Storage Space


It wouldn't do; that much, Majic was certain of. The feat was physically impossible; with the amount of junk Cleao had accumulated, there was just no way.

The contents of their pack were not going to fit in the drawers the inn had provided.

Majic sighed. It was unfair that he always had to take care of this… but he was the apprentice after all. And his state of servitude was the price he paid for Orphen's tutoring. He was getting a bargain - at least, according to Orphen he was.

But then… Oshou-sama never had to try and force a bunch of clothing into a small set of drawers before.

Well, maybe there was a closet he could stuff the rest of it into. Majic picked up the half-empty pack and went to look around the rest of the hotel room. If I just pile it up on the floor in there, it should be ok.

Unfortunately, things just weren't going to be that easy for him.

Only one closet! Majic stared at the brooms and mops piled in the tiny space in dismay. And there's no room for any clothing at all! He felt like crying in frustration. Life just wasn't fair sometimes! What was he supposed to do now?

"There you are, Majic," Orphen said suddenly, from behind him. He didn't seem to take note of the fact that his apprentice was staring into a broom closet, with a bunch of clothing dangling from his arms. "When you're finished whatever you're doing, can you make me a pot of coffee?"

Majic turned. "I have a better idea, Oshou-sama!" he announced, putting on a huge smile. "Why don't you try and fit this clothing into that closet, and I'll go and make your coffee!" He held out the pile of clothes.

Orphen looked at the clothing, then at Majic's face. Then back to the clothing. "You'd better be joking."

Majic let out a long-suffering moan, dropping the clothing onto the floor. "But it's impossible, Oshou-sama! There's not enough room for all of this!"

"In there?" Orphen glanced into the closet, without waiting for a response from Majic. "You're not trying hard enough; there's plenty of room in there. All you have to do is move that other stuff out."

"But then there'd be no place to put the brooms," Majic pointed out.

Orphen frowned. "I'm telling you, there's plenty of room." He gave the younger boy a speculative look. "I'll prove it to you, in fact."

"Wha - AA!!" Majic stumbled forward as he was rudely shoved, barely managing to brace himself against the far wall of the closet. "Oshou-sama, what…?"

"Shut up." Orphen squeezed into the closet beside him, pulling the door shut after him. "You see? Plenty of room."

"Ahhh…" Majic tried to press himself into the wall so he wouldn't be squashed quite so firmly against his teacher. There was a definite lack of space between them - and there wasn't much that could be done about that, considering how small the closet actually was. "Okay, you win. Open the door."

"Just a second." He could feel Orphen's arm moving as he groped around blindly. "Damn it, where's that handle?"

"Handle…?" Majic swallowed hard. "I don't remember seeing a handle…"

For a moment, the only sound in the tiny space was their combined breathing.

"Are you telling me," Orphen began, after a moment, "that we're stuck in this closet, with no way of getting ourselves out?" His voice was dangerously quiet.

Majic swallowed again. "Well…"

"And we have to wait here," the older man continued, still in that low tone, "until Cleao, of all people, figures out what happened and decides to open the door?"

"I… I think so."

"Ah." Orphen seemed to contemplate this; he went quiet for a moment. Then… "You realize that as soon as we do get out, I'm going to kill you."

Majic pressed himself back against the wall even further. "Y-y-yes, O-Oshou-sama."

"Good." Orphen gave him a smile that was not at all comforting. "In that case… don't bother running."

Majic slid down against the wall in an attempt to make himself as small as possible.

"All right." Orphen frowned again, suddenly looking more thoughtful than vengeful. "Now… time to get us out of here."

"Do you have a plan?" Majic was all for it if it meant getting out of the cramped closet. The way his teacher was pressed against him was making him even jumpier than the death threat had.

"You're still wearing your shoes, right?" Orphen didn't wait for an answer. "I'll lean down and get one off, and we'll try to break the part holding the door shut."

That didn't sound like a very good plan, but Majic knew better than to argue. "All right."

Orphen bent over, trying to ease his way down.

"That's my knee… you have to go lower."

"I'm trying, okay? Just wait…"

"O-Oshou-sama!" Majic jerked involuntarily at an unexpected touch. "That's my thigh! My foot's in the other direction!"

"I know that!" Orphen snapped back. "I'm trying to get some leverage here! Hold still!" His fingers tightened their grip on the leg. They were under Majic's shorts; if Cleao were to open the closet door just then…

"Oshou-sama…" Majic couldn't hold in a nervous whimper.

"Damn it…" Orphen made a frustrated noise. "I can't get down far enough. Can you lift your leg up?"

Anything to dislodge that torturous hand. Majic pressed himself to one side, bent his knee, and started easing it upward against the wall beside him.

It was only after he'd locked his knee into a raised position against the wall that he realized Orphen was almost exactly at crotch height on him, and with one leg up like that…

Oh no…

With one hand still braced on Majic's other thigh, Orphen was attempting to untie his apprentice's shoelace. The dark-haired sorcerer didn't seem to take any notice of the younger boy's mortification as he worked. He's taking his time on purpose; I know he is! He's trying to make me suffer for getting us into this mess! Even though it was his fault…

"Got it!" Orphen pulled the shoe off, in triumph. "Now I'll just get back up…" He bent forward to lever himself back up to his feet…

… and mashed his face right into Majic's lower gut.

"Uhn!" Majic was too surprised to do anything besides grunt. The he gasped a little; instead of pulling back, Orphen was still moving upwards. The hem of Majic's shirt, which had been just above where his master's nose had connected, bunched upward.

And the lower half of Orphen's face made connect with the sensitive skin thus exposed.

O… Oshou… sama…?

Majic's mouth worked, but he couldn't produce any more sound than a pathetic squeak. The feeling of skin on skin made his flesh tingle, and he fought against an involuntary shudder. That most horrible of instincts that every male was cursed with chose that moment - possibly the worst moment it could choose - to decide that his hormones were being stimulated enough. Oh no… no…

And as Orphen made it up to an upright position again, Majic realized, in horror, that there was no way he could possibly hide anything. He didn't have a book, or a long shirt, or even enough room to back off and try to make it less noticeable.

He was trapped!

"Well, I've got the shoe; now…" Orphen's voice trailed off. He stared down at Majic's shorts, then up at his apprentice's burning face, then back at the shorts again. "Huh."

Majic couldn't meet his eyes; his face felt like it was going to burst into flame. "I-I just…" Just what? He felt like laughing. 'I just want you to grope me some more'? That probably wouldn't go over too well… 'I just fell in love with you back when I was twelve'? Even worse. "I… just…" His throat felt thick.

Orphen wasn't saying anything; he hadn't moved back or tried to get farther away. Then again, where could he go? All Majic could hear was his teacher's somewhat erratic breathing. He was shocked, of course; who wouldn't be?

"Sorry," Majic managed, in a small voice. This was possibly the most terrifying, most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him… and that was saying quite a bit, considering some of the things he'd been through.


He looked up involuntarily. Orphen was staring at him - but there was no sign of the disgust Majic had been fearing. That was a good sign… right? "Why… what?"

"Why are you sorry?" The corners of his teacher's mouth slid upward in a smirk. "After all, I'm the one who's too attractive to resist here."

Majic blinked, caught off guard. "Eh?"

"But then… you should know that already." It almost seemed like Orphen was looming over him; with a start, the blond realized that the man was actually leaning toward him. "Hm, Majic?"

Okay… this is just a dream… Majic slid his arm down to his side and gave himself a hard pinch. Can't be real… I'll wake up any second and we'll still be camped out, and I'll have to wash my blanket before Oshou-sama wakes up…

"Well?" Orphen was close enough to breathe the words out over Majic's face; that superior little smirk was still present on his lips. "Don't you have anything to say for yourself?"

Majic barely even got his mouth open that time - but he squeaked all the same, because Orphen suddenly got tired of waiting and abruptly closed the distance between them, pressing his lips against his apprentice's with a soft but firm pressure.

The blond's head hit the wall behind it with a thud; his hands slid up to clutch at Orphen's sleeves. He's kissing me! his mind screamed at him. It couldn't seem to get over that. There was a sweet ache building in his groin as the older man pressed him more completely against the wall. He felt like he'd burst with it.

Orphen's legs straddled the one Majic still had down, grinding his hips against the younger boy's as he skillfully coaxed his mouth open with his tongue. The friction created was almost unbearable; between the wet heat of the sorcerer's mouth and the spikes of pleasure arching through his body from the pressure on his trapped erection, Majic had given up on thinking altogether.

More… He moaned into Orphen's mouth, fingers tightening on his teacher's shoulders as he jerked his hips against the leg that was bringing him so close to the edge. I'm going to… going to…

And his body convulsed, tearing his mouth free in a strangled gasp; he shuddered in the dark-haired sorcerer's arms, delicious waves of pleasure catching him up as he gave up trying to hold out and came in his shorts.

"Hmm." Orphen chuckled against his ear, holding him up as he went limp in the afterglow of his orgasm. "That was quick."

Majic blinked, trying to gather his scrambled thoughts. Did we just… did he…? "O-Oshou-sama…?" he began shakily. "Did - ?"

"Hey! Orphen! Majic!" Cleao's voice suddenly interrupted. Outside of the closet, a door slammed shut. "Where are you?"

"Finally!" Orphen pushed himself away from Majic, leaving his apprentice to lean against the wall in a daze. He raised his voice so that the girl could hear. "In here!"

"In there?" Cleao's footsteps drew nearer to the closet, and then the door was abruptly pulled open. "What are you two doing in a closet?"

"Waiting for you to let us out." Orphen pushed past her, not looking back. "I'll let Majic tell you all about it. I'm off to find that coffee I was looking for."

Cleao watched him leave for a moment, looking baffled, then turned questioning eyes on the boy left behind. "So?" she asked, curiously. "Why were you in the closet?"

Majic covered his face with one hand, feeling light-headed. "I don't know," he managed to get out somehow. Oshou-sama just… left… He reached out to yank the door free of the startled girl's grip. "I'll tell you when I figure it out."

Then he pulled the door shut again, leaned his head against the wall of the closet, and groaned.

Why me?


Majic stared at the wall of the hotel room. It was probably some time close to midnight, and he couldn't sleep. The bed felt too warm if he left the covers on - but if he kicked them off, it was too cold. And he couldn't get comfortable at all.

In the bed at the other side of the room, Orphen was snoring away blissfully.

How can he sleep?

It really wasn't fair.

It kept playing through his mind again: the closet… his reaction… Orphen's response to his reaction… Majic shivered a little, remembering the solid heat of his teacher's body pressed up against him. Was it just some kind of joke? Maybe he'd been right the first time, and the older man had been trying to get revenge on him for starting the whole closet business. But if so, why didn't he just say so and get it over with? Was he waiting for Majic to embarrass himself with a confession first, or what?

The blond felt like screaming in frustration. Why can't he ever do anything the way a normal person would?

Sighing a little, Majic sat up in bed. He clearly wasn't going to get to sleep any time soon; he was confused and felt emotionally wrung out, and his body wasn't helping at all with its reaction to the memories. Maybe I should just go take a cold shower…

It wasn't as if he'd ever thought he'd actually get anywhere with Orphen. Majic eased the door shut as he left the room, making sure he still heard his teacher snoring before moving on down the narrow hallway. He'd more or less resigned himself to the fact that the feelings he harbored would always be unrequited, and that was the end of it. He'd always thought that it was enough just to follow along and learn magic, and then maybe, when Orphen found some pretty girl and forgot all about him… Majic could stop hoping and start getting over him.

But it was different now. Majic padded into the main part of the room. Now he had something real to think about, and that was going to make it a hundred times harder to 'just get over it' when the time came and he had to. There were times when he thought his teacher was deliberately cruel, not just lazy and inconsiderate, and if he knew about Majic's feelings, then this was definitely one of those times.

All at once, as if they had a mind of their own, his feet stopped moving.

What am I doing? The boy blinked a little, focussing on his surroundings. For some reason, his feet had carried him, not to the shower, but to the same place where this whole mess had first started. I'm staring into a closet…

"Couldn't sleep?"

Majic spun around. "Oshou-sama!" In a heartbeat, his eyes went as wide as they could go and his entire face flared up like a beacon. "I thought you were sleeping!"

A flicker of annoyance crossed over Orphen's face for a moment, visible even in the dim light. "You don't really think I snore like that, do you?"

Well… Majic clamped his mouth shut to keep from pointing out that Orphen had been snoring exactly like that for as long as he had known the man. "I… well…"

"Enough wasting time." The older man shrugged, bare shoulders catching Majic's attention as they rose and fell. The younger boy swallowed; he'd never been too aware of Orphen's skin, but it was certainly making him nervous now. He almost missed the rest of what his teacher was saying, but the words were enough to snap him out of that haze. "If you're getting in, then get in already."

Majic had to try and make his mouth work several times before his was successful. "G-getting in?"

Orphen waved a hand at the open closet. "After you," he offered, and smirked.

That was it; Majic was lost. "U-Um…"

"Ch'…" Orphen sighed impatiently. "I have to do everything myself." He reached forward and hooked an arm around Majic's waist - then, stepping sideways into the cramped space, he pulled the younger boy up against his chest.

Majic caught his breath. This… this can't be…

Orphen bent his head and pressed his lips against Majic's neck. A shudder went through the apprentice at the contact; without even thinking, he tilted his head to the side to allow for better access. When he reached up to grab hold of something, his hands met bare skin. The realization was like an electric jolt.

"Oshou-sama…" he mumbled out through lips that seemed to have gone slack. His brain had already begun the process of shutting down completely - any power that had been translated into thinking was now being transferred into the erection that was rapidly growing against Orphen's hip.

"This is one thing you're going to have to learn if we're going to do this," the dark-haired man murmured, lips moving against the sensitive skin at the joint between Majic's neck and shoulder. "Nothing's over until I get off, too."

"Oshou-sama…" It came out as a moan that time. Majic buried his fingers in Orphen's hair, not able to find enough space to marvel at those words. He wanted to pull the man against him that much tighter, stimulate every inch of his body at once. His breath hitched as the buttons on his pajama top were undone one at a time; he had to clamp his teeth down hard into his lower lip to keep from making noise. If I wake up Cleao…

This time he could feel the hard pressure of Orphen's arousal against his lower belly; there was an erratic beat to the breath exhaled against his throat. The older man's hands slid in through the open front of Majic's shirt, fingers kneading into the skin as if they reveled in the ability to touch it. "Damn," he breathed out, and sank his teeth into the tender flesh by the blond's shoulder. "I could eat you up."

"Mmnn…" Majic hooked his arms around Orphen's shoulders, bracing his thighs on either side of his teacher's legs to encourage more attention directed at his groin. His body was hypersensitive; the slightest touch made him shiver. I don't care what you do, just don’t stop!

Orphen let out a sound that could have been a groan; his fingers trailed down from Majic's chest until they reached the waistband of the pajama pants. "Should've undressed first," he muttered, pulling the offending material down over the younger boy's almost painful erection. "Up," he ordered when he got the pants past knee level - and tugged the blond's thigh meaningfully.

Majic obediently slid his leg upward, bracing his knee against the wall again, and Orphen pulled his pants completely off. He didn't bother to free the other leg, concentrating instead on trailing heated kisses back up the front of Majic's stomach and chest. The younger boy's head fell back against the wall behind him, and he panted helplessly under the attack. There was something irresistibly sexy about being so intimate with his teacher in such a cramped space… but then… Majic bit his lip again, but couldn't stop the groan from escaping his throat. No matter where Orphen wanted to do this to him, it would always be irresistibly sexy!

"Mmm…" The dark-haired sorcerer actually groaned a little himself as he reached his destination, pinning his apprentice's mouth with his own. He was clearly impatient now, not bothering to tease as he had before. Majic's fingers clenched in Orphen's hair as they exchanged passionate kisses. Even if Cleao came in and started shrieking her blonde head off at them, he didn't think he could stop without being pried away.

Orphen's fingers abandoned his upper body; in the next second, he felt the taller man struggling his way out of his pants. The action sent an almost convulsive shiver through the younger boy, and he whimpered slightly into the kiss. This was the part that always got a little hazy in the dreams… He knew the mechanics… but…

That thought crashed and died a horrible firy death seconds later. Orphen's mouth broke apart from his, and he fumbled with something in his hands, swearing under his breath. Majic leaned his forehead against his teacher's, feeling light-headed. He had a vague idea what to expect… but the intrusion of a finger coated with a cold something still made him jerk violently against the larger body in front of him.

"Calm down." Orphen's face tucked itself into the crook of Majic's neck again as the blond leaned his head against the wall, panting. The older man's breathing was harsh and irregular. He added another finger.

Majic wasn't sure if he should be scared or excited; this wasn't exactly painful, but it felt strange. The third finger made him feel stretched out - and the way that interacted with the ache in his groin decided him. "Mmnn…" was all he managed to get out. Do it! Please, Oshou-sama…

He had to gasp when Orphen removed his fingers - and then again, louder, when the sorcerer pressed his fully-hardened erection in to replace them. His body jerked; he couldn't relax. It felt like he was being split apart.

"Uhhnn…" That was almost a reverent exhalation against his shoulder. Orphen kissed his neck, then grazed his teeth over the skin almost fiercely. "Oh… yes…"

Majic bit back a cry, reducing it to a low, painful noise emerging from the sides of his mouth as his teeth dug into his lower lip. He was finally succeeding in making his body relax, although his fingers were tense and trembling in Orphen's hair. There was less pain even as his teacher moved deeper… both of them gasped, almost at the exact same time, as he managed to loosen his instinctively clenched muscles enough for Orphen to fully sheath himself.

The younger boy let his head fall forward, feeling as if he'd surrendered something in that instant. He panted against Orphen's shoulder, still hard and in less pain than before as the older man pressed him into the wall, biting at his neck while he thrust into Majic's body.

He was going to have marks on his throat, but he couldn't even dwell on that, much less think about what it meant. Groaning, Majic eased his hips against his lover's rhythmic motion, ready to burst with all the stimulation coming at him. He was past thinking about pain… the presence within him felt good… it could feel incredible, even… if Orphen would just go a little deeper, a little higher…

"A-AH!" White hot sparks of ecstasy stabbed through him, his body losing its tenuous contact with his mind as he was touched somewhere from inside. Oh god… it feels like this… I never knew… Oshou-sama… oh, please!

He pulled Orphen's head up from his neck with the grip he still had on the older man's hair, desperately mashing their mouths together in a frantic kiss as he ground his body forward, meeting his teacher's thrusts. Now both of them were moaning, and Orphen's pace increased, his hands pulling at Majic's hips, hard enough to leave bruises. Every so often that blinding flash of almost agonizing pleasure threatened to send the younger boy whirling off into blackness; he sucked on Orphen's lower lip between breathless gasps.

This was passion - pure, unconfined, freed from the reservations and constraints of his mind. Majic focussed all his energy into the building climax, voice rising in pitch as he begged for more, harder, faster…

He jolted forward one last time - then slammed back, jerking in an orgasm that forced a muffled scream against his lover's mouth. His hips bucked and he stiffened up completely, the rush of mind-numbing pleasure taking over as his body spilled out its desire.

Orphen thrust into him only two or three more times before pushing in hard and giving into that same rush, jerking against and within Majic as his passion reached its peak.

They stayed like that for a moment, both panting.

Majic felt suddenly boneless; he sagged into Orphen's arms. That was… unbelievable… Literally so. He never in a million years would've guessed that his teacher might find him attractive sexually.

It was a welcome surprise. More that welcome, in fact.

"I'll only get better next time," Orphen breathed into his ear, arms shaking a bit as he supported his apprentice's weight. His arrogance was so familiar that Majic had to smile - though that up-curving of his lips came more from the words themselves.

'Next time'.

"Yes, Oshou-sama," he agreed, and hugged Orphen's shoulders, letting blissful warmth carry him away completely.


The End