The Audience


"You know, these walls are very thin," Senritsu explained. There was a small, indulgent smile on her face - gentle, but also quite meaningful. "And my hearing is - "

"You don't have to say more," Kurapika interrupted, mortified beyond belief but determined not to show it. He shut his eyes, trying to feel stable again.

Leorio's hips fit against his as he straddled the man, straining to surge up against Kurapika's hold. His face was needy, wild, kisses desperate as they struggled with their clothing gracelessly, and he breathed out a litany of phrases, "Please, I need it, oh yes, let me, ah, ooh there, you are so, oh god yes, yes…"

"Really, though, it's perfectly all right," Senritsu went on, blissfully unaware of what was lurking behind the exterior mask her co-worker had on at the moment. Or maybe she was aware; the problem was that he really didn't know now. "I know how to tune these things out, and it doesn't bother me too much."

"It's no trouble to go elsewhere." His voice came out a bit sharp, but it was better than letting out the near-panic he felt building. He would certainly not be able to manage the proper amount of passion in that room now, despite her assurances. "I'll speak with Leorio."

He dug his fingers into the firm flesh of Leorio's shoulders, breathing becoming gradually more harsh as they moved together, demanding and yielding and giving in to mindless pleasure in the midst of that chaos. "Leorio… Leorio, ah, oh, like that… like that…" It didn't matter what he was saying - only the feelings mattered, the ecstasy and the closeness and the completion…

"I would hate to spoil his visit here…" Senritsu's voice was thoughtful. "I could move to another room for a short period of time…"

"Really, it's all right." This wasn't only his embarrassment - surely Leorio would be equally unseated by this. "I'd prefer to move, actually."

She nodded, still giving him that funny, almost smiling look. "Well, if you're sure…"

The tremors didn't stop immediately after he finished, sliding sideways to the bed beside Leorio, but the intensity of the feeling that came with them was lessening, making way for the sated contentment that was always fast on its heels. Kurapika breathed deeply, shutting his eyes as he felt Leorio move over him, kissing his face - eyes, nose, lips, any part really. "Can hardly believe this," he muttered with a mixture of fondness and wonder and bemusement, and if Kurapika opened his eyes a bit, he'd see the matching expression to go with it.

"Yeah, and?" was Leorio's response to the news. His expression was a frown and a raised eyebrow. "So?"

"She… and you… You knew?" Kurapika sputtered out, beyond mortified. Beyond indignant. He felt like his head was ready to burst. "You knew she could hear us, and you went and… and…?"

Leorio's expression was that of someone who knew he was going to be in trouble, and just couldn't resist digging himself in deeper. "Isn't it more exciting with an audience?"