#onedayk - Friday, Jan 29, 2016
theme: crossovers - 2/2

Note: The setting is from the anime Nagi no Asukara


Yata's least favorite time of day was when the sun was setting - not because he hated nighttime or anything, but because it meant he needed to start heading home so he could make it there by dinner, and that meant parting ways.

Not like I won't see him tomorrow or anything, right? That was the thought he always used to cheer himself up. Still...

A finger flicked him in the forehead, startling him abruptly out of his thoughts. "Ow! Hey, what the hell?"

"You were spacing out," Saruhiko commented, without remorse. He pulled back his hand, and Yata caught a glimmer of the fading light catching on the otherwise unnoticeable layer on his skin. It made him look like he was made of marble or porcelain.

Ena was fascinating to Yata. It wasn't just how it looked - although that was kind of neat, too, when you saw it sparkle like that. But the best part was that you could breathe underwater - you could survive at the bottom of the ocean. Just the thought was cool!

To be honest, he was a little jealous. Yata didn't really want to live down there, but it would've been nice if he could visit Saruhiko's home once in a while.

"Yeah, yeah." He brushed that thought aside. Never gonna happen, so why think about it, right? "I just noticed it's getting kind of late - I gotta get home soon."

"Hm." Saruhiko turned his face away, frowning out at the ocean from where they leaned against the railing that lined the sidewalk along the coastline. "I guess."

Nearly a year of being in the same class after the Shioshishio students transfered up to the surface had taught Yata that it was a bad idea to ask if Saruhiko's family was expecting him back any time soon. He didn't really know the details, but the other kids from the ocean seemed to think it was some kind of mark of shame that Saruhiko's mother had moved to the surface - and Saruhiko himself responded with a noncommittal shrug when asked if he knew where she was.

He didn't talk about his father. At all.

"Well, you can't stay out too much longer either, right?" Yata didn't make any move to leave yet - there was still time, and he did have one more thing to kind of look forward to... "Y'know, with your ena and all."

Saruhiko clicked his tongue, frown deepening. "It's fine."

It probably wasn't, but Yata let it pass - it wasn't going to make much of a difference now, anyway, considering how little time was left. Although he hadn't seen it dry out in person, he privately thought it was kind of crazy how fragile ena was. It was supposed to be like scales or something, but if you went too long without water, it apparently dried up and chipped off. It was weirdly fascinating when he considered it. Once, he'd even had a dream where he ran his fingers up Fushimi's arm and the ena broke apart like that thin later of frost on a cold early morning.

A little prickle ran over his own skin at the thought, and he tried to shove that memory back, pushing away from the railing. "I should probably go. Mom's gonna have a fit if I'm late for dinner again."

He would've tried to invite Saruhiko over for dinner if he thought he could get away with it, but he hadn't been doing so well in class and after dinner had been designated "homework" time until further notice, so that was almost definitely not going to work.

Too bad. But there was still that one thing left...

"I'll head back too, then." Saruhiko moved away from the railing, stepping over to the gate that led out onto the pier. Yata trailed after him, a tiny bit of anticipation curling in his belly.

It wasn't really that big a deal, but still - still...

When they reached the end of the pier, Saruhiko paused, lifting his hands to pull his glasses off - they were only for the surface, since he couldn't use them underwater anyway - and tucking them safely into his school bag. He squinted at Yata afterwards, face shadowed against the setting sun but with the blue of his eyes still somehow standing out. "See you, Misaki."

"Don't call me that in public," Yata shot back automatically, without much venom. He was kind of used to it by now.

Saruhiko raised an eyebrow at him, glancing meaningfully at the empty sidewalk behind them. "What 'public'?"

"Whatever, you know what I mean!" Yata huffed, just a tiny bit annoyed, then managed a rueful grin. "See you tomorrow."

A small, almost reluctant smile answered him. "Yeah," Saruhiko said, before turning to dive into the ocean, bag and all.

This was the only good part about the end of the day. Yata crouched down so that he could see better, through the growing darkness and the ripples on the surface. He could make out the outline of Saruhiko's slender form cutting gracefully through the water, the faint shimmers of the remaining light glancing off of his ena, and even that blurry sight felt like it made Yata's whole body shiver.

It was amazing and beautiful, and it excited him like nothing else. Saruhiko is so awesome!

After seconds passed and he was sure he couldn't see any more, Yata straightened up and started off the pier, his thoughts still filled with a soft voice making dry, clever comments, pale sparkling skin, and the blurry, vanishing figure of his best friend swimming down to the bottom of the ocean.