world they form together. With the merging of Fire and Earth comes the planet."

"Fire and Earth combine!" Smooth soil sprinkled over the bright flames, softening their harshness.

"A storm next fell upon the world, fierce and unyielding. Coming in a combination of Air and Water, sustainance flooded the planet. Water, wild and strong in its anger and yet caring in its support of mortal life, settled in the wide crevaces that were to hold it for use. Air's firm touch had the ability to move it which way it must go, a shaping tool in the designs of Water. With the merging of Air and Water comes life."

"Air and Water combine!" Little whirlwinds gathered the yielding liquid up in their steady spirals, spinning it smoothly.

"Let the ceremony begin!" From the gathering of mages came the green, red, blue, and white glowings that announced the use of Elemental Magic. "For those mortals who could handle the surge of power, gifts were granted. Whether it be of Earth, Fire, Air, or Water, Elements infuse us. The Balance must forever be protected. The Circle must be complete."

"Complete the Circle!" The arc of robed mages took their places in the stone circle, each forming a silent bond with that power which they could call upon. "Defend the Balance!"

Apart from the celebration, a mage with the extraordinary ability to control all four aspects of Elemental Magic watched. The fire's lights danced off his dark skin eerily. Despite the obvious commitment of these people to their ritual, he seemed unsettled. "It's not enough," he murmured softly, looking up toward the stars. "Not this time." He stood abruptly and lef the clearing. "It's coming. And we need the Four from the prophecy."

The mage's shape vanished into the dark of the night, as if it hadn't been there at all.

* * *

In whose arms the universe rests...
But not forever.