Request #3: For sarumisa could you write the most kinkiest thing they've done in bed?


Yata wasn't sure if he was feeling more anticipation or embarassment when Saruhiko came back into the bedroom, but he wasn't about to give either away. "Hey."

Maybe that was a little too casual; he got a raised eyebrow in return. "Is that how you'd greet the person who's going to heal your battle wounds, Misaki?"

"Sh-Shut up!" Ah, damnit... now he wasn't sure if he'd ruined the whole thing. Still, he had to admit that Saruhiko looked good - better than he'd imagined in those half-baked fantasies, even. The way the hood of that red-lined white robe sat over his head, casting a fetching shadow over his face... It was open at the front, which totally didn't match the video game version, but it did reveal the slender lines of his boyfriend's body, broken only by the pair of tight white boxer-briefs.

Really, it was only the bland expression that kind of didn't fit. "Y-You could look a little more..." Fuck, this really was too embarassing. "... you know..."

"How should I know? This was your idea." Saruhiko crossed the room to him, reaching out to tap the single shoulder plate that was Yata's only article of clothing outside of the criss-crossed belts hanging low on his hips over his own boxer-briefs. "Tell me how I should look," he added, and then smiled faintly, almost smugly, and tossed in a much softer, "Misaki."

Bastard. That tone had never failed to make him shudder, and now was no exception. Yata resisted the urge to shoot back an irritated response; he'd come this far with this... thing... and there was no way he was going to spoil it before they'd even got to the good part. "It's r-role-play s-sex, you asshole," he muttered, turning his gaze to the side as he felt his face grow hot, "what do you think?"

It hadn't been easy to ask for, either - and it didn't help that his boyfriend's initial response was to fix him with a flat-eyed stare and comment, 'You're really weird, aren't you?' The fact that Yata's muttered offer to maybe act out one of Saruhiko's kinks afterwards was met with the bland assertion that he didn't actually have any just kind of topped it off.

But, well, he had agreed to it without any real mockery... That was something, right?

"Ah, right, that." When he looked back, Saruhiko's eyes had taken on that familiar heavy-lidded heat. "I'll make sure to play the role well - just as long as you do the same."

That was better. Yata straightened, gaining back some confidence from the evidence of his partner's interest, and managed to summon up what he hoped was a cocky grin. "We're going to party up, right? You'd better take good care of my health."

"Mm." Saruhiko ran a finger down his chest, stopping just short of the elastic band of his underwear. "I'll be sure to heal you properly. But first..." He hooked that wandering finger around the waistband, leaning in to murmur the rest almost right into Yata's mouth. "I'm going to need to regenerate some mana."

Another little shiver of anticipation ran all the way through him. "I can help you with that," he responded, closing the distance to bring their lips together and reaching out to run his hands along the lean muscle in front of him. Saruhiko's body was warm, and his lips were cool and soft, and Yata pushed up against both eagerly, caught up in the rush of the fantasy. The familiar slick press of tongue against his went straight to his dick in the form of a pleasant rush of heat.

"Should I," Saruhiko began softly when they parted, and interrupted himself with another insistent kiss, "take it," and another, "from," and his hands smoothed over Yata's back, teasing under the harness, "your body?" When he pulled back and their eyes met, his gaze was smoldering.

That was enough to bring Yata from about half-mast to fully erect. "Hah..." He allowed himself the indulgence of sliding both hands around to the small of Saruhiko's back and pulling him in so that he could feel the hard press answering arousal against his lower belly. The friction felt good, and the little moan he got in response was even better. "Get on your knees, and you can have it."

Saruhiko moved in to lap his tongue out along the corner of Yata's jaw, prompting a shudder and a sharp intake of breath. "I'll be helping myself, then," he murmured, and began planting open-mouthed kisses down Yata's neck and along the line of his collarbone, unhurriedly making his way towards his destination.

At one point, he might've protested the teasing - back before he'd started to properly pay attention and appreciate the slow burn of building pleasure from the touch of fingers, lips, and tongue over his body. The strain and twitch of his cock against the tight fabric of his underwear promised a healthy payoff at the end. "Saruhiko," he breathed out, sliding his hands under the hood of the robe and threading his fingers into that smooth dark hair encouragingly.

"Misaki." The response was mouthed against his chest, hot breath teasing the skin. Saruhiko's tongue flicked around a nipple, and he tightened his fingers instinctively, tipping his head back with a low breath at the little spike of sensation. "Hmm... doesn't seem to be any mana here."

"You need to... hn... go lower..." Yata panted, just about losing his train of thought as slender fingers brushed over the head of his dick, tracing the wet spot on his underwear. His hands twitched with the compulsion to push that tantalizingly hot mouth down, and it was a bit of a struggle to resist the urge to buck his hips forward into the too-gentle touch. "Yeah, there... there..."

"Here, huh?" Saruhiko's fingers closed a little more firmly around him, thumb stroking the head. He planted one last wet kiss on Yata's chest and lowered himself to his knees. "I can take it from you, right, Misaki?" he asked, low and soft, hooded eyes gazing back up full of heat and expectation. "All of your mana..."

That look should've been illegal. Yata managed a smirk, letting his eyes go lidded, and stroked the edges of Saruhiko's temple with his thumbs. "I'll give it you, all right," he shot back, then added in a lower tone, "and you'd better heal me up after, Saru."

The answering smirk sent another wave of heat through him; his anticipation built as Saruhiko carefully pulled the boxer-briefs down under the belts on his hips and over the hard bulge at his crotch. "Don't worry," those wicked lips murmured, brushing against the length of his cock teasingly. "I'll take care of you. Misaki." His hot breath brushed the tip, tongue slipping out for a first teasing touch, and then - ah. There.

Yata didn't even try to bite back the moan that rose up from the back of his throat as Saruhiko's mouth enveloped him; it was seriously just always that good, and he didn't care what he sounded like. His fingers clenched automatically, and he didn't try to loosen up - Saruhiko had said once that he found it kind of exciting, so he'd stopped holding back since then - shakily urging his boyfriend's head forward onto his dick.

Saruhiko made a sort of half-humming, half-purring noise, sending off a pleasant vibration down his length, and Yata groaned in response, bucking against the hands clamped on his hips to hold him in place. He snapped his head forward to watch as Saruhiko's mouth slide down and back over his erection, slick and hot and drowning him in pleasure. The slow, steady rhythmn was just about driving him mad, but it fit the fantasy so well - being held in place while his healer drew mana from him...

Even as he shook with the rush of arousal that came along with that thought, Saruhiko took him in all the way to the hilt, and sucked, as if he really was trying to pull out some mana - and that was enough to push him over the edge, right there. Yata stiffened and cried out, shuddering as he came in Saruhiko's mouth, his trembling hands holding his boyfriend's head in place almost compulsively.

The aftershocks were just fading as Saruhiko pulled back, drawing his tongue out along Yata's over-sensitive dick and prompting one last violent shudder. He licked his lips and smiled faintly, leaning in to kiss the hipbone in front of him lingeringly. "Mm, seems like my bar is full now."

Yata let his fingers slip loose, staring back hazily. His limbs felt like jelly, and the energy had been sucked out of him - literally - but there was more to look forward to, and he felt that now-familiar little thrill of anticipation as he thought about it. "So then you're ready to heal me," he mumbled, managing a lazy smile, "right?"

"That's right." Saruhiko pushed himself up to his feet again, hands still braced on Yata's hips. The prominent bulge against his white boxer-briefs was impossible to ignore; it just heightened the excitement, really, considering what was about to happen. "You can relax and let me do it," he added, soft and slow and sexy as hell, "Misaki."

Yata obligingly backed up as his boyfriend guided him towards the bed, falling back to lay flat as Saruhiko straddled his waist, and sliding his hands eagerly up those slender thighs. "You - You'd better show me some really impressive magic, Saru," he managed, voice low, too caught up to be properly embarrassed, and gazed hotly up into those cool blue eyes.

That little smile was still on Saruhiko's face; framed by the hood, he looked somehow dark and mysterious, a contrast to the white fabric. Behind his glasses, though, his eyes had that soft, oddly fond look that still sent Yata's heartbeat into a frenzy even now, after more than a year of dating. It was an expression that was somehow vulnerable, and Yata stroked his thumbs along the line of his partner's hipbones in response, an odd mix of protectiveness - I'll take care of you - and pride - that's a look that's only for me, and no one else - rushing up at the back of his throat and nearly choking him.

It was crazy to think about just how hard he'd fallen for this guy, but there it was.

Then Saruhiko was reaching into the slit at the front of his underwear, parting the tight fabric and releasing his dick from its confines, and Yata's attention was completely diverted. It was kind of erotic to have it poking out like that, fully erect with a bead of pre-come at the tip, and the rest of him hiding almost coyly behind the material. Somehow the sight made his fingers itch, and he pressed them a little more firmly against the skin beneath them to avoid the urge to reach for it.

"Misaki." Saruhiko's voice snapped him out of his thoughts; well, that and the thumb prodding at his lips. Yata took the hint, opening his mouth to take in his boyfriend's fingers, sliding his tongue around them and then out to coat the palm of his hand with spit. Their gazes were locked, and he could've gotten drunk on the obvious want in Saruhiko's eyes - it was that intoxicating.

The hand withdrew, and his focus was drawn again to where it now tucked itself around the erection that still stood out proudly against that stark white underwear, bringing out a slight tremor in Saruhiko's lower body. Yata heard the sharp, controlled intake of breath, but couldn't seem to take his eyes from the sight of Saruhiko's hand moving steadily up and down along the length of his cock, thumb stroking the head with a kind of lazy, indulgent ease and smearing the build-up of moisture around it.

It wasn't the first time he'd seen his boyfriend touch himself, but it was the first time it was truly the center of his focus; right here in his face, almost literally, and he didn't have anything else to do but watch. "Saru..."

"Mm... Misaki..." There was a familiar breathy note to Saruhiko's voice; Yata was able to draw his focus away from the rhythmic motion in front of him and raised his eyes to watch that handsome, flushed face as it responded to the pull of pleasure and lust. Fuck, that look was hot - he'd seen it more times than he could count when he was caught up in the throes of whatever sex they were having at the time, but somehow seeing it now, fully rational as a passive participant, he could catalogue all the details and burn them onto his brain.

Better than the fantasy. His imagination never could've matched it. I'm so fucking glad I asked for this, holy shit...

A low moan escaped Saruhiko's lips; his body tensed, face tightening up, and then he jerked in Yata's hold and released, leaning forward just enough to spread the thick white line of his come across Yata's chest. For a moment, he stayed like that, held up by his free hand, panting, eyes closed, body twitching a little as he started to recover himself.

The rush that came with watching it was almost like an orgasm in itself. Yata let out the breath he'd been subconsciously holding, and felt the edges of his mouth turn up as Saruhiko's eyes slid open and met his. "Yeah, so..." It felt like he could pretty well say whatever in this position, with the mess on his chest and his partner in post-orgasm bliss above him. "I think I'm healed up pretty good."

"Hm." Saruhiko smiled faintly; his expression was a uncharacteristically dazed as he stared back down, and it was hard not to notice the way his gaze shifted from Yata's face to his chest. "Misaki," he mumbled, "you look... so..."

"'So'?" Yata prompted, when it didn't seem like he was going to finish that thought; realization struck him belatedly, and he couldn't help but grin. "Saru, don't tell me you just picked up a kink for coming on me."

Saruhiko's eyebrows came down with obvious irritation; he frowned and clicked his tongue, looking away. "Shut up."

"Hah? So I'm right, then." Somehow, this felt like karma. "Hey, if you ask nice, you can hit my face next time. What do you think?"

"I think you need to shut up," was the clipped response, and Yata's answering laugh was swallowed in a swift, embarassed kiss.