Note: This fic assumes Cove is dating a female Jamie, and they haven't yet had sex. It is set either during or after Step 3.


It was late - past midnight; possibly past one in the morning - and Cove was still hopelessly wide awake. He rolled from his side onto his back, eyes fluttering open to stare at the loft above him in frustration.

Normally he could fall asleep fairly quickly, but tonight was one of those rare occurrences where it just wasn't happening. He was tired enough, but there was tension in his body that wouldn't let go no matter how he tried to relax.

Jamie had been over earlier, which was always nice, and that was where his mind wanted to wander. Normally he'd let it, because thinking about her never failed to bring a pleasant warmth and he could breathe out whatever tension there was and fall asleep smiling. But this time... Well... This time thinking about her was part of the problem.

Before she'd left, they were making out on the bed. Kissing Jamie was one of Cove's favorite things, along with touching Jamie and holding Jamie and generally being close to Jamie. But she'd been full of energy and squirming against him, trying to get closer and closer, and it got... a little too hot. He could vividly remember the softness of her body against his - the slick warmth of her lips and tongue - the slide of her fingers along his back and sides. Her legs had straddled his hips, and he'd liked it... a lot...

Maybe too much.

In the moment, he'd had to pull back from the intensity, which he still felt vaguely guilty about despite Jamie's good-natured acceptance. Now, though... his whole body felt like it was thrumming with energy from the experience, and he just couldn't calm down.

Cove rolled back onto his side again, shutting his eyes and letting out his breath in a huff. He knew where this was going - where it was going to have to go if he wanted to sleep - but he'd still had some hope that he could overcome his body's base urges. It just got to be too much sometimes, desires and feelings piling up inside him until he couldn't take it any more and had to let it all out.

Even just that vague acknowledgement was enough to stir the tension he was holding into a tightness in his lower body.

There was no point in putting it off further. Cove sighed again, pushing himself up and over, situating so that he was sitting upright against the pillows behind him. He pushed back the blanket and pulled down his pants and underwear.

It felt awkward, sitting like that and getting ready to do... what he was about to do. But his body knew what it needed. His dick was already hardening in anticipation, a kind of squirmy warmth stirring to life along with it. When he put his hand around it and stroked softly, the pleasant sensation that came in response felt like a nice relief.

Let's just... get this over with.

Not that he hated it, particularly. Touching himself like this felt good, after all - but it was super embarrassing. And it didn't help at all that he knew he'd get carried away and start thinking things he really shouldn't.

Cove felt warmth rising on his face, and shook his head a little to clear it. He wrapped his fingers more firmly around his growing erection, giving it a couple of slow strokes to start off. As it grew closer to full hardness, he picked up the pace a little, finding a rhythm.

It really felt good, maybe a little better than usual even. Cove let his eyes fall shut, willing to focus on the increasing pleasure a bit. Maybe it was because he hadn't done this for a while, or maybe it was because of what he'd done earlier that night. Jamie had felt really good against him, her breasts pressing against his chest and the firmness of her back under his fingers. She'd touched him under his shirt, and the feeling of her hands on his skin had made him shiver. How would it feel if she'd touched - ?

Realizing where his thoughts were going, Cove took in a sharp breath. His dick felt hot in his grasp, slick now with the precum leaking from the tip as he stroked it, and it felt so good - so much better - when he thought about Jamie as well.

But he shouldn't . It was... It couldn't be fair to imagine her doing those kinds of things while he sat there and got off to it. She didn't do that with him, after all.

... Did she?

Just the thought of it - just the possibility - had a sudden surge of pleasure spike through his lower body, and Cove hastily clapped a hand over his mouth before he let out some kind of sound that might give him away. A small spurt of hot fluid escaped the head of his cock along with the sensation; he smeared it with his thumb and picked up his pace, feeling tense and warm all over. He squirmed, heels sliding against the mattress unconsciously.

The idea that Jamie might - just might - do these kinds of things while thinking of him was too tantalizing a notion for his fevered brain to let go of. Cove shut his eyes again, tipping his head back against the headboard with a shuddery sigh. When they made out, her face got flushed and her eyes lidded. She looked disheveled and beautiful. Would she look like that while doing this kind of thing, too?

Dimly, he knew he shouldn't be thinking of her like that. He shouldn't be picturing what her expression might be like when she felt the kind of pleasure he was feeling right then. He shouldn't imagine that she might bite her lip against a moan, lost in the sensation.

But he couldn't help it.

He was getting close; the tension in his body and the rising pleasure were telltale signs. Cove arched his back, his feet shifting against the sheets more furiously as he approached the peak. His hand pumped over his dick, wanting that feeling more than anything else in the moment.

In his mind, Jamie's eyes stared at him with want; her lips moved to form his name.


He came, spilling over his hand as his orgasm shook through him. It was fast and fierce, passing through his body in waves of pleasure as he muffled a low moan against the palm of his other hand. The sensation lasted for what seemed like longer than usual, and a second little pulse of heated fluid escaped the head of his cock just before the tension left him entirely.

Cooler air started to intrude almost immediately. Cove relaxed back against the headboard, feeling drained in the aftermath, and just breathed for a moment, mind blissfully blank.

It didn't last long. I thought of Jamie again. Guilt started to eat its way into his consciousness. No matter what, he always ended up doing it. At a certain point, he just couldn't seem to control his thoughts any more. And while he knew realistically it was probably normal and not wrong or anything, he still felt ashamed when it happened.

Cove sighed, opening his eyes again and grimacing a little as he removed his hand from his softening cock. He reached over to the side table for some tissue and began cleaning himself up, tossing them into the garbage bin when he was finished. Then he pulled up his pants and underwear and slid back under the covers, already feeling relaxed enough to drift off.

It ended up being one of the best nights of sleep he'd had in weeks.


The End