Hentai Mission Gundam Wing: An Ashura Challenge


Slip 'n Slide


"Got your suit on?" Trowa spread out his towel on the grass by the picnic tables, carelessly stripping off his shirt and pants and dropping them on top of it. He stuck the sun tan lotion in the pocket of his swim trunks.

"Yup." Quatre held out his arms, displaying the blue shorts and his bare chest. He grinned and fingered the small waterproof camera around his neck. "Got the camera, too. We wouldn’t want to miss out capturing this excellent moment on film, would we?"

Trowa smiled.

Hoardes of small children raced ahead of them up the stairs, hurrying to the top where the slides awaited them. There were shrieks and bursts of laughter all around, people soaked to the bone climbing back onto the round blue half-tunnels to zip down with the water around curves and down over drops. Quatre clasped his hands behind his back and smiled, not looking at his tall lover.

"Which slide did you want to go down first?" he asked innocently.

Trowa gave him a sideways glance. "Which one has the tunnel?"

"They all have tunnels, Trowa."

The same little smirk spread across the brown-haired pilot’s face. "Well, then…"

"Uh-huh." Quatre nodded, blinking against the bright sunlight shining in his face. "I’m guessing you don’t want to go down "Easy Rider", do you?"

Trowa laughed, and paused to look over the titles. "How about "Blue Tornado"?" he suggested, then leaned close to his lover’s ear before whispering, "You could let me lift you off the ground and spin you into a frenzy, hmm?"

Quatre shivered. "I think you’ve talked me into it."

"Good." Trowa took hold of the camera around the smaller boy’s neck and used it to lead him off toward the line-up. "Then let’s get to it, shall we?" He wound the cord around his hand until his knuckles brushed Quatre’s collarbone. "We haven’t got all day."

"Mmm, no. We’ve got all of about thirty seconds before I jump you." Quatre brushed his leg against Trowa’s, not saying a word about the possible strangehold the taller boy could have on his neck. "Why are these lines so damned long?"

Trowa grinned. "Impatient, are we? You’ll have your fun soon enough. Can’t you wait your turn?" He moved slightly behind Quatre and ran his toes a little bit up the other’s calf.

"No…" Quatre made a slight whining noise. "Trowa! Stop it! You’re making me crazy!"

"Hmm… Well, just paying you back. Just the thought of you makes me crazy…" He leaned over behind Quatre’s ear. "Just the thought of what we’re doing makes me crazy." He nipped at the top of that delicately thin appendage, running his tongue lightly along the edge.

"Trowa!" Quatre squeaked. "Not – not here!" His knees started to buckle as the taller boy sucked on the beseiged area. As if we’re being inconspicuous now, hmm?

"No, I suppose you’re right." Trowa backed away. "Wait until I’ve got you alone…"

Quatre sighed. Why is this line-up moving so slowly?

"Want to go first?" Trowa nodded to where the clerk was just opening up the gate in front of the slide for the next person. "Or should I?"

"I will." Quatre stepped forward, taking the camera back from Trowa’s fingers. He grinned back at his brown-haired lover. "Don’t keep me waiting too long."

"Don’t worry." The taller boy smiled, watching him drop down onto the slide and zip out of sight around a corner. He turned toward the bored-looking attendent, who was reading a novel while loosely holding the handle that would open the gate in front of the slide. Nothing easier…

The handle jerked back and the gate slid open. Trowa moved forward… then pretended to stumble and fell into the handle, effectively snapping it off. The attendent dropped the book with a chorus of swears and the brown-haired boy tumbled through the slide entrance just before the gate creaked closed.

Damn, I’m good.

Quatre sat across the slide path right where the tunnel part began, legs braced against one side, back braced against the other. His face lit up when Trowa came into view. "What took you so long?"

"Making sure no one interrupts us." Trowa rolled over as he reached Quatre, pinning the blond boy beneath him. They slid several feet down the slide again before it hit a flat patch. "And, now that I have you alone…" He breathed the words into the skin on Quatre’s neck. "Time for some fun."

Quatre moaned. "Something tells me you’re not talking about… ooh… the slides." He pulled Trowa against him fiercely, hips bucking up to meet the taller boy’s.

Trowa trailed kisses down his throat, sucking on the skin and thrusting against Quatre in an almost teasing manner – considering that they were both still in their swim trunks. "Mmm… who needs a slide? I’ve got something more fun in mind to ride on…" He moved the camera out of his way and lapped at the water running over his lover’s shoulders and chest.

"And what would that… ahhh… be?" Quatre gasped, fingers trying to find a hold on Trowa’s water-slicked skin. He felt like his body was burning up, and all he wanted was to turn that fire even more blue-white with heat. He hooked his legs over Trowa’s, pinning him firmly against his own body, then rubbed their erections together desperately.

"Oh god… Cat… Quatre…" Trowa groaned into the junction between the smaller pilot’s neck and shoulder, biting down on the flesh there hungrily. Quatre let out a strangled-sounding whimper and arched his chest up involuntarily. "I just want to eat you up," Trowa breathed, sucking on the wounded skin.

"Uhn… Hurry up then! God!" Quatre thrashed helplessly, the water flowing around him suddenly taking on an incredibly erotic feel as Trowa licked a tight path around one nipple. "What… are you… waiting for?"

Trowa’s hands slid down over Quatre’s hips, tracing the curve of that lower, more rounded region and pulling down the blue trunks. The smaller boy slid his legs away from where they curved around his lover’s, allowing the brown-haired pilot to rid him of the offending article of clothing. Trowa smiled, lightly running one hand up Quatre’s thigh so that his blond-haired love would let him in.

"Ready?" He retrieved the sun tan lotion from his pocket, gracing the smaller boy with a grin.

"Stop asking stupid questions!" Quatre lifted his legs and hooked his toes in the waist of Trowa’s swim trunks. "Take those stupid things off and screw me!" He tugged at them futilely until the taller boy helped him out by pulling them off himself.

"Patience, love." Trowa slicked his fingers and reached for Quatre again. The blond boy’s lower half was mostly underwater and his lover had him pinned against the wall of the tunnel. "I’m coming."

A finger slicked with water and water-resistant sun tan lotion made its intrusion into Quatre’s body. "Ohhh… Trowa…." He bucked forward shamelessly, legs hooking around Trowa’s waist. "Do it!"

"Wait…" The loud, breathy moans sounding at the back of Quatre’s throat were on their way to driving Trowa insane. His neglected erection started to ache as he widened his love with two fingers. Slow. He gave him another finger, stretching him. Take it slow… Quatre gave a small throaty growl and grazed his teeth over the tendon on Trowa’s neck. Screw slow!

Squeezing a too-large handful of lotion onto his insistant arousal, the brown-banged pilot shoved Quatre into the blue-tinged wall, making the slide tremble, pushing slowly into the tight, hot muscle that was waiting, ready, for him. "You want it hard?" Trowa gasped, thrusting all the way into his lover’s body, revelling in the smaller boy’s sharp cries.

"Yes…" Quatre let out a whimper as Trowa drew back. "Hard… fast…" His lover started to push back in, slowly, but he thrust his hips forward, encasing him so fast that a sharp rush of pleasure and pain ran all through him. "Trowa, fuck me!" he screamed, losing any and all control.

That was enough to push Trowa over the edge. Throwing caution to the wind, he took his smaller love again and again, that tight heat growing gradually more pleasurable as Quatre’s whimpers built into sharp cries and then all-out screams. The boy’s thighs tightened against his lover’s hips, pulling himself in with Trowa’s thrusts. "T-Tro…wa… OH!" He let out a scream loud enough to silence the whole park and his body spasmed against the taller boy’s, caught in the throes of pleasure.

"Quatre… Cat… Oh God… QUATRE!" Trowa slammed his lover into the wall one final time and spilled himself inside the boy’s body, shuddering violently as he achieved his release. They slid limply back into the rushing water, letting that liquid flow over them and wash away all evidence of their actions.

"Ca…mera…" Trowa managed to gasp out, between pants. He reached with trembling fingers for the strap around Quatre’s neck.

"I’ll do it." The smaller boy managed to get ahold of the small camera and pointed it toward Trowa. "Lie over where the water’s coming from," he ordered, then waited until his lover did as he said before snapping the picture.

"Here." Trowa took the camera and took one of Quatre as well. "We’d better get out of here before they fix that gate," he suggested, half smiling.

"Yeah." Quatre grinned a not-so-innocent grin. "Besides," he added, pulling on his discarded trunks, "we’ve still got four more slides to try out, don’t we?"


The End (?)