The Closet, or, "Denial isn't just a River in Egypt!"


"I am so not gay," Leorio muttered. It was dark, and he could barely see anything - his clothes were out there somewhere - he wasn't really sure where, since things got hazy after a certain point. At the moment, he was naked and blissfully sated, leaning against the wall and a warm body with no real intent to move any time soon.

And the words had come out. There were true. Totally true. Definitely.

"Mm," his partner said, obviously without any real interest. The body beneath his shifted, warm damp skin brushing his in a manner that was more comforting than erotic - well, now that it was after the fact anyway. A hand brushed his face, as if to reassure. Except not really - it was more a condescending gesture than anything, considering its source.

"It's true," he clarified, shifting a bit more. One of his hands was absently stroking his partner's hip, in one of those unconscious affectionate gestures normally shared between serious lovers. "I don't get hot thinking about guys. I like women. With breasts. Big breasts. And curvy figures."

"Mm." That seemed to be the only syllable he was deemed worthy enough to receive. The body against his shifted again, until their mouths were only a tantalizing inch apart, the warmth and softness almost tangible even with the separation. Even without there being much interested in a second round - well, yet anyway - it was still irresistible.

Leorio took the invitation and leaned forward, indulging in a slow, languid kiss - a post-coital kiss, no urgency or rush, just affection. Appreciation. Oh, there was a lot of that in there. The sex was fantastic. Every single time.

They broke apart after a moment, and studied each other in silence, eyes half-lidded.

"I'm really not gay," Leorio murmured, breaking the moment. "Really."

A sigh. Thenů "Leorio," Kurapika said at last, voice a mixture of resignation and exasperation, "you just had sex with another man in a broom closet. Trust me on this - you are at least somewhat gay."

He had a response ready for that too - a bad response, but who could help it? "I just think of you like a women with really small breasts and a dildo."

Leorio ended up joined his clothing in the hall shortly after he crashed through the closet door and hit the wall beyond it.