#onedayk - Friday, Jan 22, 2016
theme: clan reversal

(fanart here)


The dingy little apartment was dark and still, the only light coming from the glow of Fushimi's PDA. He was sitting cross-legged on the futon that was spread across his loft, vaguely aware of the way the color emitted from the device in his hands mingled with the plain off-white bedding, tinting it green.

Everything seemed to be outlined in green these days. It was probably inevitable.

Well, regardless, it didn't matter. Fushimi slid his thumb over the PDA screen, idly browsing through the familiar Jungle mission list for something he could get up to the next day. His points were visible at the top - the reason behind the restless thoughts that wouldn't allow him to sleep.


"Saruhiko?" Almost in sync with that unusually hushed voice, the light from another PDA blended with his; when he looked up, Misaki's head was propped up on the edge of his futon, a single forearm stretched beneath it with the device clenched in his hand. "Hey, can I come up?"

Fushimi raised an eyebrow at him. "Aren't you already up?"

Misaki pulled a face. "Yeah, whatever - that's a yes, then, right?" He didn't wait for a response, stepping up higher on the ladder and pulling himself onto the loft. Fushimi automatically shuffled over to give him space, and he settled in on the futon, close enough for their knees to brush. He leaned in to look over at Fushimi's PDA screen, and their shoulders bumped. "Any good missions?"

The physical contact wasn't unwelcome - it was Misaki, after all. "A few. Nothing that's worth much." Fushimi scrolled further down the list with his thumb, just to confirm. He didn't really expect there to be anything he'd missed on the previous pass-through. "There might be more tomorrow."

"Yeah, right." Even without turning, he could see the white of Misaki's teeth as he grinned, brought out by the glow from the PDA and the contrasting darkness around them. "J-rank is in our sights at last! We're gonna hit the top, you and me! Just like I always said." A sharp rush of static, and there was a new light blending with the rest, flickering. "We'll do amazing things, right, Saruhiko?"

Of course we will. The answer was there instantly in his head; he didn't really feel the need to voice it. Fushimi lowered his PDA, his eyes drifting naturally to the tiny electric sparks dancing around the fingers of Yata's outstretched hand. "Are you sure that's something you should play around with?"

"Why not?" Yata's shoulder brushed his as he shrugged. "Isn't it cool? The power we earned together." He raised his hand and moved it a little bit more towards Fushimi, the tiny arches of lightning passing between his fingertips and skittering around his palm. "You think so too, don't you, Saruhiko?"

He did, in a way, although he wasn't as crazy about it as Misaki. It made the 'N' rank a milestone, and silenced the tiny skeptical voice at the back of Fushimi's head that questioned whether his idea of getting to the top rank in Jungle was really worthwhile. His partner had been enthusiastic - Fushimi privately thought Misaki felt that Jungle owed him something, and it wasn't like he disagreed with that. Jungle was a malicious system: a dog-eat-dog world where the strong ones climbed their way to the top, and the weak sank to the bottom. It was ugly, but that wasn't going to stop either of them from conquering it.

When we reach the top, is it going to change anything?

Months of picking the smartest missions for the best amount of points, with Fushimi setting up plans and relying on Misaki's agility, instincts, and fast reaction times to carry them out. Near misses... desperate situations they managed to make it out of... headaches and hard work and more effort than he'd expected to put into this back when they'd first started.

If nothing changed in the end, they really should try to blow up this worthless world.

Instead of answering the earlier question, Fushimi raised his own hand, brushing his fingers lightly against Misaki's and feeling the buzz from the electricity. Using that sense of green within him, he tugged gently at the strands, the tiny threads of lightening jumping from Misaki's fingertips to his and dancing around his hand as well - back and forth, over and over, creating a tenuous connection between the two of them. His body seemed to thrum in time with the tingling of the current on his hand.

When he raised his eyes up, Misaki was smiling at him, his face illuminated in green and his expression warm, and any doubtful or anxious feelings settled within Fushimi's body.

"Yeah," he said at last, and let his lips form into an answering smile. "I think so."