#onedayk - Friday, Feb 12, 2016
theme: valentines


It was almost the end of the day when Yata made it back home - half past eleven at night, in fact - which was partly because he'd been helping Kusanagi out and partly because he was still kind of embarrassed to have made chocolate for Valentines Day. Technically, it was a girls' holiday. He'd received homemade candies from Anna earlier that day, along with everyone else in Homra. No one had said anything about his use of the kitchen at the bar to make his own chocolates, though.

Honestly, being in a relationship with a guy made this confusing, especially with it being so new, and doubly so because they lived together already. He didn't know if he should do the Valentines thing, or White Day, or maybe even both. No matter what he did, it seemed like Saruhiko was probably going to tease him.

Hell, he wouldn't be surprised if Saruhiko teased him more for being lame enough to wait until the day was almost over before offering up his gift.

Whatever. Yata sighed, brushing his fingers over the bulge in his pocket where he'd stowed the tiny, ribbon-tied bag before unlocking the door and letting himself in. Saruhiko's work boots were there at the entrance, so he wasn't working overtime, at least. A tiny twinge of nerves sprung to life in Yata's stomach, but he did his best to ignore it. "I'm home."

Silence answered him, which wasn't all that unusual. He's probably working on something, huh? Yata kicked off his shoes and stowed his skateboard by the door, stepping into the main part of their tiny apartment. The lights were on, and the bedroom door was shut. Still nothing unusual, but...

Wait - is that a burning smell?

It was faint but unmistakeable, growing a little stronger as he stepped in to check the kitchen. The fan was still on, and there was a lingering edge of a chill in the air that he hadn't noticed before, having just come in from outside. It was like the window had been open for a while, and only just recently been closed.


The kitchen looked like it had been cleaned recently, but as he came in, he could see dishes still soaking in the sink and little flecks of substance in the harder to notice areas. Obviously, someone - well, Saruhiko, since he was the only person other than Yata who could - had made something, and done his best to hide as many traces as possible of what it might have been.

Yata could feel the fond grin spreading on his face almost before it even came out. Seriously, what the hell? It was so typical. On instinct, he leaned over the counter to check the small kitchen garbage, and - sure enough - those were definitely some fried-looking chocolate remains. He'd failed enough batches in the past to recognize the look.

Somehow, that gave him kind of a warm feeling in his chest. Yata shut his eyes, letting out another huff of breath. It wasn't like the chocolate itself was all that important, after all. The very obvious evidence of effort that his newly acquired boyfriend had tried so hard to cover up was more than enough.

Well, he can't tease me if we both had the same idea, right? That thought gave him a renewed sense of confidence. Yata straightened, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the bag of his own chocolates before slipping them behind his back and heading for the bedroom door. "Yo, Saruhiko!"

The room was dark, which made the light coming from the monitor of Saruhiko's laptop seem even brighter. "What is it?" he mumbled back, not bothering to turn his head.

That would've been really annoying if Yata didn't already know that Saruhiko was just embarrassed over the recent failure. "What kind of greeting is that?" he shot back all the same, without any real heat, and made his way over to the desk. "We're dating, right? Show a little enthusiasm!"

At that, Saruhiko did move, tipping his head back to regard Yata with flat irritation. "Who promised you enthusiasm?"

"Heh." Yata grinned back at him, still a little too buzzed from his recent discovery to be bothered in return. "At least you looked." Even with the unpleasant expression and the poor lighting, he couldn't help the little prickle of excitement when their eyes met. "Happy Valentines Day, by the way."

Saruhiko frowned back at him, looking a tiny bit disgruntled at the reminder. "I guess. His gaze flickered to the computer screen quickly. "For another twenty-five minutes, anyway."

"Yeah, yeah." Yata brushed that aside, shrugging a little. "Anyway..." He pulled his hand out from behind his back, shoving the bag of chocolates practically into Saruhiko's face. "Here."

Even with the reflection on his glasses, it was possible to see how Saruhiko's eyes widened a notch. It was kind of endearing, really - but he seemed to recover fast enough. "What's this?"

"What do you think? Chocolate, of course! It's Valentines Day, after all." Yata waved the bag a little. "Go ahead, take it."

For a second, he thought Saruhiko might actually refuse, but after that small hesitation, his boyfriend reached out to carefully pluck the gift from his hand, staring at it as if he half expected it to blow up on him. "This is a girls' holiday, you know," he said finally.

Yata raised a slightly disgruntled eyebrow at him, frowning. "Whatever - we're dating, so it doesn't matter." After a split second's thought, the frown shifted back into a smirk. "Anyway, are you really gonna say that to me with a straight face? I saw the stuff you dumped in the garbage. What's up with that, then, huh? Didn't you try to do the same for me?"

Saruhiko let out a small grunt of surprise, frown deepening with obvious displeasure at being caught. It was hard to tell in the dark, but it looked like a hint of color had risen on his cheeks. He clicked his tongue and reluctantly muttered, "That's not it."

"So, what, they're for your other boyfriend, then?" Yata grinned back, ruthlessly enjoying the emabarrassed reaction. "Come on, we're going out, so you can at least admit you kinda like me sometimes, huh?"

Abruptly, Saruhiko pushed his chair back from the desk and stood, holding the gift in one hand and narrowing his eyes slightly. "If 'sometimes' means 'when you're not talking', then I'll think about it," he grumbled, and leaned in to swallow Yata's answering snicker with a swift, awkward, and still somehow unbelievably sweet kiss.

That was probably a better Valentines gift than chocolates, anyway.