#onedayk - Friday, Jan 16, 2016
theme: kings


"Tell me what's so great about your King."

The words were barely out of Yata's mouth before Fushimi was turning his head on the grass where they were lying. One of his eyebrows quirked just above the frame of his glasses. "What brought that on?"

Yata frowned back. "Just do it, okay?"

"Hm." Fushimi lowered the eyebrow, but his gaze was skeptical. "Technically, he's not even a King any more, you know."

"Yeah, technically, whatever." Yata brushed that aside impatiently. "Even with the Slate gone, Anna's still always going to be my King. It's the same for you, right?"

Fushimi clicked his tongue and turned his head so that he was facing up towards the sky again - which was as good as agreement, coming from him. "What's the point of this conversation, Misaki? What are you hoping to get out of it?"

Yata turned his own gaze upward again, tracing the shape of the clouds with his eyes vaguely. "I'm mostly just curious." Truthfully, there was a lot he still didn't understand any more about Fushimi, and he was eager to close the gaps - but he didn't feel like saying that out loud just yet. "Come on. I'll even start, if you want."

Fushimi made a non-committal noise, lifting a hand to wave it lazily, and Yata took that as permission.

"Okay, so! My King rebuilt Homra from the ashes and made it amazing and awesome again!" Even as he said it, he felt that stirring of pride and warmth within - Anna was incredible, after all. "Now your turn - what's great about your King?"

He could hear the long, almost weary exhale that Fushimi let out, and forced himself to count in his head while he waited. He'd just about reached ten when he finally got back a low, reluctant mumble, "My King... gives the most illogical, ridiculous orders." He paused there for a moment, and Yata was about to demand to know what the hell was so great about that when he continued, "And somehow it always leads to things working out perfectly to his satisfaction. It's annoying."

Ah. It's like that, huh? This felt a little familiar. Yata grinned up at the sky. "My King dedicated all her strength to protecting the important things, and never wavers!"

There was less of a pause this time. "My King..." Fushimi sucked in a short breath, and some of the reluctance even left his voice as he added, "patiently builds and shapes the future, with everything falling into perfect order."

This was good. Yata shut his eyes for a moment. "My King could make huge phoenix wings and fly!"

"Are you a kid?" Fushimi muttered, and then sighed again. "Fine. My King could generate impenetrable shields in an instant."

"My King could destroy blaster shields with enormous fire blasts!"

"My King could shatter illusions as if they didn't exist."

"My King could engulf entire buildings in flame!"

"My King could extinguish flames engulfing an entire building. Probably."

"Hey, that's cheating!" Yata scowled up at the clouds, mildly disgruntled, and then let out his breath in a rush. This was probably a good opportunity to say something he'd been wanting to... A little nervous fluttering started in his stomach, and he tried to ignore it, drawing up his determination.

Now or never, right?

"Your King..." It was kind of hard to say, but whatever, this was important. Yata stubbornly pushed himself on. "... told me the things you couldn't, because he knew that I had to go after you, no matter what." Into what felt like a heavy silence following that statement, he added, "I thought you should know... just for that, I think he's a pretty good guy."

When he turned his head for a reaction, Fushimi was turning his almost in sync - and when Yata let the feeling building in his heart out into a sincere smile, he got his reward in the form of the softening of his oldest friend's gaze, even before the corners of Fushimi's mouth turned up in response.