Heat of the Moment


Note: Pictures of my WOL Farin can be found here and here


With the door to the inn room shut, the curtains drawn, and the din of the tavern below down to a low buzz, it was dark and quiet.

Far too quiet and not dark enough, as far as Farin was concerned. And it was too hot. In more ways than one.

The problem was with her companion, currently curled on the opposite half of the bed from her, their backs facing but not touching. A companion who, when they'd arrived, she'd thought nothing of sharing a room and a bed with, for lack of space in the packed inn.

Well, nothing other than the little pinpricks of awkward excitement that came along with some long-standing feelings and the thought of being so close in such a vulnerable -

All right, so perhaps I thought something of it.

G'raha himself had seemed only mildly surprised when she'd readily agreed to the idea - it was one of Farin's secret pleasures, startling him; his eyes went so wide, and he really was fetching when he blushed... but anyway! He'd recovered quickly enough and said, "Of course! Why not?" and now there they were.

And now Farin was regretting that ready agreement - in fact, she was regretting perhaps all of the life choices that had led her to that moment. It was a slow kind of torture, being close enough to feel the warmth of his body and yet unable to touch.

I shouldn't be thinking like this to begin with. She bit her lip. Considering their connection, a bond that had transcended time and space quite literally, she ought to feel perfectly comfortable in his company. Content, even.

She should definitely not be thinking of how it would feel to roll over and pin him to the bed. Nor how much relief it would bring to straddle his hips and press together their -

Stop. Seriously.

Farin resisted the urge to squirm beneath the covers, aware that any shift in her weight ran the risk of betraying her restless state. In truth, she'd had these kinds of... strong... feelings for G'raha long before, when they were simply a Miqo'te scholar and a Raen adventurer working together to uncover the secrets within the Crystal Tower. His eyes always seemed alight with energy, whether joy or mischief or even frustration, and his smile had made her knees feel a bit weak. Beyond that, though, his toned body... the way he moved, so graceful and lithe...

The hints she'd caught of his scent, when they were close. Just... like... this...

Nope. Bad Farin. None of that.

It was going to drive her mad, lying like this all night with him. Farin bit back a sigh, and made up her mind. Taking care to move slowly in an attempt to avoid disturbing G'raha, she slid to a sitting position with intent to get up off the bed.

She could go... train... or something. Maybe.

Before she could, the sound of shuffling from behind froze her. "Rin?"

He sounded fully awake - not even groggy. Farin inwardly kicked herself for not thinking of that possibility. She'd assumed he would have surely been asleep by them. "Sorry, Raha. Just..." She fumbled for words.

"Can't sleep?" he supplied, and she felt the shift in the mattress as he sat up. When she turned, he met her gaze with a rueful smile. "Neither can I." From the way he tilted his head, she got the impression he was embarrassed. "I must confess, these sleeping arrangements have caught me unawares."

Her breath caught in her throat at that; for a moment, she had the strongest impression that his reasons... might be similar to hers. Farin half turned, pulling one knee up onto the mattress to face him better. In his thinner sleeping garments, it was easier to see the outline of his shoulders and the lines of muscle on his arms. 

What it would feel like to be held in those...

Outside of that thought, she heard him continue on with, "I can't recall when the last time I shared a bed might have been."

Oh, right. Obviously, with all his years as the Crystal Exarch, that wouldn't have happened. Not that I didn't want to... He'd called himself an old man more than once, but it hadn't mattered in the slightest. Those gentle, fond looks and the contrast between the confidant ease with which he'd carried himself and the bashful fidgeting when he was uncertain had done a number on her. Not to mention wondering just how far the crystal extended...

Farin resisted the urge to bite her lip again, afraid it might give away too much. "Eh... to be honest, I can't either."

He blinked, clearly taken aback, and then his face split in a grin she couldn't help but return.

"We both overestimated our ability to adapt, it seems," he commented, and moved to push back the covers. "Perhaps it'd be best if I slept else - "

Her hand was on his arm to hold him back before she could properly think about it, startling them both.

What am I doing? There was no ready answer to that question, but something within had panicked at the thought of him leaving.

" - where...?" G'raha looked up at her with an odd mix of confusion and caution, his eyes seeming to gleam in the dark. "Or... not?"

"I..." Farin took in a breath, trying desperately to think of some way to excuse this. Her brain kept coming back to how it felt to wrap her fingers around his arm. Warm, firm... distracting. And she could just catch the faintest hint of his scent, this close. She closed her eyes, and let out the breath. "Um..."

The Warrior of Light, everyone... here I am making a fool of myself.

"Rin." There was uncertainty in G'raha's tone; when she opened her eyes, he was staring at the hand on his arm. He swallowed noticeably; she could see his throat bob. Somehow, she had the strong impression that he was blushing. "Are you - Is everything all right?"

"Uh." It was kind of captivating how slowly his gaze rose to meet hers; how his eyes softened at the same moment. Farin licked her lips without thinking about it. "...Yeah?"

"Have I - ?" G'raha's voice faltered, and he blinked several times in rapid succession before continuing. His eyes had an odd sort of look; one that made her feel a fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach. "Have I made you uncomfortable?"

"No!" That was a shock. Farin shook her head decisively, and hastily tried to move past that moment of doubt. "No, nothing like that! It's just me - I'm thinking too much, that's all!"

"I see." He seemed to relax a little, but still studied her intently. "Thinking about what?"

"You." The word was out before she could stop it, tumbling past her lips as though part of a current. Farin felt a jolt of alarm and dropped her gaze, quickly pulling her hand back from his arm. "I mean - !"

He was quick enough to grab it before she could fully retrieve it. "Wait." When she jerked her head back up to look at him again, there was something like naked yearning in his eyes - and no small amount of hope. "Me? Truly?"

She was hopeless against that look. Farin sighed, and tried to pull a smart remark in return to cover the moment. "Were you hoping for that answer, Raha?"

"Huh? I - well..." His ears flicked, and he tipped his head forward a bit, guiltily. "Perhaps, but then, you must know..."

When he didn't continue, she felt emboldened to prompt him. "I must know what?"

"How much I... admire you." The hand holding hers tightened momentarily; he lowered his eyelids partially, still gazing at her. "You must know by now; there's no question I've left my feelings bare all this time." He took in a breath, as if steadying himself. "I'm clearly thinking of you nearly every waking moment. So you'll forgive me if I'm perhaps a slight bit glad if you think of me in turn."

"Raha..." Farin breathed out in response, captivated by that look. Somehow, his eyes seemed to have the power to make her feel bared, and she... didn't dislike it. Being bared by him... That's the problem, though. And the fact that he'd been so painfully honest made her feel like she had to admit... "My thoughts aren't so pure, you know."

"Pure?" G'raha blinked. "Rin, what are you talking about?"

"Ah... you know..." Now that it came down to it, this was really awkward. Farin shrugged, dropping her gaze. "They're more - more physical."

"Physical," he repeated slowly.

She couldn't bear to look up at him. Her cheeks were growing hot, too hot, and she couldn't help another jerky little shrug. "About - about you. Physically." Farin took in a breath. "You're telling me about your feelings of admiration for the Warrior of Light, and here I am being all - all conscious of you while you're lying next to me in a bed and it's just..."

"Rin," he interrupted, tone low and urgent, and she couldn't resist raising her gaze again. His eyes were earnest, but beyond that, there was a level of heat she hadn't expected. "Believe me," he said, in that passionate sort of tone he got when he was speaking of something he deemed important, "I'm fully conscious of you."

That look was back on his face again - the one that had her heart doing flips and her skin prickling with anticipation. His eyes were lidded, and his face angled towards her just perfectly, and she couldn't help but look down at his lips, and...

Sod it.

Taking her courage in hand, Farin leaned forward. She moved slowly - he could've pulled away - and felt the sharp exhale he made as she aligned her face with his. Their lips brushed tentatively, broke apart briefly, and then pressed together with more confidence.

It was a little like unleashing a flood. G'raha's hands came to her face, trembling notably as he held it on either side in order to press in more deeply. His lips parted, urging hers to do the same - she was only too happy to oblige - and... oh.


The slick pressure of his tongue as he ran it along her bottom lip brought an unexpectedly heady rush. Farin reached up automatically to grasp at his wrists, finding she needed an anchor against the pleasant buzz of arousal. She allowed him to draw her out, their tongues brushing as they kissed wetly, alternating open and closed mouth in a natural sort of rhythm.

There was no telling how much time passed before they broke apart, breathing heavily. G'raha's lips were still close enough to brush hers as he murmured, "Rin... can I...? Should we...?" There was an urgent undercurrent to the words; one of his hands lowered from her face to trail down along the scales on her neck and the skin on her shoulder, leaving shivers in their wake. His fingers caught deliberately on the thin strap of the camisole she wore to bed.

No question, then, what he was asking for. Something like a mix of nerves and raw excitement lit in Farin's belly at the idea. "We should," she responded, letting her mouth curl into a smile, and released his wrists to reach down and grasp the bottom of his shirt.

He took the hint, pulling back to help her lift it up and over his head. Her hands brushed over his torso, not exactly accidentally, and the firm warmth of his skin had her head spinning again with want. The moonlit outline of his upper body was slender and fit, bare skin pale in the dim light, and the sight of him amplified that longing within.

Raha... he's gorgeous.

There was no time to be either paralyzed or stirred to action by that thought, though, because G'raha had only just tossed his shirt aside before he was reaching for her again. His hands were gentle as they caressed her shoulders and then drifted lower, following the neckline of her camisole before reaching the tie.

A soft tug was enough to pull it open. There was the barest hint of a tremor in his fingers, and it was gratifying to see him bite his lip, clear want in his gaze as he pulled the thin fabric apart to expose her breasts.

Farin had only a moment to feel self-conscious - was he going to be pleased when he looked at her, or disappointed? - before G'raha quickly dispelled that. "Rin," he murmured, a note of something like reverent awe in his voice. When she looked again at his face, his eyes were trailing hungrily over her, finally drawing up to meet her gaze once more. "You're even more beautiful than I had imagined."

That was enough to build her courage once more. "Look who's talking," she responded, allowing herself a small smirk as she reached for him.

He was responsive under her touch, allowing her to move him to sit back on the bed so she could crawl over and straddle his hips. His hands were on her, stroking the sides of her body, cupping her breasts and thumbing her hardened nipples.

Just that brush along the sensitive flesh and she felt it arc through her body like lightning, settling in between her legs and fanning the flames of her arousal. Farin made an involuntary sound, something small and throaty, and let the loosened camisole fall from her arms so she could tip G'raha's head up towards her and lean down to kiss him again.

He kissed back fiercely and his fingers traveled down, slipping below the waistband of her shorts. She responded by pressing up against him, grinding her hips against his and her aching nethers along the hard clothed line of his arousal.

It was his turn to moan, reverberating against her mouth, and Farin responded in kind, feeling hot and light-headed all at once. Almost too hot. She ground against him again shamelessly, reveling in the sensation of muffled pleasure it brought, the slick throbbing between her legs, and his hands sliding fully into her shorts and smalls both, gripping her bare flesh hard as he pulled her against him.

After what felt like an age, she broke the kiss to mumble against his lips, "I want you in me."

She could feel more than hear his breath catch at that. "Rin," he moaned low, fingers tightening on her curves, and then all at once he was surging up against her, forcefully upending her stance and reversing their positions, pressing her down against the mattress beneath them. His eyes seemed aflame as he gazed intently down at her. "That you would even ask it of me is beyond my wildest dreams."

He tugged at her shorts insistently, and she wriggled up to allow him to pull both them and the smalls beneath over her hips and down her thighs, separating from her only long enough to free her of them entirely before bending down over her.

Farin's breath was coming in heavy pants already, anticipation building within her, but she was still lucid enough to smile back up at him. "That you would agree is beyond mine." She reached up to tug meaningfully on the waistband of his own smallclothes.

G'raha was once again quick to aid her, pulling the material down and freeing the hard line of his erection. He had to shift to pull them off entirely, but once it was done he was upon her again, parting her legs with a gentle hand on her thigh and situating himself between them.

This is really happening. We're really going to do it. Farin couldn't help but stare up at him in lust-clouded wonder, taking in the handsome lines of his face and his firmly muscled shoulders and chest. She had dreamed - fantasized - about this moment for months, and here it was. 

Here he was, naked and hard before her, desiring her just as she desired him. It made her head spin with want, and the warm, wet ache between her legs intensified.

His fingers drifted up her thigh, finding the center of her desire. The light touch was maddening; a tease - so much less than she needed. But there was no time to complain because then he was there, lining himself up, the head of his arousal brushing where his fingers had been...

... and then he was pushing inside of her, and in that moment, it was impossible to breathe.

It hurt, of course - she'd been expecting that - but the combination of that hurt with the raging need within her was almost appealing. Beyond that, the feel of him, hard and warm, sliding within her body felt unbelievably erotic. She couldn't help but squirm, fingers fisting in the sheets, as he made a low noise like a growl and sheathed himself fully within her.

There was a sharp moment while they caught their breath.

Another sound escaped G'raha's throat, and Farin noticed that he was trembling above her. "You feel so good," he breathed, eyes full of desperation and hunger as they caught hers. "So good... Rin..."

He was holding back, she realized - and at once she knew she wasn't having it. "You too, Raha," she murmured in response, still feeling oddly breathless, and reached up with both arms and legs to encircle his waist and neck. It pulled him closer, shifting his hardness within her, and they both moaned in response. "Please," she managed, sliding against him as best she could, "move."

That was enough to stir him to action. Bracing himself, G'raha made another low growl and began to thrust into her in hard long strokes. His body tensed and shifted in the circle of her legs, tail thrashing against her feet. Her own tail lifted between his legs to reach it, entwining with the soft length even as his arousal filled her, again and again.

It was intoxicating, the pull and the friction, and Farin couldn't help but press her head back hard against the mattress, desperate sounds escaping her throat as she lifted her hips to match his rhythm. Pleasure coiled within her body, fueled further by each thrust, to the point where she felt she'd fly apart with it.

Oh yes... She yearned for it. Yearned for the delicious pressure to come to a head.

G'raha bent his head forward and she met him partway, both of them moaning into the kiss. Their mouths moved together wetly in between gasps and stuttering breaths. Passion made them clumsy, pressing a little too hard here and there, bruising one another's lips all the more. Yet their bodies kept the rhythm; he moved inside her and she met him eagerly, moving towards that point of no return... just a little more...

A little more. That was all.

Farin freed one hand from around his neck, worming it between them, seeking and finding the spot above where their bodies joined, where her pleasure centered. Her fingers had only just managed to match the timing of his thrusts when her body began to stiffen, the sensations within it rising in a telltale way.

And then she was coming; convulsing; throbbing around his hardness - breaking away from his lips to cry out as she rode the wave of pleasure crashing through her body.

The stars were still clearing from her vision, breath coming fast and hard as she came down, when G'raha thrust into her deep and hard and his body began to shake. His arousal twitched within her, a sensation that gave her a last little throb of pleasure, and his face tensed momentarily as he groaned in his release.

It was an intoxicating sight, especially so soon after her climax. "Raha," Farin breathed, heart beating hard against her chest. She reached up again to claim his lips and he fell languidly against her, pressing her into the mattress with the weight of his body.

It was not an unpleasant weight by any means. Farin held him close, feeling thoroughly satisfied, and broke the kiss to smile at him, allowing herself to get lost in his lidded gaze. "Mm... thank you."

"You would thank me?" He shut his eyes briefly, a rueful smile tipping up the corners of his mouth. "Oh Rin... I love you."

The words reverberated in her soul, another piece falling into place in the contentment left behind after their actions. Farin's smile widened. "And I you."

He moved in to kiss her again, slow and soft, and in that moment, the level of heat was exactly right.


The End