Raining Outside


"I don't think this is giving us much cover," Gon observed mournfully, reaching up to tentatively grip the edge of the giant leaf that was serving as their makeshift umbrella. "I'm still getting wet - the wind blows it in from the sides."

As if on cue, a gust of wind swept a piece of the rain shower into Killua's left side. "I told you this wouldn't work," he grumbled, trying to ignore the goosebumps rising on his skin. He wasn't really that cold, but this was ridiculously miserable.

"It seemed okay before the wind started up…" Gon absently shook at the leaf, causing it to overbalance and shift, sending droplets down everywhere.

"Ah, hey! Quit it!"

"Sorry." Gon shrugged a bit with a sheepish little grin, droplets of water sliding carelessly over his bare shoulders. They'd stripped down to the minimum - shirt and shorts - in what was probably a useless effort to keep as much as possible from getting soaked, stowing the rest away in their bags, which were probably getting as wet as they were, anyway. "It looked like it was sagging in the middle."

Killua's eyes had been on the paths of those droplets, and he had to catch up to the conversation afterwards, so Gon got away with just a careless, "Well, watch it next time." The only good thing about this, he thought, was his enforced - and thus, justified - proximity to Gon. A nearly bare-shouldered and dripping Gon, at that. To fit under the leaf - which, despite its impressive size, wasn't quite large enough to really cover two fifteen-year-olds - they'd had to not only press together, but also overlap a bit. So Killua's right shoulder was just behind Gon's, his torso squished against his friend's left arm instead and Gon's hip firmly in line with his own.

Killua figured this to be an intimate sort of pose - obviously it didn't count since it was out of necessity, but he was the one who watched the porn and read the dirty magazines and had seen the way these things were, and so he knew what he was talking about. At least more than Gon, anyway. And that made things easier, because as long as Gon didn't know the difference, then Killua was free to watch drops of water slide down Gon's skin and to shift against Gon's body and to deliberately breathe onto Gon's neck so that he'd shiver and squirm. Because it was fun and it turned him on a little, and because there was a sense of smug triumph in it since he could do it without Gon even knowing, and that meant he was winning.

Plus, it was a kind of revenge for getting them caught up in the storm and coming up with the dumb idea of huddling under a leaf in the first place.

"Killua?" Gon said, after a few more moments of silence. He turned his face to the side a little, just enough to be able to see his friend. "You think it's depressing, watching a rain shower?"

"Depressing?" Killua let thoughts of wet bronzed skin slide away, considering the new topic. Beyond them was an open field, transformed by the dark clouds and obscuring outpour into a blurry scene shaded in blues and blacks. He could think of worse things than this to look at… "Why would you say that?"

"It's something I heard." Gon grinned a bit and turned his gaze forward again, shifting the leaf a little again so that the excess water dribbled off the end. "When they put rain in movies and books, it's supposed to mean sadness. But I never thought of it that way, did you?"

"Huh…" Killua drew that syllable out, staring thoughtfully over Gon's shoulder again. The rain just looked like rain to him. "Not really." He absently shook one arm, scattering spare drops of water off. It would just build up again, but at least he had a momentary respite. He noticed Gon wasn't doing the same, though.

"Mito-san wouldn't let me out in the rain when I was really young," Gon explained, glancing back over again with that bit of a smile. "So I'd sit by the window and watch. She always said it was amazing, because I was always moving around, how I'd just sit there for so long. Then when I got older, she let me out in it if I wanted. Sometimes I'd still just watch, though." His eyes flickered back to the shower outside of their makeshift shelter.

Killua studied him in silence for a moment. "Just watch, huh?" he commented, after a moment. He couldn't remember being fascinated enough by anything as a child to just sit and watch it. It didn't matter if it was raining or not, either - if you had a job, you had to go out, no matter what kind of weather it was. "What made it so interesting?"

"I don't know that." The admission came with a laugh and a shrug - Gon's way of saying it didn't make a difference one way or another. "Sometimes you just like something because you do… you know?"

"I guess." It made sense. Killua looked down at the line of Gon's jaw, and how it met his neck, and smiled a bit.

"Hey, Killua?"

He looked up just in time to catch the almost wicked glance Gon tossed over his shoulder with that. "Hm?"

"Let's go out."

Killua blinked. "What?" Gon was already pushing himself up, dislodging the leaf as he did. "Hey! Gon!"

"Come on, Killua!" Gon gave his shoulder a sharp nudge, already grinning like a madman. "You're not afraid of getting wet, are you?"

That was it - that was a challenge, plain and simple. "Don't be stupid," he retorted, pushing himself up easily. "But what about our stuff?" He nodded in the direction of their bags, feeling the rain soak into the remaining dry places on his clothing and skin and trying not to care.

"Oh, right. Here." Gon quickly rearranged the leaf, so it provided the baggage with some meager shelter. "Now let's go."

That was the part that wasn't really clear… There was always something like that in any one of Gon's impromptu plans. "Go where?"

"Ah, well… nowhere, I guess. Here." That didn’t seem to be Gon's concern at the moment, though - he stepped backwards into the clearing, shutting his eyes and spreading his arms and raising his face up to the sky. "I'm getting so~oaked," he all but chanted, in that unself-consciously childish way that he sometimes regressed to, and beamed up into the onslaught.

Only he could pull that off looking so completely natural about it. Gon often seemed out of place in the city, too naïve or straightforward to manage without Killua's help. But in the middle of nowhere, standing on the grass with his head tilted to meet the rain, Gon was the one with the knowledge of appropriate actions and Killua had to try to follow his lead without seeming too awkward about it.

He would've been irritated by that, too, if Gon's clothing wasn't being plastered to him so fetchingly, or if he couldn’t see the water sliding over Gon's jaw and down Gon's neck, and… well… Yeah. Either way, there was something about the scene, and it wasn't just Killua's hormones talking, because he was sure he would've thought the same thing when he was twelve.

As much as it sometimes frustrated him, he was still hopelessly fascinated by the way Gon perceived - and, somehow, seemed to shape - the rest of the world.

"What are you doing over there, Killua?" Gon lowered his head, grinning like a madman, and waved him over. "Come on!"

"Yeah, yeah…" As much as he made a show of grumbling, Killua was pretty sure the little half-smile on his face gave him away. He sauntered over, making a show of being casual about it. "Just let me - HAH!"

"GAH!" Gon's guard must've been down, because he went down with minimal resistance against Killua's tackle, hitting the ground hard and with all the weight of his best friend on top of him. The breath whooshed out of his lungs.

"Pi~inned you!" Killua sing-songed, feeling twelve all over again and somehow reveling in it. "Rain makes you sloppy, Gon!"

"That's not fair…" Gon's voice was still a little breathless, but he was fighting back, pushing up against Killua's hold and getting a better grip on the ground. It was useless, really - Killua was stronger, after all; he'd been doing this longer, too. "I was thinking about something else!"

"Oh?" Killua smirked a bit, watching Gon's face twist in determination and effort, and held firm against the struggles. "What, exactly, could make you so distracted that - ugh!"

Gon followed up on that sharp twist by rolling them over while Killua's hold had slackened briefly, and stared triumphantly down at his best friend. "Being the first one to do this!" he answered, and before there could be any retaliation, he leaned down, bracing his hands on Killua's shoulders - so that he was positioned almost like an animal going for an enemy's throat - and kissed him square on the lips.

The moment of shock - pure shock, because he really hadn't expected it - triggered instinct, and Killua was pushing Gon away before he'd registered what had happened. He kissed me! came rushing into his head in the next instant, and he sat up abruptly, staring wide-eyed at Gon's confused face, only inches away. "G-Gon…!"

"Why'd you do that?" the other boy asked, still with that bemused expression.

Of all the questions… "Why did you do that?" Killua shot back, and felt his cheeks burn, hot even against the cold water beating down on them. "You surprised me, what did you expect? And you - you - " Somehow, he couldn't say it. You kissed me! On the lips!

When did Gon start thinking about these sorts of things?

"Hehe." That was Gon's victory sound - the bit of a laugh, and a wicked grin to accompany it. "I kissed you first. I beat you!" he crowed, and leaned forward again.

"You - " Realization got to him just before Gon's lips did, and Killua spent all of a half-instant being partly astonished and partly indignant. Growling into Gon's mouth, he hooked both arms around the other boy's waist and deftly flipped them over again so he could pin his adversary to the ground, kiss growing sloppy and open-mouthed. But kissing was supposed to be this wet, right?

Well. Maybe not this wet - they were kissing in the rain, after all.

Gon's struggles against the new position were half-hearted at best - he'd just won, after all; Killua's petty retaliation couldn't earn him a victory, and they both knew it. That started to become less important as seconds, and then minutes, dragged on - Gon's mouth was warm and suitably enthusiastic about the whole business, and it felt strange and new and exciting enough to soften Killua's annoyance at losing to his best friend again. It was a different sort of sensation, this itching, shivering elation thing. Good, though.

The rain was slacking a bit when they broke apart, at some subconscious mutual signal, to catch their breath properly. Or maybe it just seemed like it was slacking; to be honest, Killua's senses weren't quite what they should be. That probably should've alarmed him, but with his mouth inches from Gon's and their breath mingling between them and Gon's eyes staring back at him with as much of a dazed expression as it felt like he had on, it was very hard to care.

"Killua?" Gon's voice was breathy - even more than before. From this close, Killua could feel the faint echo of the other boy's heartbeat, quick and hard against his own chest.

"Mm?" On a sudden impulse, he shifted to seek out the pulse at the side of Gon's neck, barely brushing his lips over the right spot. It was deliciously overwhelming, feeling the rhythm of Gon's life force along with Gon's somewhat hitched breathing near his ear - like counterpoints in a faint, fragile piece of music. What a compromising position this was.

Gon twitched and let out a quick, short burst of laughter. "That… that tickles," he complained, but his head tilted back and he wasn't struggling.

"Sorry." He wasn't really. Because it was giving him a heady feeling, that he was this close and had access to all the vulnerable points on Gon's body, but he'd been allowed here - invited, even. Encouraged. Because Gon trusted him so deeply and wanted him here so much…

Ooh. Wanted. That was a good word. He liked the sound of that. Wanted. Oh yeah.

Gon had kissed him first, after all.


The End