Sex and Drugs, or, "That's Some Funny Tobacco in that Pipe, Mr. Caterpillar."


It was nearly morning - Killua felt the sun on his face before he was completely awake, and shifted a bit, grimacing. There was some reason he needed to be up early - he felt it through the hazy layer of drowsiness that was still spread out over his mind like some all-encompassing fog. Something important… something dangerous… something like…

"Urmph… Gon!" Abruptly, he came awake, jerking up in the chair he'd dozed off on - purposefully; he needed sleep too, after all - and feeling his skin prickle with the reaction to the shock. Fighting off the last bits of sleep still clinging to him, he leaned forward and checked the bed.

Where Gon was still lying, asleep and undisturbed, a little smile on his face even. Still there.

Okay. Killua relaxed, sinking back into his seat again. He hadn't been sure about the sleeping drug, and he definitely wasn't sure about the first drug, so there was no way to know when Gon would wake up, and if the effects had worn off by the time he did. Although probably if they hadn't, Gon would've woken him up and not gone looking for fun somewhere else, so he really didn't need to worry.

Still, though. You couldn't be too careful about these things.

"What a great mess you got yourself into this time," Killua said out loud to his blissfully oblivious friend. Never mind the fact that they'd been in agreement for once, and the cave really had been a good lead. Neither of them had expected to find someone's abandoned - and useless, mind - laboratory in trying to track down a substance Hunter, but Gon should've expected traps and not just waltzed on in so carelessly.

Not that it would've done him much good, anyway - sooner or later, one of them would've sprung a trap, and it would've been Gon who suffered, because they weren't traps that would work on Killua anyway. He didn't think it was a double star Hunter's set-up, but there hadn't been a chance to find out who the lab had belonged to, since all that had been left of its owner was a sad abandoned corpse with an overturned test tube on the ground beside it.

Killua hadn't had the chance to look around either, with Gon choking on the drug that had all but exploded into his face. The more important thing was to get the both of them out, and that required first herding and then almost dragging a semi-comatose Gon out of the cave and back down the hill to the city they were in.

Which ended up turning into quite the task, once the side effects started popping up. Whoever the decrepit little corpse had been, they had a twisted sense of humor.

"Mm…" Gon let out a short sigh and shifted in his sleep, drawing Killua's eyes up and his mind back to the present. He tensed for a moment as Gon moved, and then relaxed as the other teenager settled back down into the drug-induced slumber.

"I really don't want to talk to you, you know," Killua announced, with another grimace, and sighed loudly, slumping forward and sinking a hand into his hair. After last night…

Gon's eyes were lidded, almost sleepy, but his face was flushed and there was a fever-spark in them. "Please, Killua, please please please…"

"Ugh." Killua shook his head, trying to clear away the image. He felt a little sick to his stomach - not so much because of Gon's actions, but because… because…

Well, he'd sort of almost liked it. Sort of.

Okay, a lot.

"Ah, Gon…" It was mostly out of surprise, but partly a spike of guilty pleasure, that had Killua allowing Gon to overbalance him so that they tumbled back onto the grass rolling over and over until he'd gotten his bearings and positioned himself on top, heart pounding. It was wrong, he knew it - this was the drug, some weird side effect - but it'd be so easy and feel so good. "Gon…"

Urgh. Hopefully Gon didn't remember that. How embarrassing… Killua buried his other hand in his hair, making a face. With any luck, Gon would forget everything and they'd get on with their lives as if Killua hadn't gotten hard over his drugged friend and made a complete idiot of himself.

It wasn't like he'd gone and done it or anything, even though Gon had been protesting and a little desperate, and trying to insist they do it right then, and right there, and who cared what might happen later. Killua had lied a little and promised he'd do it when they got back to the hotel, but of course that didn't happen after he'd picked up the other drug - and hopefully there was no negative consequence to mixing up the two. Not that there could really be a positive consequence to being doused with aphrodisiac and sleeping powder both in one night, but still…


Ah, crap.

Trying to act cool about it - and feeling just a little irritable over the fact that his insides were so stupidly jittery about the whole business - Killua looked up to meet Gon's somewhat blurry-eyed gaze. "What?"

Gon blinked at him, as if trying to pick out what he should say, quickly smothering a yawn and propping himself up onto one elbow. "Killua… last night…"

Ugh. Right to the point. Couldn't they just pretend last night had never happened? Killua frowned, hoping to look unimpressed with the subject. "What about it?"

"Hm… well…" Gon had slept off the drug, at least - his eyes were rapidly becoming more alert, and there was no dangerous spark in them. "Sorry," he said, with very real sincerity that lost some of its force when it was almost swallowed in another yawn.

He really shouldn't have been surprised - really shouldn't have been, but was. "'Sorry'?" Killua repeated, and frowned deeper, staring at his friend in perplexity. There should have been something more to this… "That's all you have to say?"

Gon blinked at him. "Thank you?" he tried after a moment, expression confused.

And now he wasn't saying anything about it at all - so did that mean he didn't remember, or was he just avoiding the subject? Killua forgot his reluctance to bring the whole thing up in the face of sudden frustration. "'Thank you'? And that's it? Sorry, and thank you? Aren't you going to ask why I pinned you to the ground and - and - you know what!?"

It hadn't been a very good first kiss, either. Killua was still mourning its loss. He could've done so much better - could've knocked Gon off his feet and given him that dazed, hungry look without even needing the aphrodisiac. Could've, if this hadn't happened.

"'Why'?" Gon still looked baffled; he pushed himself into a sitting position, the last of the sleep-fog clearing from his eyes. "I grabbed you and pulled you down, didn't I?"

"That's not the point!" It was aggravating, trying to get through to Gon - he always focussed on the wrong part of the conversation and refused to see the real issue. "You were doped up on that dead lab guy's trap - I just kissed you because I wanted to!"

… And that was the part he'd been hoping wouldn't come out.

Killua sucked in a sharp breath, feeling his skin prickle, and grimaced again, shifting his shoulders awkwardly and scowling at the wall. "Ah, damnit - forget I said that, okay?" What was it about the past twelve hours that were forcing him to embarrass himself? "It's stupid."

Silence from the other party. Then, Gon sighed - that sound he made when he had things mixed up and thought Killua just wasn't getting it. "Killua," he said, tone almost impatient, and shifted forward to put a hand on his friend's arm.


"Killua," Gon repeated, with a certain emphasis, as if the first time somehow hadn't been good enough. He shifted forward again, almost off the bed, and put his face where Killua couldn't avoid it, expression set and stubborn.

"What?" Killua snapped, irritated out of his sulk. He glared at Gon, and wished that the view wasn't so nice - it was softening his perfectly good agitation. "Don’t keep saying that like you expect me to know what goes on in that weird brain of yours!" He jabbed his friend in the forehead to add to the order.

Gon batted his hand away and continued to give him that pigheaded determined look. "Well, you promised me we'd do it when we got back, and now you're trying to get out of it, aren't you?" He actually sounded serious - and looked more than cross. "You shouldn't say things you don't mean!"

"Say things I don't - " What the hell had happened to the conversation? Killua's mind spun around a bit, trying to catch up. "What was I supposed to do, stupid!?" he burst out, aggravated to the point where he couldn’t even tell exactly what he was arguing about - he just knew he had to win, because Gon was missing the point completely. "Tell you I was going to drug you and let you sleep it off? Like you'd have taken the drink then! I'd have to knock you over the head and then you'd have a huge bump and you'd be complaining about that instead!"

"So you're not going to do what you promised!" And Gon, that bastard, was still refusing to see things right.

"I didn't say that - ARGH!" Killua slammed both hands down onto the bed and leaned forward to meet Gon's glare with their foreheads almost together, glowering as best he could. "You always miss the most obvious things! Idiot!"

"Only because you don't make them obvious enough!"

"Yeah, if you're stupid! Stupid."

They glared at each other for a moment in silence.

The implications of the argument were starting to seep through into Killua's consciousness as his anger gave way - one of the side effects of fighting with Gon was that it tangled you up in his logic until you couldn't think straight, and it sometimes took a while for important points to surface. Killua felt his cheeks burn, and fought the urge to squirm; a glance at Gon showed matching red spots on his face as well, and the gaze that met his was a mix of sheepish hesitance, apology, and still a little annoyance.

Well. All right, then.

"Oi…" Killua ventured after a moment, feeling that dreaded awkwardness catching hold of him again. It didn't feel as bad this time, somehow. "Do you really…? I mean, you want to…?"

There was a smile inching onto Gon's face - triumphant in a way, and not so certain in others, but it was a sight Killua thought he would burn into his memory and never forget. Along with this moment, even with all its faults. "You need to keep your promise, don't you?" the shorter boy said clearly, and closed the distance between them for what they could later call the second first kiss.