All the Way


Note: This fic is set a few months after the 18+ moment from Patreon (which is right after Step 3), but even if you haven't played that, you should still be able to follow it. Basically this is just smut with Cove and a female Jamie, so if that's not your jam, feel free to back out.


It was shortly after noon when the text from Cove first hit your phone.

The initial ask - a simple 'Come over tonight?' - was not really a surprise or even unexpected. He knew your schedule for the most part, and almost every free evening was asked for, even if he already knew you'd likely be stopping by without an invitation. Hell, probably something like half of your stuff was at his place. You were practically a resident.

Still, the text brought a smile to your face. Your fingers were typing almost as soon as it came through. 'Yup.'

The answer was quick. 'Cool.'

That could have been the end of it, but the bottom of the screen indicated that Cove was still typing. Curious, you waited to see what else he had on his mind.

Several texts came in fairly quick succession, as if he were tripping over his fingers to type them as fast as possible.

'Maybe we could do something'

'If you want to'

'It's okay if you don't'

'I just thought maybe we could try it'

There was a pause. The indicator of him typing came up, stopped, and started up again several times in the interim.

You raised an eyebrow at your phone. "Something", huh? If he wasn't specifying, then it was going to be a point of anxiety for him. The intermittent typing meant he was probably overthinking whatever it was, too.

Usually, that meant it was something relationship-related. There was no way to be sure, but little pinpricks of a blend between excitement and nerves began to raise up on your skin.

Going over to Cove's apartment for the night meant privacy, which 90% of the time meant the two of you were getting naked together at some point. The idea was almost never a bad thing. Cove's mouth was sinfully good, and he seemed eager enough for you to go down on him while you enjoyed his flushed expressions and pleasured moans. Sometimes the two of you would be on each other the second the door closed, panting and desperate, and other times you'd take it slow and soft, enjoying and appreciating each other's body without rush.

It was almost a given that tonight would involve something along those lines, so Cove's hesitation to bring up this 'something' sent your mind there immediately.

The suspicion was confirmed when the typing on the other end finally finished and the message came across, conspicuously short for how long it had taken to compose.

'Going all the way'

You'd barely had a second to process that when several others followed, again in rapid succession.

'I mean in bed'

'You probably knew that'

'But yeah'

'You don't have to answer now'

'Or you can if you want'

'Either way'

You could practically see Cove covering his furiously blushing face with one hand, almost overloading over what he'd sent. In fact, you could feel the reflection of it rising as a flush on your own face as you read the words. He wants to have sex, like... 'all the way' sex?

It was definitely a surprise. Your first time getting sexual with Cove had been months ago, just at the end of the summer before he'd moved out of his dad's place. As active as you'd been since then, he hadn't once mentioned a desire to go further.

And now here it was. Out of nowhere, even.

Not that you hadn't thought about it. Fantasized about it, even. Cove's long, thick cock sliding inside of you, filling you up in ways you'd only dreamed of...

The flush on your face was practically an inferno. Hastily, you raised your phone before Cove started to get the wrong idea from the lack of response, and typed 'yes' with shaking fingers before hitting send. It was probably enough on its own, but you couldn't resist the urge to add a clarifying 'I want to' as well.

There was another pause; you practically held your breath waiting for Cove to respond.

When it came, it was just one word: 'Okay'. And then, 'Cool'. Followed by, 'See you tonight' and a heart emoji.

You sent back 'See you then' with an answering heart emoji and then set the phone down, willing the heat on your cheeks to ease off.

Going all the way with Cove.

All the way.

With Cove .

Not that there was anyone else you'd do this with, but still! It was exciting!

And maybe a little bit nerve-wracking. You looked down at what you'd chosen to wear for the day, a simple T-shirt and pair of pants, and wondered if it was a good enough outfit for the first time going "all the way".

Our first time I was wearing something like this too, right? You'd been at the beach and went right back to his house after deciding to do it, so it wasn't like there was time to fret about clothing. It probably didn't really matter.

From experience... it was easy to take off, so...

Right. Good enough.

The fluttery feeling in your stomach hadn't calmed even after coming to that decision, though. Somehow, your thoughts kept coming back to the undeniable fact of what was going to happen. Cove's dick was going to be inside you. Not inside your mouth like usual, but inside… your body. What would it feel like? When he moved? When he... finished... ?

Oh yeah... You were going to need condoms, weren't you?

Would Cove get them? Somehow, you had a hard time picturing him holding a straight face while going through the checkout counter with them. But then again, he'd surely thought of it already, right?

Just in case, you grabbed your phone, and quickly typed in 'Should I get condoms?'

The answer was quick: 'I got it'.

Wow, he really has thought about this, huh? How long had this been on Cove's mind, anyway? Knowing him, probably far too long. He really tended to get stuck in his own head. Having to ask you if you wanted to and having to buy the condoms, plus the actual act itself, seemed like a lot for one day if he hadn't already been thinking about it for a while.

You did kind of like that idea, just a little. That he'd thought about getting condoms and using them with you. Just like you'd been fantasizing about him, he was doing the same for you... ?

It was a heady thought. A little hint of squirming pleasure came from your lower body along with it, and you flushed again.

Tonight couldn't come soon enough...

Despite that thought, the afternoon passed fairly quickly. After a few tries, you were able to focus on your work, although your mind often wandered back to what was going to be happening that evening. Soon enough, though, you were done and standing in front of Cove's apartment door.

He answered fairly quickly. "Hey Jamie." Moving a little jerkily and with a hint of red rising on his cheeks, he shifted aside to let you in. "Uh. Thanks for coming."

Hold that thought for later, was right on the tip of your tongue, but the awkwardness in the air had you saying, "Thanks for inviting me," instead.

The lights in the apartment were dimmed, you noticed, as he closed the door behind you. Or rather, the main light switch was off, with only a couple of lamps and the fishtank lit within. The bedroom door was open, and any other time if you were feeling bold enough you might have taken Cove's hand and led him right in there.

He smiled at you, a stiff kind of shyness at the edges of it. You smiled back.

There was a moment of charged silence.

Cove broke it first, clearing his throat. "So, uh... did you want to... ?" He waved a stilted hand in the direction of the bedroom door, flushing even more and unable to meet your eyes as he left the rest hanging.

"Yes." It came out too loud and far too quick.

Maybe that was a good thing, though, because it brought Cove's gaze back up. He blinked, mildly startled, and then offered another bent smile, seeming to relax a little. "Okay. Then... okay."

He reached out with one hand. When you took it, it was slightly clammy and his fingers trembled just a bit. Despite that, he squeezed your hand and led you forward into his bedroom.

Like the rest of the apartment, the only light came from the bedside lamp. You were starting to wonder if this was Cove's way of setting the mood or just some nerves over being too visible during what you were about to do.

He turned once you were past the threshold, staring at your face with lidded eyes. "Jamie..." His thumb brushed over the back of your hand, and he lifted his other hand to touch your face softly. "Are you okay? Is this... okay?"

You caught his meaning immediately. "I'm okay." Giving his hand another squeeze, you smiled back at him reassuringly. "I want this - as long as you do." Following up to that, you peered at his face carefully. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I am." He took in a deep breath, obviously in an attempt to calm his nerves, and gave a small, delicate smile back. "Just... nervous. As always. You know how it is."

"I know. Don't worry." You placed a hand over the one he still had resting against your cheek. "Let's just... do what we always do, okay? We can worry about the rest when we get there."

Cove made a soft, disbelieving sound at that. "You say it like it's gonna be easy." Still, he let his eyes go lidded again. "But yeah, okay." He shifted his hand, encouraging you to tilt your face towards him.

It was easy then to just fall right into the usual pace. You smiled a little into the kiss, shutting your eyes and feeling the familiar buzz of excitement that came with being intimate with Cove. He let go of your hand, reaching up to cup your face with both of his and threading his fingers into your hair as the kiss deepened. You responded by running both hands down his sides and then sliding them up under his shirt, feeling the smooth muscles beneath. He made a little sound against your mouth and ran his tongue along the line of it, pushing deeper when you obligingly opened up for him. The slick feeling of his tongue against yours had your head spinning a little, skin prickling with the beginning edge of want .

The things that tongue could do...

Cove broke the kiss, reaching down to pull his shirt over his head, and then caught you in another, fast and desperate, before you pulled back to do the same. His fingers made quick work of unhooking your bra - something that had been a frustrating challenge for him in the earlier days - and his hands slipped beneath the wire as you were shrugging it off, cupping your breasts and thumbing at your nipples. It sent a pleasant little jolt through your body, the sensation pulling a soft sound from your own lips.


He met your gaze, eyes full of heat and face flushed. It was a look that was only for you, only in times like this, and you revelled in it. Tipping your head up to capture his lips again, you slid your hands over his hips and around, squeezing the plush curve of his butt. He hummed against your mouth, clearly pleased.

Breaking from his lips, you began to plant kisses along the line of his jaw and then down his neck, nibbling gently at the soft skin. You could feel him swallow, and his hands ran along your sides before dipping down to your backside, fingers edging beneath the waistband of your pants. You made your way back up, kissing his face all over before finding his lips again.

The two of you started to move in the direction of the bed, each tugging off their own pants and letting them drop between short, heated kisses. The back of your knees hit the edge of the bed just as you were kicking the clothing off your feet, and you let yourself fall back and scoot up to make room. Cove followed as if pulled along, catching himself on his hands above you.

It wasn't an unfamiliar position, but the knowledge of what was coming caused little spikes of anticipatory pleasure in between your legs. It seemed to be hitting Cove as well, because he stared down at you for a moment without moving, lips parted and eyes heavy-lidded. His cheeks were beautifully flushed, strands of seafoam hair loose around his face.

Unsure if he was going to freeze up or not, you reached up to cup his cheek with one hand and smiled at him, trying to pour as much love as you could into it. It's okay, no matter what, you willed your gaze to tell him.

Cove shut his eyes, letting out a shaky breath, and leaned into your touch. "You're... seriously amazing," he mumbled, shifting a little on the bed. One of his legs was wedged between yours already, and he moved the other to join it.

"Back at you." You parted your own legs in accommodation, letting your bent knees rest against his hips. In a moment of cheeky inspiration, you let your heels slide down on the bed, causing your thighs to rub against his, and then pulled them back in again to reverse the movement.

Cove's breath caught, and you could see the flush spreading further across his face. His eyes opened just enough for him to squint down at you hazily and then he was bending forward, dropping onto his elbows as he leaned in to kiss you. The heat from his uneven breathing brushed across your face as his lips met yours, soft at first and then with increasing heat as it drew out longer.

His body was not quite flush against yours, so you were able to run your hands along the length of his torso, lingering at his chest and rolling the soft pebbles of his nipples delicately between your fingers. His response was a shuddery moan against your mouth, and he dropped his hips, lower body searching for contact against yours.

Like this, it was possible to feel the hard line of his cock through the thin fabric of his underwear. With the position you were in, his hips between your thighs, he was rubbing against your core, and it sent sparks of pleasure through your body. You couldn't help the little noise that escaped you at the sensation, vibrating against Cove's mouth.

The sound must have emboldened him, because he moved against you again. You responded by hooking your legs around his waist, shamelessly pressing into the contact to seek more of that delicious friction. The resulting pleasure had both of you moaning, and this time you were the one to urge the kiss to go open-mouthed, enjoying the feel of Cove's lips and tongue.

You were starting to feel wet around your core as the two of you squirmed and rocked against one another, the friction enough to light the fire of lust in your belly but not quite enough to take it to the next level. It was tantalizing, intoxicating - maddening . You wanted to rip off your underwear and his, feel the warm, hard flesh against your body - and then take it in .

The rise in urgency was clearly mutual; Cove broke away from the kiss, hovering for a moment to stare hazily into your eyes as he panted. He pushed back up onto his hands and then sat up, forcing you to let your legs fall from around him.

Kneeling between your thighs, he peered down at your face with a hint of anxiety showing through in his expression. "Jamie... are you okay? Do you still want to...?"

It was so typical for him to look out for your comfort first and foremost, you couldn't help but smile warmly in return. "Yes, Cove, I want to." Licking your lips as you took in his body from your reclined position, you added, "I want to feel you inside me."

He swallowed noticeably, throat bobbing. "I... I do too. Me in - inside you, I mean." Despite having done it many times in the past, his fingers were stiff and jerky as he reached down to tug at your underwear.

You helped him, shimmying to allow the fabric to be pulled down and bending your legs forward so that he could remove it entirely. The action put him in eyesight of the anklet you'd worn, and he lingered for a moment after discarding your underwear, running his fingers along the line of it.

"For good luck," you explained, and he made a soft 'mhm' in response, finally tearing his eyes and hands away to allow you to lower your leg.

With that done, you reached up towards his underwear in turn, and he obliged you by removing it, cock springing free as he did.

He was so big . Long and thick. You licked your lips again, brought back to all of the times you'd taken him in your mouth, straining to get as much of him in as possible. Without thinking, you reached out to run your fingers along the length of it, delicately brushing over the head to smear a bead of pre-cum at the very tip.

Cove breathed out sharply. "Jamie..." His hips twitched a little, responding to your touch, and his eyes slid shut.

It was tempting to continue, to lose yourself in his pleasure and fall back into familiar habits - but your desire to take him in a different way won out and you withdrew after just a moment of teasing, sliding your fingers free with reluctance.

He shuddered above you, opening his eyes again partway to gaze down at your face with longing. "The way you make me feel..." he murmured, just loud enough to be heard. "It's like nothing else in this world. You really are incredible."

You could feel your face grow warm at those words. "You're the incredible one."

A small smile spread on his kiss-bruised lips. "I love you so much, Jamie."

"I love you too, Cove." The words had you smiling back, a little squirming mix of happiness and pleasure winding within you.

He took in a long breath, stiffening a little as it dawned on him that there was nothing else left beyond the act itself. "Well... I guess here we are."

"You guess right."

He let out a small huff at the tease, and glanced toward the bedside table. "Should it go on before or after?" he mumbled to himself, almost inaudible.

You tilted your head at him. "Before or after what?"

"Oh..." Cove turned back to look down at you, reddening slightly. "Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. I want to make sure it's... you know, comfortable. For you. So." His hand drifted between your legs, fingers carefully locating the entrance to your body.

His intention was clear - and this wasn't entirely new for the two of you, although he normally wouldn't be kneeling over you. You spread your legs a little further to give him more access.

Given permission, Cove slowly dipped a finger inside of you. With how worked up you'd gotten while the two of you were making out, it slid in easily and the added pressure felt nice. Not quite enough, but the friction as he moved it was definitely erotic. You let out a soft 'mm' of approval, and saw Cove's flush deepening.

He was still focused very seriously on his task, slipping a second finger in along with the first. It felt a bit more of a stretch, but still not exactly enough. When he bent and scissored them, though, the sensation of it was deliciously satisfying. It drew another small sound out of you, and you fought the urge to squirm.

From the way he parted his lips and stared as if transfixed, it was clear that Cove was enjoying both what he was doing and your reactions to it. As if to confirm, he mumbled almost to himself, "You're already so wet."

"Because of you." It was the truth. Even now, with the only contact being his fingers inside your body, you were aching for him. A glance down at his hardened cock had you licking your lips, partly nervous but mostly excited.

Cove sucked in a sharp breath, the red on his face spreading all the way to his ears. Still, the wobbly grin that formed on his lips indicated that he enjoyed the confirmation of his effect on you. Clearly determined to continue what he was doing, he pulled his fingers all the way back, and then included a third when he pushed back in.

The difference was noticeable, and it felt good, despite the stretch - or maybe because of it. You arched a little and a tiny moan escaped your lips as he moved the fingers within you. It was difficult to keep your eyes from closing but you wanted to keep looking up at Cove. His breathing was a little stuttered and his eyes full of want as he gently spread and stretched you.

Finally he pulled his hand free and immediately reached toward the bedside table, returning with a foil packet.

This was it. Excitement and nerves mingled as tension in your lower belly.

Cove's fingers were trembling noticeably as he ripped the packet open, and he nearly dropped the condom as it came free. His brow was furrowed with concentration. Despite his obvious nervousness, though, he managed to properly pinch the top and smoothly slide the condom down his cock, encasing it.

It was a little too smooth. You arched an eyebrow at him. "Did you practice this?"

Cove started, then froze. The flush that had been receding on his face flared up again, covering his cheeks and jaw. "Uh, I..." Suddenly, he couldn't look at your face at all, finding the wall above the bed very interesting. "I just..."

You couldn't help but giggle, biting your lip. Cove was too cute! "Did you get yourself all excited first, or - ?"

"No!" His eyes went wide with immediate denial, and his gaze darted back to your face for one quick moment before glancing off to the side guiltily. "I... I used a cucumber," he mumbled, and brought a hand up to his face, partially hiding it in his embarrassment.

It really was too adorable. You grinned and pushed yourself up, bracing on one hand as you reached out to gently brush Cove's hair with your fingers. "I'm flattered you went to so much effort to prepare for this."

He met your gaze again. "Yeah... well..." The hand slid down, although his face was still crimson. "I wanted things to go well on our... first time doing this."

"They will." You kissed the tip of his nose. "They are." Then you moved down to kiss his lips.

He kissed back desperately, one hand reaching up to slide around to the back of your neck and tangling in your hair. The urgency of it stirred to life the lust that had remained still in your body as you talked. You breathed heavily as he broke apart from you, and kissed along the side of his face to reach his ear.

You bit gently on the lobe, following up by running your tongue along the shell. With your lips still brushing against his ear, you whispered, "Cove... fuck me."

He shuddered against you, and then abruptly surged forward, pushing you back to the bed and chasing your lips longingly, parting them with his tongue as soon as he'd caught them. His hands slid down your body, tracing over the muscle and the soft curves needily before sliding them down to where your legs parted for him. He took his dick in hand, guiding it carefully along the lips of your core to prod at your entrance.

Halting there, he broke the kiss, pulling back a little to whisper, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, Cove." You reached up to wrap your arms around his neck, feeling the heat of his body beneath them. You were aching with need, having him so close. Almost, almost. "I'm good. Please..."

With a final peck on your lips, he pushed forward and began to slide in.

The stretch this time was initially uncomfortable; he was bigger than his fingers had been, even with three together, and his girth filled you more than you'd expected. You had to bite down on your lip, clenching your fingers against his shoulders as the sensation skated along the edge of pain.

It wasn't bad. You could manage. And Cove... Cove was...

His eyes were shut above you, lips parted and face still flushed. A low moan escaped him as he slid slowly in, and his face tipped forward, forehead coming to rest against yours. "Jamie..." His voice was thick with pleasure. "Jamie... You feel so good..."

The words sent a little spike of pleasure through your body, mingling with the pain and making the fullness of his cock feel more erotic within you. His eyes slid open just slightly, breath stuttering as his gaze met yours, and you could feel the heated energy between the two of you.

It was intoxicating. "Cove," you whispered, fingers tightening on his shoulders as he brushed against a spot within you that had you gasping with the sensation. " Cove ..."

Just as you were starting to think he wasn't going to fit all the way inside of you, he came to a halt, flush against you. His body was trembling noticeably, but he held firm, the two of you just breathing heavily into the stillness as you adjusted.

After a moment, he opened his eyes again, staring down at you seriously. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay." You meant it, smiling back in the face of his concern. The discomfort was already fading, that little edge of pain gone entirely. You could feel all of his cock inside you, filling you up, and it was incredibly satisfying. "You can move."

Cove let out a long, shaky breath, shutting his eyes again momentarily before opening them to take in your face again. "Okay." His hands shifted to your hips and he held them securely as he pulled back, forcing a gasp from both of you, and then thrust forward, sheathing himself in one motion.

Your back arched with the sensation - mingled pain and pleasure, along with the slide and friction - and you hooked your legs around his waist, urging him on. " Yes , Cove... like that..."

"Jamie…" He experimentally thrust again, trying to find a rhythm. "God... it feels so good... Jamie ..."

A low moan escaped you as he began to move steadily within your body, filling you again and again. You tried to meet his thrusts, heels pressing against his back and fingers into his shoulders. He was touching all kinds of places within you, and it felt so pleasurable… If he'd just keep... hitting that spot...

You couldn't help it; as he thrust into your body, mumbling soft heated words you couldn't hear, you freed an arm and reached between the two of you, finding your sweet spot just above where his cock slid in and out of you. It took a few tries to match his rhythm, but once you had it, you were tensing immediately, the urgency of pleasure catching you along in its flow.


Cove was hot above you, even his shoulders flushed, and sweat was dripping down from his forehead to the tip of his nose. His eyes kept closing with the intensity of the pleasure, mouth open and panting as he moved. When his gaze met yours, it was hazy and lust-addled, fully lost in sensation.

The combination of that sight, the friction within you, and your own hand working yourself over was tipping you closer and closer to the edge. Cove's thrusts started to become more urgent, slightly erratic, as if his control were slipping. The idea of finishing together, or at least close enough, was thrilling - as the thought entered your head, you could feel yourself reaching the point of no return, pleasure mounting steadily.


You closed your eyes tightly, stars exploding behind the lids. Your body clenched and unclenched around Cove's cock as you rode out a wave of pleasure like you'd never experienced. The air escaped you in a loud moan, and your body convulsed in the throes of intense sensation.

It seemed to be the push Cove needed, because he tensed above you, thrusting firmly once, twice, and then moaning just as loud, his body twitching fiercely against and within you. He shivered in the aftermath, one final throb seeming to catch him right at the end, and then slumped forward heavily, panting harshly as he buried his face in your neck.

Your body was starting to cool, feeling tingly in the wake of that burst of pleasure. You wriggled your hand free from between the two of you and wrapped it back around Cove's neck with the other. His skin was slick with sweat and hot beneath your fingers but you didn't mind. Everything felt good.

For a long moment the two of you laid like that, breathing slowly steadying out as you came down from the high.

You let your legs release from around his waist, flopping to the sides. Cove finally lifted his head from the crook of your neck, pushing himself up with effort to stare down at you with a dazed look in his eyes. He was flushed and disheveled, looking thoroughly debauched, and you couldn't help but smile with a certain amount of pride at having done that to him.

"Jamie." His voice came out low and shaky; he blinked, and cleared his throat, trying again. "That was... amazing, for me. It all felt so good, you have no idea..." He paused, then pushed onward, studying your face intently. "Was it... good for you too?"

You felt your smile widen, feeling giddy with the rush of his words. "It was so good." You slid your arms free so your hands could cup his face. "Cove, I loved it. I love you . I definitely want to do that again."

He offered a wobbly smile in return, a burst of a giggle escaping him breathily. "Good. I'm... I'm glad. I really wanted it to be good for both of us, and just hearing you enjoyed it is solll" He sighed, tension seeming to leave his body all at once. "I'm happy, that's all."

"Me too." You leaned up to kiss him, feeling the warmth of his mouth and the vibration of the pleased little hum he let out against your lips.

Cove pulled back after a moment, leaning onto his knees and reaching down to quickly grasp the edges of the condom as he slid out of you. He fumbled with it for a bit before managing to tie it off and toss it into the wastebin, almost missing. He breathed a little sigh of relief at having made the throw.

"Nice one," you praised him.

He offered a bent smile in return. "Thanks." Then he lowered himself onto his side next to you, wrapping an arm around your body and nuzzling into your neck again. His breath tickled your skin. "Mm, Jamie."

You laughed softly, shifting so that you could wrap an arm around him in return. "Cove."

The two of you settled in, enjoying the warmth and comfort of one another for as long as you could manage before the world outside reinserted itself once again.


The End