The Thrill of the Forbidden, or, "No, You Must Not!...Here, Let Me Help You."


"This… this is a shared office…" Leorio protested weakly. He should be putting up some sort of protest - the last thing he needed was to get caught with his pants down, literally… Oh, hell, he really should've made a protest before he lost the pants… "My - my college - I mean, my collagen - I mean, colleagues, something - ah - "

"Mm." Kurapika did not seem interested in shared offices with colleagues who might walk in on them unaware, or protests, or discarded pants. What he seemed most interested in was the spot just under Leorio's jaw line where the skin was especially sensitive - particularly when breathed on… or licked… or….

Leorio bit back a moan and squirmed helplessly against the onslaught, grabbing handfuls of Kurapika's waistband - unlike Leorio, he'd lost his shirt and kept his pants, a decision based mainly on continuing to straddle the older man's hips and grind their pelvises together erotically. Leorio's shirt was undone and pushed aside so that Kurapika had easy access to everything underneath it - an opening he took full advantage of - and so a thin pair of boxers was his last real defense.

Not much of a defense, that. And not against Kurapika's unfair tactics, for certain.

"Then," Kurapika finally answered, in a voice that was breathy and low and seductive without really seeming to try, "you'll have to do something really spectacular" - he punctuated this with a sharp jerk of his hips that made them both gasp, and Leorio feel like his eyes were going to roll back in his head - "so we can't help but finish quickly."

The continued stimulation, and the thoughts about how wrong it was, and the sweet, sweet temptation of a half-naked Kurapika on top of him had worn down his resistance to the point where it was almost nothing - a token last stand, with no real desire to win any more. And then that voice… and what he said with it… oh god…

It was the breaking point.

He was on his way to hell for this, but damned if he could stop now, even if one of the other doctors walked through the door and fainted dead away at the sight of them. With a low, desperate sound emerging from somewhere at the back of his throat, Leorio pulled Kurapika so close it hurt, and mashed their lips together in a searing, blinding, heated kiss.

The risk was worth it, really.