Anonymity, or, "Taken by the Faceless Stranger"


It wasn't just that he couldn't see - Gon could hardly hear, with the rushing in the background and the roaring in his ears from being at the center of that fanfare celebration. And normally, even with the blindfold - his penalty for the day, due to the bet he'd lost to Killua - he could make out things pretty well, but it wasn’t just darkness around him, it was lights… and color…

Somewhere in the middle of the fray, he'd lost Killua, too. Gon stumbled towards what he hoped was the edge of the crowd, resisting the urge to lift up the blindfold and check. It had to be getting on towards midnight, and hadn't they agreed to leave the outdoor festival around ten?

The push of bodies against his gave way all of a sudden - Gon stretched both arms in front of himself and found a wall, grinning with his success. All right - that was half the battle. He was out of the crowd and up against a building. Now... maybe he could inch along until he found an alley or a side street…?

Someone grabbed his questing hand and pulled, dragging him forward and around the corner of the wall he'd been following.

Surprise was on their side; Gon let himself be tugged for a moment before instinctively resisting - and then stopped as the unknown assailant turned him around, one hand still holding his wrist firmly. He could almost make out the person's breathing… Ah, still too much noise. "Killua?"

No answer. One hand braced itself on the shoulder not attached to the wrist being held and pushed him back against the wall behind him - not that roughly, but definitely with intent to hold.

There were less of the lights here - mostly reflections of all the sparklers and lanterns and bright shining things out in the crowd. Gon squinted through the cloth of the blindfold. He couldn't really make much out, besides some vague shadowy shapes. "What are you doing? Killua?"

The owner of the hands leaned forward - Gon could feel him shifting by the way his hold changed. A second later he hovered inches from Gon's face, breath brushing over his captive's lips as he drew the moment out, body stopping just short of actual contact. There was a strange scent to him, like a particularly strong cologne. And soap. And sweat. His breathing was kind of ragged.

This was new. Gon sucked in some air, slowly. "Killua…?" His heart was thundering in his chest, nervousness and excitement and uncertainty mingling together.

The person above him drew a sharp breath - Gon had a moment to feel his eyes going heavy-lidded against the blindfold, and then he was being kissed. Hard. Messily. And, after the first little while, with tongue. It was new and not unpleasant, and he made an unconscious, muffled sound into the kiss, tilting his head for a better angle and returning it wholeheartedly.

His assailant pulled back slowly after a long stretch of time that seemed entirely too short, their mouths separating with a certain reluctance. He hovered there for a moment, as if not quite sure where he was going next, and Gon fought to catch his breath, feeling dazed. That had been… that was…

"Killua…" he got out, in something that barely sounded like his voice. His lips felt tingly and strange.

A frustrated sigh answered him, and abruptly the hold on his shoulder and wrist slackened. "All right," Killua's voice came in, out of the darkness, and sounding partly resigned and partly exasperated. "How'd you know it was me?"

The smile was already building at the corners of Gon's mouth even before the question was finished being asked; a kind of elation had already settled in his stomach as the bemusement and pleasure and distraction from the kiss faded. "Because it's you," he answered cryptically, and leaned forward blindly to find Killua's lips again.