Learning Experience


Note: Not connected to my other fics. If anyone wants to see what Farin looks like, I recently took some self-indulgent screenshots and posted them here.


“To be perfectly honest,” Thancred said, raising both eyebrows, “when you said you had something to discuss with me, this was not at all what I had expected.”

Farin winced. She’d more or less expected that - after all, it wasn’t like she’d shown a particular interest in these kinds of things. “Yeah, I know - I know. Can you help me, though?”

“The peerless Warrior of Light,” Thancred drawled, “undisputed champion of the realm, assumed to be nigh invincible in all aspects, coming to me for… flirting advice?” He smirked. “Your priorities really have shifted, haven’t they?”

Ugh. Yeah, the teasing was to be expected. Farin made a face at him. “I haven’t had the space to think much about it before, that’s all. You know, with the world being in danger and all.”

“There’s always space to think about the finer things in life, my friend.” Thancred rested a hand on his hip. “Do you have a particular beau in mind, or is this purely a recreational curiosity?”

There it was. Farin shifted a little on her feet, feeling her face grow warm. “There’s… someone,” she admitted. “We’ve known each other for a long time; it’s just, the timing was never right, so I tried not to think about it. Now…” She hesitated.

“Now there’s nothing standing in your way - no pesky world-saving on the horizon - and you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Am I right?” Thancred didn’t wait for her answer, shaking his head. “Well, I think I can help with this little conundrum. If you’re looking to catch their attention, I do have a tactic or two up my sleeve.”

Finally. Farin grinned back at him, relieved - and then took a moment to glance back at Urianger, who was patiently drawing out his cards and explaining their meaning to a half-listening Loporrit by the fountain in Apora. He didn’t seem to be in any rush to get his companion back - or to listen in - so she let her full attention full back on Thancred again, eager to take in his every word.

If it would help her with this… this feeling, and what to do with it, she’d endure twice the teasing.

“It’s quite simple, really,” Thancred began, crossing his arms in a confident stance. “Your aim is to draw out an interest from potential to actual - which is to say, you’ll want to watch for signs that your advances are welcome.” He leveled her with a pointed look. “There’s not much to be done if they’re not, after all.”

That was the part Farin had been hoping for most. “How do I tell if they’re not?” She definitely did not want to be pushing for something unwanted. The goal was to find out - delicately - if her advances were welcome, and back off completely if not.

“If you know what you’re looking for, the signs are quite easy to spot,” Thancred responded. “Shying away from your casual touches - not returning your lingering gazes - body language closed off - that sort of thing.”

Farin blinked at him. “Body language? You mean like… sign language?”

Thancred narrowed his eyes at her, as if he wasn’t sure whether or not she was joking. “Oh dear.” He smiled a bit ruefully. “I suppose we’ll have to start with the basics, then. Although…” He paused, seemingly more for dramatic effect than hesitation. “It should be said that if your potential beau were someone like, oh, let’s say G’raha Tia - ”

All of the hairs on Farin’s neck began to stand up; she froze, too shocked to react beyond that.

“ - not that I’m saying it is, mind you,” Thancred continued blithely. His gaze was canny. “But if it were, you could probably skip the entire lesson in favor of sitting on his lap and saying ‘take me, I’m yours’, and you’d be equally as successful.”

Farin felt her face grow hot; the sense of being entirely called out was unmistakable. She floundered for a moment, trying to find her voice, and could only manage to open and close her mouth a few times without a sound.

How did he…?

“Ah, but ‘tis not my place to speculate, now is it?” Thancred grinned, nudging her shoulder in comradery as if he’d just told a fabulous joke. “Let’s see about finding some place for a spot of refreshment and I’ll impart to you as much knowledge as I can in one sitting. Shall we?”

Trying to shrug off that burn of embarrassment, Farin hastily nodded agreement.

The sun was setting by the time she made it back to Old Sharlayan. Farin could still feel the buzz from the wine she’d drank whilst Thancred had explained his methods, and though she couldn’t exactly recall everything he had said, she had enough still in her mind to bolster her confidence. 

That sweet mix of anxiety and preparedness made her feel like she was marching into battle as she mounted the steps to the Baldesian Annex and pushed through the door.

… very nearly smacking headfirst into her - as Thancred had put it - potential beau’s nose.

“My apologies! I shouldn’t have been so - !” The stream of G’raha’s words cut off abruptly; she heard him take in a sharp breath just before she looked up to meet his startled gaze. “Rin?”

He was close. At this range, Farin could even catch his scent, and it sent her head spinning. “Hi,” she managed, half-formed plans and strategies melting into a formless mess in her mind.

“I didn’t know you were in Sharlayan!” At once, G’raha’s face settled into a wide grin. “You’ll be staying a while, I hope?”

His genuinely hopeful tone made her heart give a little ‘twang’. Rin hastily found her voice. “That’s… the plan,” she blurted, and inwardly winced at her own awkwardness.

It wasn’t usually like this around him, but with her own intentions still fresh in her mind, it was harder to maintain her composure.

Her attraction to G’raha Tia wasn’t new or anything; it had more or less been there from the start. They were about the same age, he was handsome, they worked closely together - the usual. That potential spark, though - the something more that had snuck in as she’d gotten to know him better - she hadn’t recognized that right away. It had taken him sealing himself away and her rediscovering him all over again as the Crystal Exarch to realize it.

Still, romance wasn’t exactly Farin’s area of expertise. And there had been a whole lot else going on at the time. In fact, things hadn’t slowed down for quite a while. She hadn’t really had time to think much on it.

Losing him again - losing everyone , however briefly, had struck her with the reality that making these kinds of things clear was something best done while you had the chance.

Easier decided than acted upon, as it turned out…

“I’m glad.” There was genuine warmth in G’raha’s voice. His ears flicked, a movement Farin had noticed whenever he seemed nervous. “If you’re not busy… perhaps we could have a meal together? I was on my way to do just that, in fact, and I’d welcome your company.”

“For starters, you should invite him somewhere, just the two of you,” the memory of Thancred’s voice echoed in the back of her mind. Farin took in a breath and nodded, managing a smile. “Just you and me, right?”

G’raha tilted his head at her, clearly puzzled by the question. “Well, yes,” he answered, and then frowned thoughtfully. “Unless you’d like me to invite - ”

“No!” The word came out a little strong; at his startled look, Farin offered a hasty shrug. “I mean, it’s fine. With just the two of us. It’ll be nice. Right?”

There was a curious glint in G’raha’s eyes, but he offered her the same warm smile as always. “I can’t imagine anything less. Shall we, then?”

Farin stepped aside, and they started down the path side by side.

“Lest you wonder,” G’raha began, looking a bit rueful, “we’ve yet to receive a commission of note, and it hasn’t been terribly exciting.” He sighed. “The past few days have been mind-numbingly dull, in fact - Krile has me sorting endless stacks of tomes…”

The familiar chatter put Farin’s nerves at ease; she relaxed into step beside him, offering a chuckle. “That sounds terrible!”

He let his shoulders droop, a touch dramatically. “I keep telling myself it’s because we’re just starting out - but in any case, that’s enough of me.” When he raised his head to regard her, his eyes were bright. “What of you, Rin? I should like to hear of your recent adventures.”

“There hasn’t been much, I’m afraid.” Farin shook her head, with her own rueful smile. “I took a commission from Momodi in Ul’dah to re-investigate some suspicious activity around Cutter’s Cry, but it turned out to be nothing but a group of bandits laying low until the Blades passed them by.” In truth, she had taken the commission more to buy herself time to think on her options regarding him than because it had been terribly urgent.

“An underwhelming conclusion for the Warrior of Light’s latest job, indeed.” G’raha grinned. “Well then, what brings you to Sharlayan?” Out of the corner of her eye, she could catch the motion of his tail lashing behind them. “If it looks to be another adventure, you know that I’d be more than amenable to accompanying you.” His tone was buoyant.

They were approaching the Last Stand at that point; the tables were fairly well populated, but Farin could spot a couple that were open. One in particular seemed promising: a smaller table with only two stools in the very back corner. She angled her path in that direction. “Truthfully, I found myself at loose ends.” It wasn’t quite a falsehood. “I thought seeking out some familiar company might help.”

“Truly?” G’raha allowed himself to be led without any fuss, seating himself at her chosen table once they arrived. “In that case, I shall endeavor to treat you to as much of my company as you can stomach.”

The promise of more company stirred a little flutter of excitement in Farin’s breast. “Practice this for a moment: lower your head, let your eyelids go just the slightest bit heavy, and look up at him,” Thancred’s voice reminded her. She tried the motions the way she had practiced, gazing up at G’raha in what she hoped was an artful manner. “Are you certain Krile can spare you that much?”

The effect of her attempt was not precisely the lovestruck expression she had hoped for - but nor was it the pointed rebuff she had feared. G’raha blinked at her, clearly caught off his guard, and then seemed to realize he’d stared for a beat too long and coughed, glancing aside. It may have been a trick of the lighting, but she thought she saw the faintest hint of red on his cheeks. “You jest, surely. You’re like to be sick of me before she can think to miss me.”

It was a promising start, Farin told herself, feeling buoyed. Her heart was already pounding with the rush. “I wouldn’t count on it, Raha.”

He shifted in his seat with obvious nervousness, hands rolling over one another, but there was a smile on his face all the same. “I… that is to say, you…” At once, he swallowed and then seemed to change tack. “Allow me to place our order at the bar.” Hastily pushing himself to his feet, he looked back down at her. “What would you like?”

The sudden shift was a bit of a letdown. Farin tried to hide her disappointment, thinking through her options quickly. “I’ll have a burger.”

“Ah. Great minds do think alike.” At once, G’raha’s easy manner had returned. “Wine to drink?”

She was still feeling a bit of her earlier drinking with Thancred, but… well, it couldn’t hurt to have a little more in the way of liquid courage. “Please.”

“Consider it done.” And then he was gone.

Farin quickly took stock of herself. She was not dressed in a particularly flirty manner; just shorts and a sleeveless shirt, as she’d worn many times in the past. Perhaps the expanse of exposed skin and scales might work in her favor, but… Well, the collar of the shirt did not exactly dip low over her (admittedly modest) bosom when she leaned forward, and the shorts were of the sturdy, no-nonsense sort that covered all of what they should regardless of how she bent. Even the opening for her tail was tastefully adorned. There’d be no slipping any shots of her undergarments without it being painfully obvious that it was intentional.

She’d not exactly planned on running - almost literally - into him before having a chance to change. Actually, she’d had the half-formed notion that she might even consult with Krile to see if her friend knew aught of G’raha’s preferences before…

Well. Too late now.

“Apologies for my absence.” G’raha reappeared at the table then, holding a bottle in one hand and two goblets in the other. “By way of repentance, I’ve brought refreshment.” He set the goblets down, one in front of her and the other by his own spot.

“I suppose I can accept that.” Farin grinned back, pinching the stem of her goblet between her thumb and forefinger as he poured the wine.

“Full glad am I to hear it.” There was laughter in his tone. He took his seat again, reaching out to lift his goblet in her direction. “To adventure!”

Drawing up as much courage as she could, Farin added, “To us,” and lifted her goblet to clink against his. She was rewarded with the widening of his smile before she took a drink. The wine was fruity and full, hitting her immediately with a little rush.

She would have to drink slowly, lest she become too inebriated to even proceed. The last thing she wanted was to sloppily blurt out her feelings in drunken confession.

Still, a bit of a buzz was nice. It allowed her to relax into the conversation as they discussed small happenings, memorable conversation snippets, and places they would both like to visit in the future. The food arrived and was consumed almost without either of them taking much pause, and Farin didn’t protest another glass when it was poured by their server.

“Not just Ishgard itself,” G’raha was saying, his eyes bright and his motions animated as he explained. “I should like to see for myself the remains of man and dragon’s combined civilization - if you would be amenable to such a journey, of course.”

“Of course,” Farin echoed, a little of her own wanderlust stirred by his eagerness. 

“While you’re conversing,” Thancred’s voice at the back of her head said, “try to lay a hand casually - as though you’re being careless or flippant - on his wrist. Then make eye contact - and hold it.”

She took in a breath, letting the cool night air clear her head. “Do you suppose Krile would let me kidnap you for a time?” she asked, and let her hand fall as naturally as she could against where his wrist rested on the table.

It was impossible to make eye contact at first; he started, tensing beneath her fingers, and looked down at her hand as if wondering how it had appeared there. A definite hint of red was spreading on his cheeks when he finally did raise his eyes to meet her gaze - though it could have been the wine.

For a beat, it seemed like they connected. Farin felt her heart begin to pound again, at risk of drowning in the brilliant crimson of his eyes. His lips parted slightly, as if he were on the verge of saying something, and the shape of his mouth looked so inviting that her own lips tingled with want. He was so fetching, so utterly handsome, she felt as though she couldn’t breathe.

And then he abruptly blinked, and hastily looked away. “Ah… I… well… perhaps,” he murmured, suddenly subdued. A small smile was edging at the corners of his mouth; he gently slid his hand free of hers and reached for his goblet again, downing the remains in one long drag. “If we remain so unfortunately free of real work, I cannot think of any objection she might raise.”

Farin resisted the urge to bite her lip with chagrin. Did he… not like it? The reaction at first had been what Thancred had described as promising, surely - but then he’d cut it short. The drop from her earlier high left her feeling almost disoriented, a pit of disappointment forming in her stomach. “Oh,” she managed weakly, drawing her hand back to fiddle with the stem of her goblet.

There was an awkward beat of silence.

G’raha cleared his throat. “Well,” he began, sounding a bit tentative, “it appears to be getting late. Perhaps we should - ”

“Wait!” Farin blurted, interrupting him before he could make any kind of suggestion about ending things. She scrambled momentarily before his startled gaze, searching her slight wine-addled brain for more of Thancred’s words.

“A walk in a less populated area might give you more chance to form intimacy. Consider a spot of flower picking, a picnic, some stargazing…”

“Stargazing!” That was it - and never mind that G’raha looked more confused than ever. Farin took in a breath, steadying herself. “I heard there was a good spot for it,” she explained. “Up just past the Annex at the edge of that cliff overlooking the harbor.” She watched him hopefully. “Would you go with me?”

His reaction was… interesting, to say the least. G’raha froze, and a full bloom of red spread on his cheeks. He blinked rapidly, suddenly seeming unable to meet her gaze. “Stargazing, you say…?” he muttered, almost too quietly to be heard.

Now it was her turn to be confused. Farin furrowed her brow, trying to think if there had been anything weird or embarrassing in her request. “Is there something wrong with that?”

“Oh - no. Not exactly.” Finally, G’raha looked up at her again, offering a sheepish sort of smile. “I would be more than happy to join you, if you’d still have me.”

Farin grinned back, relieved. “I wouldn’t have asked otherwise,” she responded, and pushed herself up to her feet. Gratifyingly, the wine hadn’t gone to her head enough that she felt dizzy when rising, but she could feel the pleasant haze that came with drinking all the same. “Shall we settle up and be on our way, then?”

The walk to her chosen stargazing spot was quiet - but it didn’t feel like an awkward silence. Farin allowed herself to bump shoulders with G’raha a few times on the way, and each time he rewarded her with a smile of shared comradery. Once, she even felt brave enough to let her fingers graze his, and the touch left her feeling an electric sort of buzz. He didn’t recoil from her touch, either - rather, he blushed in a fetching sort of way and shot her a glance from the corners of his eyes. Just briefly, they had locked eyes, and the electric feeling had spread through Farin’s entire body.

Surely… surely there was hope. There had been none of the signs Thancred had warned her to watch for, and even a few positive ones, so surely

“Is this the place you meant?” G’raha’s voice broke her out of her reverie.

Farin glanced around, taking stock of her surroundings. They had made it to the ledge overseeing the harbor, and the view was spectacular. Beyond the Thaliak Stoa was a carpet of stars spread out across the night sky. It was blessedly clear and she could see them twinkling brightly without obstruction. “Yes,” she managed. “It’s perfect.”

“I must admit, the view is rather stunning.” When she turned, G’raha had tilted his head to smile at her. “Ah - but allow me to check something before we settle in.” He moved over to the stone pillar nearby and circled it cautiously, peeking around the corners with some hesitance. When he returned, he seemed much more relaxed. “Well. It seems we do have this space to ourselves, after all.”

“Is it that popular?” Farin lowered herself to the ground, sitting on the grass with her legs bent in front of her.

“Something like that.” G’raha settled beside her, crouching low with his knees splayed to either side. He offered her a rueful smile. “In truth, this particular spot… isn’t precisely known for its stargazing potential.”

Farin blinked. “Huh?”

“It’s… how do I put it?” He wasn’t quite meeting her gaze. “There were some among the students who would bring their partners here when in need of some” - he coughed - “private time.”

“Oh.” It took a second before the meaning sank in. “ Oh .”

“Let me assure you,” G’raha added hastily, “that I had no doubt as to your intentions when you invited me. There’s certainly no reason why we cannot enjoy stargazing here, and of course there was no way you’d have known about - ”

“Raha.” It was more out of habit that she interrupted his rambling. Farin could feel her face heating at the implications. “It’s okay. I get it.”

“Oh.” He let out a breath, and she could see the outline of a blush on his face in the dim light. He dropped out of his crouch, legs stretching out in front of him as he took a seat on the grass. “Well, good then.”

Something about the look on his face, the rambling explanation, and the actual use of the place they were in had Farin’s head rushing. It might have even been the wine, but…

“There’s something to be said about being bold with words. Not that you necessarily have to lay your intentions bare, but a question regarding your status might not go amiss.”

“If,” Farin began, feeling her heart begin to pound again, “that were my intention on inviting you here…” She licked her lips, watching as his eyes went wide. “What would you do?”

He seemed to have frozen in place. “I…” And then he blinked and came to life, abruptly looking away from her. The blush from before had spread further across his face. “I would not presume…”

That was it. Farin had definitely had enough of his avoidance. And in her adrenaline-charged state, she could think of one last way to make everything clear - to bring this to a conclusion that he could not deflect any further.

Pushing herself up, she moved to quickly straddle his hips, lowering her head to gaze steadily at him. “Take me,” she said, and if her voice shook, well, it couldn’t be helped. “I’m yours.”

For a moment, all he did was stare at her, mouth agape. “Rin,” he breathed after that moment had passed. “I…” The word hung there for one precious instant as they stared at each other, and Farin’s heart sang with hope.

And then at once he seemed to collect himself, lowering his head until the fringe of his hair covered his eyes. He reached up to grip her arms, holding her in place as though to keep her away. “Light teasing, I can handle,” he said, voice low. “But this… I cannot abide.”

There it was. Farin felt her heart sink, hopes dashed to pieces on the shore of his refusal. “Oh,” she managed weakly, feeling both foolish and disappointed. The fall from that height she’d reached earlier was crushing. “I’m… sorry,” she managed, around the painful lump that had risen at the back of her throat.

G’raha’s fingers tightened on her arms. “‘Tis unusually cruel of you,” he murmured, “to tease me so. If you know aught of my feelings, then I would not expect - ”

“I don’t know anything about your feelings!” The words came to her lips unbidden as frustration overboiled within her; Farin felt close to tears. She wished she could climb off his lap, but his hands still held her fast. “This was a way to hopefully find out, but I’ve messed everything up! And now I know you don’t want me, which is fine, but don’t accuse me of teasing when I’ve just been trying to express my feelings!”

There was a brief but poignant moment where that hung between them, punctuated only by the sound of their breathing.

G’raha slowly raised his head, and she could see that his eyes had gone wide again. “Your… feelings?” he repeated, as if that were a foreign concept to him.

“I’ve been pretty clear, haven’t I?” Farin shook her head, turning her face so that she didn’t have to look at him. She felt wretched, but there was a carelessness that came with having everything out in the open already. “If you want it spelled out, then fine. I’m in love with you, you idiot!”

She could hear his sharp intake of breath. “Rin,” he all but breathed out, and something in his tone had her meeting his gaze again. His eyes were wavering. “I have always,” he said, fervently, “always loved you.”

Oh… At that, something within her broke.

His grip on her arms had not loosed, but he didn’t fight it as she raised her hands to shakily cup his face, nor when she leaned in to capture his lips. He pressed up into the kiss with that same fervency from his words.

After all of that - the frustration, the heartbreak, the confusion - Farin felt that now her heart would burst. But here she was. Here they were. G’raha’s lips were soft against hers despite their urgency, and they moved to accommodate her as she shifted to find the way they fit perfectly together. She could feel his breath against her cheek as they clung to one another, both unwilling to part from that precious contact.

In that moment, nothing else existed in the world but the two of them. Nothing could.

When at last they parted, Farin let her eyes flutter open and met G’raha’s dazed expression from inches apart. He breathed out slowly and rested his forehead against hers. “Forgive me,” he murmured. “I could not have dared to so much as hope that you might return my feelings. You were that far from my reach.” His fingers squeezed her arms again, briefly. “This feels like a dream.”

“It’s real.” She tilted his face back up firmly, staring back at his suspiciously shiny eyes. “This is real, Raha, you great big fool. I love you, and want you, and I’m definitely real.”

All at once, he was surging up and capturing her lips again, achingly soft and tender, and no more words were necessary.

The walk back to the Annex was a blur, and passing through its halls more so, but Farin was distinctly aware of the moment the door of her room shut behind them and G’raha was pressing her up against it, his mouth finding hers with a desperation she hadn’t quite expected.

“Rin,” he all but growled against her mouth between ardent kisses. “Rin…” His body caged hers, one thigh finding its way between hers as they grinded together, both trying to get as close as they possibly could in that moment. The kisses became open-mouthed and sloppy.

Farin could feel an ache between her legs as G’raha moved sinuously against her, his hands roaming her body. She reached up to bury her hands in his soft hair, finding his ears and caressing them. He moaned against her mouth, fingers seeking out the curves of her breasts and circling them.

It was so fast, her head was in a rush, but Farin found she didn’t mind. She had been waiting for this - for him - for so long that now that she had him, she wanted everything , all at once. And it seemed that he was no less impatient.

Still, there was something she had really wanted to try. 

G’raha had her pinned, but she was the stronger of the two of them. Farin hastily rolled them over, reversing their positions so that she had him pressed between her and the door. He broke from her momentarily, blinking hazily, but seemed to settle in the new position easily enough, chasing her lips and running his hands down along the lines of her back to find the curve of her bottom.

Well and good, but Farin was not done. She broke from his mouth to trail kisses along the line of his jaw, gratified by his ragged breathing as she found his neck and sucked . He let out another low moan, tilting his head back to allow her greater access, and a little spike of pleasure shot through her body at his surrender.

She kissed down his neck to his collar before dropping to her knees before him, abruptly finding herself level with his crotch.

G’raha realized her intentions quickly. “Rin, you… you don’t have to,” he protested breathlessly, hands bracing on her shoulders as she worked to undo his belt. “You…”

“I want to,” she responded, keeping her voice low and hopefully seductive as she gazed back up at him from her position. His lips were parted, plush and red from kissing, and his crimson eyes were heavy with lust. “If you want me to.”

“Wicked white,” he swore, head tipping back against the door briefly as she worked loose the fastenings of his trousers. “ Yes , by the gods, anything …”

She hummed in response, satisfied, and peeled back the fabric of his trousers to reveal the hard lump straining against the lighter cloth of his smalls. Experimentally, she ran her hand along the length of it, marveling at the feel.

G’raha sucked in a sharp breath above her, his hands tightening on her shoulders.

The reaction was encouraging. Farin felt excitement pooling between her legs even as she delicately pulled down his smalls to reveal the full length of him. She gripped the base of his cock, leaning in to run her tongue up along the shaft and taking the head in her mouth.

Gods…” G’raha’s hips jerked; she hastily braced a hand on his pelvis to steady him. “Rin…”

She had thought him at full mast, but he stiffened further as she lowered her mouth over him. She could feel his balls tighten just below the hand that loosely held the base. Her mouth was full of him and there was still length to go; she adjusted her position and focused on trying to take him down into her throat without gagging.

He made a sound like something between a moan and a gasp, and moved his hands to bury them in her hair, framing her horns and encouraging her onward.

Gods, his reactions. Farin couldn’t help but strain to look upwards, and was rewarded with the sight of G’raha staring back down at her, mouth agape as he panted, eyes lidded and face red. He looked like something straight out of her fantasies. She took him in further, sliding down to the base and freeing her hand to grope lightly at his balls.

His fingers tightened in her hair, holding her in place as he breathed raggedly. His cock twitched in her mouth.

Farin allowed him the moment to adjust, and then pulled back, sliding him almost all the way free before pushing back again, taking him in one smooth motion. Her eyes watered with the effort but she held firm, moving both hands to his hips to hold him in place as he strained against her.

“Gods… oh gods, Rin…” G’raha sounded almost delirious as she moved to repeat the motion. His hands urged her onward, pulling her onto his cock and she let him, wanting beyond anything in that moment for him to find his pleasure. “It feels so good…”

He was trembling, body tense, head thrown back against the door as she moved with his grip on her head, sucking hard as she pulled back to the tip and letting her lips slide around him as she took him in again. The ragged sound of his breathy moans filled her ears as she allowed him to encourage her faster, faster…

Abruptly, his fingers tensed against her. “I.. I’m going to…” He made as if to pull her off. “Rin, stop, I…”

She defiantly pushed against his grip, taking him deep, and again, eyes narrowing as he rolled his head to look down at her.

“Twelve…preserve,” he moaned, realizing her intentions, and then his body tensed further, locking up, and his hands held her in place, down to the hilt on his cock as he convulsed and spilled down her throat.

The sounds he made as he came were like music to Farin’s ears; she couldn’t help but slide a hand between her own legs to rub at the ache there as she struggled to swallow his spend. It was not terribly satisfying through the fabric of her shorts, but it helped to stave off some of her own need for the moment.

G’raha sagged forward as his climax finished, his trembling fingers cradling her head as he bent over her. “Rin,” he murmured, sounding breathless. “Gods, that was… amazing.”

She pulled back, feeling thoroughly pleased with herself, and reached up to wipe the spill from her lips that she had not quite managed to swallow. “You’re amazing.”

He laughed weakly. “I beg to differ. Clearly between the two of us, the amazing one is you.” He slid his grip from her hair to cup her face instead, running his thumbs tenderly over her cheeks. “But rather than argue the point… He moved to bring his mouth near her horn. “How would you like me to return the favor?”

Yes. Oh yes. A little spike of arousal shot from Farin’s nethers through her lower body. “Please,” she managed, little more than a whisper.

G’raha chuckled, low and promising, and leaned back to help her to her feet. He wasted no time in showing his appreciation, sliding his hands around her waist and tilting his face to kiss her, slow and languid. “If you’ll allow me some liberties,” he murmured, and tucked his fingers in under the hem of her shirt, tracing along the lines of her scales as he lifted it.

Farin took the hint, bringing her arms up to help him relieve her of the shirt altogether. They shared several more short, increasingly heated kisses, stumbling further into the room at his insistence and shedding clothing as they went.

The feel of G’raha’s bare skin beneath her fingers was kicking her heart into overdrive - and her loins ached more than ever. His body was firm and warm; she ran her hands along his shoulders and chest, reveling in the feel of him.

Her smalls were the last remaining pieces when her legs hit the edge of the bed. G’raha broke from her lips to look down at her body, taking his time to slip his fingers along the line of her bralette and ducking beneath to tease the soft skin before shifting around to work at the clasp in the back. When it released, his eyes hungrily followed each ilm of skin thus revealed as she lowered her arms to allow him to pull it free and let it drop to the floor.

“If this is a dream,” he murmured, bending to kiss her breast while cupping the other in his hand, “I pray that no one wakes me.”

“Raha,” was all Farin could manage, feeling breathless as he touched her body. She let out a surprised moan as he rolled the hard pebble of her nipple between his fingers, trailing kisses down to take the other in his mouth as he did. The twin sensations sent another spike of pleasure through her body, and she braced her hands at the back of his neck, holding him to her.

His free hand ran along her waist and around her body, cradling her as he urged her to lie back. His tongue continued to roll around her nipple as he lowered her down onto the bed, only letting up as she settled on the mattress. He began to trail kisses down her ribcage and belly, moving dangerously close to where her pleasure centered.

Farin could not help a moan as his lips trailed lightly over her covered sex. She was wet, and she could feel that she’d soaked into the fabric of her smalls, so surely G’raha could feel it too. “Please,” she gasped as he brushed his mouth over her sensitive clit, tongue darting out just enough for her to feel it. Just the lightest touch had her arching on the bed, craving more of that delicious sensation.

G’raha pulled back, and she felt his fingers curl around the waistband of her smalls. “How long have I waited for this moment?” he said softly, slowly pulling down the thin fabric. His fingers trailed along the expanse of her thighs, skin and scales alike. When she raised her head to look, he was kneeling by the end of the bed, only his head and shoulders visible. He met her gaze, eyes dark with hunger. “I’ve longed for you for so many years it seems forever, and now…” She felt him slip the smalls from her feet, and he spread her legs apart gently. “Now, at last, I can know the taste of you.”

She tried to say his name, but it was lost in a moan as he bent forward to brush his slick tongue lightly over the tiny bump of her clit. The contact was like levinbolts. Pleasure buzzed through her body, and she could only helplessly grasp at the blankets beneath her as she tensed with the force of it.

His fingers probed gently at her, seeking and finding the entrance to her body as he continued to lathe attention on her most sensitive part. She was slick enough that he had no trouble sliding one inside, and the friction from within and without had her crying out. Her back arched again on the bed, hands curling into fists as he slid another finger in with the first and began to move them in and out rhythmically.

The stimulation brought her quickly to her peak, with an intensity she had never known before. “Raha… Raha, please…” she babbled, unable to help herself in between moans and gasps. “Oh gods, I’m… I’m…”

Pleasure crashed through her body in pulsating waves. Farin cried out again, toes curling as she rode out the convulsions that wracked her. G’raha continued to stimulate her right through it, tongue running circles around her clit and fingers penetrating her body again and again as she shuddered through the high.

When at last she stilled, feeling utterly spent, he lifted his face, sliding his fingers free, and she struggled to raise her head to meet his gaze. His eyes were still lidded and dark, heavy with want, and his lips were bruised and parted. As she watched, he darted his tongue out and licked along the line of his mouth, as if to find and consume every last drop of her essence on it.

It was incredibly arousing, even just mere moments after the most amazing orgasm of her life. Farin shrugged off the weariness in her limbs and lifted herself from the bed, reaching for him with both hands.

He met her partway, wrapping his arms around her as she drew towards the edge of the bed. Their mouths met feverishly and they pressed close. Farin reveled in the feel of his naked chest against her own, feeling her loins tug at her again as he rose to climb with her onto the mattress.

There was a moment of some fumbling confusion as they moved to position themselves better. Farin settled that by rolling G’raha onto his back and straddling his waist. She could feel his cock standing at attention just behind her rear, and it was hastily stirring her back to full arousal.

“Raha,” she breathed out, bending forward to catch his lips again as he reached up to run his hands along her sides and the line of her breasts. He was staring at her heatedly as they parted, and she had trouble finding her words. “I want to feel you. Inside me. Making love. Please.”

“Anything,” he responded, voice low and thick with lust. His fingers tightened against her soft flesh, squeezing possessively. “Just… tell me that you’re mine. I want to hear you say it.”

Yes. I’m yours.” Farin shifted, rubbing her body against his. “And you’re mine.”

He made a little sound like a growl, eyes narrowing, and caught her lips again, hips gyrating up towards her and rubbing his cock against her bottom. “Yours,” he purred against her lips. “Always and forever.”

They kissed deeply, lips and tongues meeting as they rocked against one another, building up the hunger between them. And then at last, Farin could take the waiting no longer. She pulled back slowly, allowing him to chase her into one last kiss before rising to her knees and reaching back between her thighs to find and position his cock at her entrance.

Twin gasps escaped them as he penetrated her body. Farin squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the expected burn as she was spread open. It was tolerable, drowned out by need and made easier by the slick within her. She allowed gravity to do its work, finding satisfaction in the way he slid within, filling her as she lowered herself upon him. And once she had taken the last ilm, hilting his cock in her body, she finally opened her eyes and gazed back down at his face.

G’raha was flushed and panting beneath her, his hands braced firmly on her thighs, fingers digging into the flesh there as he strained against the obvious urge to move. His lean chest and stomach rose sharply with each breath, and his eyes were lidded and hazy with desire as he watched her in turn.

The sight sent another spike of arousal through her, and Farin could not stand to hold still any longer. Leaning forward to brace her hands beside his head, she pulled up, letting the length of him nearly slip out of her, and then drove back down, recapturing all of him in one swift motion.

It felt good , rough and slick and satisfying. They both moaned, G’raha’s fingers digging into her thighs while Farin’s fisted in the covers. She repeated the motion, trying to find a rhythm as she rode his body in search of pleasure.

G’raha made a sound like something between a moan and a growl. “Forgive me,” he gasped, and abruptly shifted his hands to her hips, stilling her. At the same time, he bent his legs and thrust up into her sharply.

Farin couldn’t hold in a cry as sensation spiked through her body, a mix of pleasure and discomfort. It was intoxicating. G’raha’s grip held her steady as he continued to mercilessly pound up into her, drawing out the feeling until she thought she would lose her mind. His brow was furrowed, lips parted, eyes squinting up at her in concentration as he chased both of their pleasure.

It was too much to resist. Farin rebalanced herself on one arm, reaching down shakily with the other hand to find her clit. With the added friction of G’raha’s cock rutting into her, it didn’t take more than a few frenetic circles around the slippery bud before she was at the precipice.

Yes ,” G’raha moaned, his eyes still intent on her face. His thrusts were becoming erratic; the slap of skin on skin going off-rhythm. “Come for me… Rin… Want to… see you…”

It felt like his words were what sent her over the edge. Farin let out another cry as pleasure pulsed through her body again, filling her from head to toe as she tensed against and around him. G’raha continued to thrust into her all the way through it, drawing out the sensation as she shook from over-sensitivity, fingers clutching at the covers.

The aftershocks hadn’t left her body when she felt him push up into her once more, fingers digging into her hips so hard she was sure they’d leave marks. He released with a long groan, eyes squeezing shut and mouth agape. The twitching of his cock and the burst of warm fluid within gave her another little shudder of pleasure, and then she slumped forward, sliding down to her elbow and leaning her forehead onto his.

The sound of their irregular panting filled the air as they both fought to recover their equilibrium.

Farin stirred first, lifting her hips to allow G’raha’s softening cock to slide free of her before shifting over to curl up at his side. She could feel his spend leaking from her body, but couldn’t find it in her to care about any potential mess in that moment. She just wanted to be near him.

He seemed to have the same thought, rolling over to slide an arm around her waist and pull her close. Their noses brushed, breath mingling between them as they stared into one another’s eyes.

Farin couldn’t keep the elated smile from her lips if she’d tried. “Hi.”

G’raha smiled back at her, something like wonder in his eyes. “Hi yourself.” He ran his thumb along the scales on her sides gently. “My apologies if this was… a bit of a rush. I found I couldn’t bear to wait much longer.”

“It was the same for me.” Farin grinned back. “I got a little taste and I wanted everything .”

“Yes, well.” He looked a bit sheepish. “I couldn’t help but remember your voice saying those words from earlier. ‘Take me. I’m yours.’” He let out a low breath. “It stirred to life desires I have kept inside for far too long.”

So Thancred was right all along. Farin decided to keep that fact to herself. “I am, though. Yours, I mean.”

“So I have learned,” G’raha breathed, gaze softening, and leaned forward to capture her lips with his.


The End