The Phonebooth, or, "Aural Sex."


"Move over!"

"I can't - you're not giving me enough space, Killu - AH!"

"Well, I don't have enough either, so move!"

"I told you, I can't! Stop - !"

"What are you two doing?" Leorio's exasperated voice came through from the phone clenched in Gon's fist - which was currently above Killua's head, with Killua's hand wrapped around the forearm attached to it.

"Nothing!" Gon had to yell in the general direction of the phone in order to be heard, because Killua's grip wasn't going to loosen, and he wasn't about to give Gon any more space, either. The shorter boy was crammed up against one wall of the phone booth with Killua squished sideways into him, a result of trying to fit the both of them into a phone booth that was really only built to fit one person, slightly built 16-year-old or not.

"This phone booth is too small!" Killua shouted at the phone, feeling surly. "I'm hanging up - this call is getting expensive, anyway!"

"Wait a minute! What are you - ?"

"We'll call you tomorrow!" Gon promised loudly, and then the phone was removed from his grip and replaced on the hanger - after some maneuvering and swearing and ignoring Leorio's demands for an explanation.

Well. That was a fun thirty-second call.

And his shoulder was still squished sideways onto Gon's. "Let's get out of here - open the door."

"Ah, right - okay." Gon squirmed around for a bit. In very interesting ways. Killua fought the urge to shift so that the leg he had wedged between Gon's would target more fun areas to cause friction at. It might cause some fuss since he didn't technically have permission to molest Gon - unless he wanted to make it an "accident". Besides, they'd be out soon anyway.

"Um… it's not opening."

… or not.

"What!? Why not?" Killua shifted around so that he was facing Gon, and pushed against the door a few times. He couldn't get enough leverage to push hard, and all he got was an odd-sounding creak in return. "What's with this piece of junk!?"

"Er, Killua…"

"Open up!" The phone booth shook. Killua moved against Gon for a better angle, glowering at the offending glass wall. "This thing can't even work properly, damnit!"


"Ugh…" Killua's feet kept slipping, and he couldn't get a good grip - trying to push in these conditions just wouldn't work. He tried slamming his hands against it again, rattling the booth. "I can't brace myself right - Gon, why didn't you try harder? You're in a better position than me, right?"


"What?" Looking down, Killua had to pause and frown, puzzled. Gon's face was beat red; he was staring anywhere but at his friend's face. "What's with you?"

"Stop moving so much!" Gon demanded, in an odd, desperate sort of voice, and shut his eyes, looking a bit embarrassed. "Or else get in a different position!"

"Huh? Ah…" Killua blinked. It looked like his leg was trying to molest Gon after all - and without his permission, too! Except that Gon seemed awfully… happy… about being molested…

There was a moment of silence as they stood there, faces close together, breathing hard, while Killua processed this new information. Gon's eyes were still closed and his face was still a bit red, and he looked. So. Good.

Way too good.

"Killua?" The name came out very quietly. Gon's eyes opened a fraction, confusion evident.

"Gon." And once he'd made himself speak, the rest came easily. Killua braced himself as best he could and leaned forward to steal his first kiss from his best friend. It was like static electricity giving him a jolt when his lips first touched Gon's, except the feeling was more shivery - more exciting.

"Mm." And Gon didn't seem to mind being pressed against the wall of the phone booth either, once he'd gotten over the surprise. His arms came up around Killua's shoulders, and dragged him closer, and everything just got better and better.

It felt so good, in fact, that when Gon went to push him back against the other wall in retaliation, Killua didn't even notice the wall hadn't resisted their weight until he hit the ground outside instead, and Gon came down on top of him, their mouths separating with a surprised, wet grunting sort of sound.

Another moment of hard breathing and shocked silence.

"Well," Gon said after a moment, sounding a bit breathless - but at least still cheerful. He smiled sheepishly down at the other boy. "I guess that's why my side didn't open."

"Damnit…" That had been really annoying. And messed up a really good kiss. Killua scowled, trying to make his scrambled brain work again. "Never mind that, just - argh. Just - just never mind."

"Never mind what?" Gon asked innocently, and then was too busy laughing to struggle as Killua rolled him onto his back and kissed him again, hard.