"Mmm…" The noise chipped through the silence, soft though it was. The faintest hints of moonlight still shone through the window, highlighting the teenaged boy on the bed. He was moving in his sleep, arms squirming sensuously on the sheets, lips parting to let out a few whimpers and soft moans, hips thrusting upwards, purposefully, into nothing at all.

"Ooh… yessss…" The hiss of that last word was almost eerie in the still night air, especially with such urgency in the voice speaking it. The boy’s pale face was flushed, his body twisting and thrashing in a sensual rhythm. "Daisuke… oh, yes…"

Abruptly, the motions stopped as his body arched on the bed, a small cry escaping him as little spasms rocked through his tall form. And then he fell back, collapsing on the sheets, and was completely still except for the hard pounding of his heart and the shuddering rise and fall of his chest as he recovered.

Ken Ichijouji’s eyes flew open.

The first thing he noticed was the state of his sheets and pajama bottoms. Great. Lovely. As he started to become more aware, the hazy memories of the dream that had caused the mess started to return. Another dream about him. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Sighing, he slid toward the edge of the bed, gathering up the sheets and then pulling off his pajama pants. The soiled material went into the laundry basket Ken kept in his room. Since his family didn’t have a washer and dryer, he would have to take that load to the Laundromat the next day.

We’ll just add that to the list of top 100 things I don’t want to do, but have to. Ken rooted through his drawers for another pair of pajama bottoms. Like facing Daisuke tomorrow, after having another dream about his hot, sexy… He stopped the thought before his body could take more than a passing interest.

It would be difficult to get any more sleep that night. Ken tugged on the clean pants, then leaned against his dresser, trying to think. He was totally keyed up, and images of Daisuke naked in the shower kept playing through his mind – remnants of a dream he wish he could forget. Those tiny beads of water sliding sensuously down his irrisistable thighs, his head tilted back, mouth open as the hot water lashed at his flames of hair....slippery hands tracking down his abdomen, twisting and curling around his.... Stop it! No more! I admit that he’s got a gorgeous body, all right? No more torture.

In an effort to distract himself, Ken flipped on the light and opened his closet door. Everything in there was neatly piled, but there was a box of stuff at the back… He didn’t even remember much of what was in it. Memorabilia, he suspected it was, from back when he’d been twelve and was involved in saving the world.

May as well go through it now, seeing as I have nothing else to do. Ken moved a few things aside and pulled the box out to get a better look. He smiled, eyes falling first on the stack of Christmas cards from the other Chosen Children. Nice and safe. Pulling them out, he started to flip through them.

‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Thanks for being there’, ‘Enjoy the holidays’… one even had a phone number and the words ‘call me’ written in capital letters. Miyako. Ken smiled. And then… ‘Just because our hearts beat at the same time doesn’t mean I’ll let you kiss Kari!’

He was almost positive Daisuke had been joking there.

Of course, that was when he’d harbored his secret crush on the red-head, hoping, and at the same time dreading, that he might be gifted with a little extra attention from him.

Ken put aside the cards and started rooting through the box again. There was his old school uniform, an empty box of chocolates that had been a birthday present from the team, ticket stubs from the first time Daisuke had dragged him to the movie theater, and, close to the bottom…

The violet-eyed boy let out a sound like a strangled groan and slowly pulled the neatly coiled black leather whip out from beneath the rest of his old junk. I actually kept this? As he let the whip fall out of its coils, he was struck at once by a thousand forgotten fantasies.

Daisuke at my feet… Daisuke with his hands tied above his head… Daisuke tying me up with this… Oh god, I’d forgotten… Without his conscious consent, his hand strayed over his thigh, inching up between his legs where the thought of what he could do with that supple black leather toy was bringing him back into a fully aroused state, yet again…


Dropping the whip abruptly and flinging his hands behind his back, the dark-haired boy faced his sleepy partner. "Something wrong, Minomon?" His face was burning at the thought of what he’d just about done.

The little green Digimon blinked at him. "How come you’re awake? It’s still night time. Is something the matter?"

"No, not at all." Ken mentally applauded himself for the calm tone. "I was just having a little trouble getting to sleep. Don’t let me keep you awake, though."

"Okay." The sleepy little Digimon disappeared again, settling back into Ken’s bed.

The violet-eyed boy breathed a sigh of relief. That was close. He picked up the whip again, studying it thoughtfully. I’ve had so many dreams about Daisuke with this thing… It’s never been anyone else, though Lord knows I tried. It’s just… there’s something about him… not just males in general, but Daisuke specifically

Ken wasn’t gay. He had the basic drives, as any boy might at age seventeen, to find some young, willing female and go through the motions of sex, mating rituals, courtships, whatever. He got faint hints of such feelings when seeing a pretty girl, and found himself, like most males during adolescence, fascinated with the idea of breasts and curves and the physical differences between males and females. The changes had been expected, and he hadn’t been surprised to find himself tentatively exploring those strange new feelings.

He’d expected also that his foolish little crush on Daisuke would fade out and disappear as he outgrew the feeling and started off on the journey into the world of "girls". For a few months he’d thought, on and off, that it had happened. Seeing some attractive girl in the hallway of his school, he’d experience that twinge of hormones and feel certain that the issue was resolved, that he’d been stupid to think that his friendship with his jogress partner involved more feeling than it really did. A glance from Daisuke, a phone call, or even just the mention of his name, could and did blow the theory straight to hell.

Daisuke is the soul of my hormonal drives.

And he wasn’t gay. Takeru, for example, did nothing for him, and the thought of Yamato or Taichi left him completely cold. He’d be more inclined to hook up with Hikari or Miyako than any of the other male chosen children. But Daisuke… oh, Daisuke! A stray thought about him before bed had the potential to result in Ken waking up quivering in the wake of sexual pleasure, with a damp spot on his sheets and a hot and lusty dream imbedded in his memory. He felt the faint shadows of such feelings, occasionally, for females. Never for males.

It was just Daisuke, then. After the first little while, he’d been more or less forced to accept that the feelings weren’t going to go away, and he’d tried to examine them. The conclusion: something about Daisuke had the power to drive Ken completely wild, as no other, male or female, ever seemed to manage. He could make Ken laugh, cry, or shake with helpless need, and he could do it effortlessly.

He didn’t even know it, either. Ken wondered if he cared. It seemed like destiny, at least to him, that he and Daisuke would some day end up together; that one day, the red-head would admit it to himself, finally, and then approach Ken on it. He was waiting for that day, planning how his response would go. He’d let his friend confess and reply with his own confession. Daisuke would then kiss him, hold him, and, eventually, they’d make love. It all made sense that way. Daisuke was bold and fearless; initiating the relationship would naturally be his job. Ken sighed to himself, thinking that over. Well, he doesn’t seem interested in the role, since he hasn’t exactly done anything about it!

In fact, the red-haired boy didn’t even seem to realize that he could.

Daisuke wasn’t every girl’s ideal date, but he did make the valiant attempts to catch hold of their attention. He rarely dated. Hikari had been long since abandoned, but still, Daisuke had picked up an unfortunate habit of trying for girls beyond his reach. Maybe it was the challenge. Daisuke had always loved a challenge.

And then there’s me, Ken thought, half-bitterly, Trailing along behind him like some adoring puppy, drooling over him the way he drools over those unreachable girls. I’d give anything to hold him… to be the first, and the only one, to kiss his bare skin and tell him how wonderful he tastes… taking him, making him mine, again and again, each time new like it was the first… I want to scream his name to the world when he finally drives me to release, and I want him to scream mine. I want to love him…

That thought was the killer. I want to love him… Ken shut his eyes tightly, and felt the frustration of those years of unsatisfied desire behind him – and the seemingly endless amount of suppression ahead for him in the future. I’m so tired of holding back because he won’t let me!

It would take more than a declaration. He hadn’t let those years slip by for nothing, after all. It had seemed, somehow, that the red-head always took the lead in matters like these – he had most certainly taken the lead in their friendship, so many years ago. Ken was the hesitant one, the shy one, the one who followed wherever his more confident partner chose to lead him. He didn’t take control; he waited for Daisuke to take control, and then he went along with whatever the shorter boy had planned.

Ken’s fingers tightened around the leather whip, those thousand fantasies replaying themselves through his head. He reached down and brushed a hand over his now-aching erection, groaning slightly as the sensation caused by that light touch swept through him. Maybe, then, it’s time to take the reins back from his hands. I’ve let him dictate this long enough.


"Saturday – yes! Finally, an afternoon of freedom! No more school!" Daisuke gleefully jumped out of his room and into the kitchen, Chibimon bouncing at his heels in wide-eyed excitement. "And I’m actually sleeping in the morning, instead of having to go to class."

His sister looked up at him over her new harlequin romance and smiled smugly. "I’m already out of school for the summer! You have to go back on Monday!"

"Yeah, well, Mom and Dad said they’re making you get a job this summer!" Daisuke grinned in a superior sort of way. "So while I’m on a hot sunny beach with gorgeous girls in bikinis all around, you’ll be asking random people if they want fries with that!"

She made a face at him. "Just wait until you’re in college!" Then she noticed Chibimon, who was hopping around at Daisuke’s feet. "Hey there cutie!" she said, in a sing-song voice. "Want some food?"

As always, when food was mentioned, the little blue Digimon became alert immediately. "Sure!" he said brightly, hurrying over to where Jun was pulling open a huge black and white box.

"Chibimon!" Daisuke complained. "Don’t go over to her! She’s the enemy!"

Jun ignored that comment. "I’ve got lots of chocolate if you want to stay with me this afternoon!" she offered cheerfully, pulling a sample piece from her box.

"Yay! Chocolate!" Chibimon’s eyes were shining. "Can I, Daisuke? Oh please, please, please!"

"I can’t believe you’d desert me just ’cause she has – " Daisuke stopped, and his eyes widened. "Chocolate? You have chocolate? How come I don’t get any?"

"Catch, then." Jun threw a piece of chocolate, which he caught. "I got it from a guy I met at the bar last week." She smiled, pleased with herself. "He said I was stunning."

"Must’ve been real drunk!" Daisuke ducked as she threw the box lid at his head. "Wish I had a guy who’d buy me chocolate!"

"Daisuke! You’re not secretly harboring same-sex tendencies, are you?" Jun looked positively tickled. "That is so utterly cute! My little brother likes guys!"

Daisuke shrugged. "Hey, anyone who buys me chocolate is okay with me." He threw the candy in the air and caught it in his mouth. Who really cared about that sort of thing, anyway? "S’all the same."

"You are suddenly a lot more interesting than you were five minutes ago." Jun squeaked. "Please tell me you’re planning on bringing home lots of cute boyfriends! I can give you tips on how to get their attention! Oh my god, this is almost as good as having a sister – I can’t believe it…!"

"Oh, for cryin’ out loud…!" Daisuke left the room, leaving her to rant. "Having a lunatic for an older sister is not my idea of fun." He snatched up the portable phone and retreated to his room for some privacy. Maybe Ken and I could play some soccer at the park.

Ken was Daisuke’s own personal enigma. He was perfect in every way – smooth, graceful, pure, and untouchable. He was so far beyond the red-head in every way, so high above him… Daisuke wondered sometimes why Ken still hung out with him, when there were probably a million other genius types screaming for his approval. Oh well. Daisuke liked having Ken around, anyway. He was… nice.

More than nice. A little corner of his mind, the part that stored away all of his past erotic fantasies and the dirty little thoughts that crept into his head unbidden, smirked.

Quiet, you. Daisuke cheerfully brushed that thought aside. He was too hormonal – he’d had at least one sexual thought about nearly every person he was close to who wasn’t family. It couldn’t be helped, so he learned to ignore it. Picking up the phone again, he dialed in Ken’s number, held the telephone up to his ear, and quietly hummed the X-Files theme off-key as he listened to it ring.


"Hey Ken!" Daisuke didn’t even have to ask; he knew his jogress partner’s voice. "Wanna come with me to the park this afternoon? We could play soccer, and I’ll help you pick up some chicks! How ’bout it?"

He’d fully convinced himself that Ken would never say no to any such offer, so the answer he got from the taller boy came as a complete shock. "No thanks, I’d rather not."

"Great! I’ll – oh." Daisuke was quiet for a moment. Ken didn’t want to come? But he always played soccer with him at the park! "Uh… how come?"

Ken sighed. "Because, frankly, Daisuke, I’m not interested in picking up girls, and I’m not in the mood for soccer at the moment. Thanks for the offer."

Not interested? Well, that didn’t surprise him. Ken was like a stone statue when it came to flirting. But not in the mood for soccer… That was unbelievable! "So, you’re just gonna sit around at home all day?" Daisuke asked, incredulously. Why wouldn’t he want to see me? He could feel his control of the situation slip, and didn’t like that at all.

"As a matter of fact, I had something in mind for the evening," Ken answered simply. He sounded so cool! Daisuke was in awe of Ken’s coolness. "Care to join me?"

How could he refuse? "Sure, why not? What is it?"

Ken chose to ignore the question, for whatever reason. "You know, I was going through some of my old things last night. You’ll never guess what I found."

Daisuke’s curiosity was caught. "What?"

"The whip I used, back when I was the Kaiser." Ken laughed, but Daisuke felt as if the bottom had dropped out of his stomach. His… whip? "It’s strange, the things we keep, isn’t it? One would almost think I expected to use it some day. Funny, hmm?"

Daisuke could feel his knees growing weak. "Yeah… funny… ha ha…"

"Well, I’d better go and get ready," Ken said, as if the whole whip thing was no big deal. Oh sure, for him it’s not! "I’ll meet you at the station near your house around seven. All right?"

Daisuke tried to avoid squeaking out loud, and forced some of that confident cheerfulness back into his voice. "Sure, whatever you say, Ken!"

He hung up the phone without saying goodbye and let out a whimper, too aroused to even think straight. "No way! That’s dead… it’s all done with… just because he found an old whip…" He let out a groan. "Oh, hell!"

Daisuke nearly ripped the button from his jeans in his haste to free himself and snaked his hand below the belt to take care of that throbbing, insistent need. Shaking all over, he fell back onto the bed and moaned with pleasure. Stupid whip… Ohh…


Ken was nervous. Not the kind of nervous that was just a simple fluttering in the stomach region, but deeply, earth-shatteringly nervous. There was a very large part of him that would never even consider attempting what he had planned for that evening – but he had shoved the role of shy, self-effacing Ken down and adopted a cool, know-all confidence. He was ready. There was no room for any sort of nervousness this time.

Daisuke had lost his chance at the lead role in this. Ken was taking over the reins of control.

He had his chance, Ken reasoned, stepping off the train. I gave him plenty of time and plenty of opportunities. It’s not my fault he didn’t do anything about it.

Oddly enough, that thought made him feel better. Ken felt a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. And now it’s my turn. I certainly don’t plan to waste time the way he did.

"Ken!" As he got free from the heavy crowd, the violet-eyed boy spotted Daisuke to his right, waving both hands over his head like a beacon. "Hey! Over here!"

The smile on Ken’s face widened at the sight. Daisuke was beautiful; so full of energy – wild and untamable… Well, we’ll see about that. "There you are, Daisuke," he said, once he’d made his way over. "Come on, we have to hurry to catch the next train. I’ve already bought you a ticket, to save time."

"Train?" Daisuke blinked, and stared at him. "Hey, why are you wearing that? We’re not going somewhere real important, are we? I mean, I’m kinda underdressed…"

Ken glanced down at his heavy trench coat, which he’d done up completely to cover most of him, and then at Daisuke’s typical jeans and grungy T-shirt. "No, you’re fine. Come on, then."

Without giving his best friend a chance to answer, he turned and headed back toward the subway platform. Daisuke didn’t have much choice but to follow.

"So," the red-head began, when they finally got onto their train, "Where are we going?"

Ken shrugged, outwardly appearing nonchalant. "A place my cousin runs. There’s something I plan to do in there." He smiled a little. "I hope you don’t mind."

"Naw, s’okay." Daisuke grinned at him. "We’d better be doing something real fun, though. No museums or anything, okay? I just might pass out from boredom."

"Trust me, I don’t think you will." Ken’s smile widened as he studied the shorter boy. Assuming I’m reading him right – and I’m certain I am.

"That’s cool." Daisuke sank back against his seat, looking satisfied.

Ken took the opportunity to reach into his pocket discreetly, making sure he’d remembered to bring the things he was going to need. Cold metal and a smallish tube met his questing fingers. Good.

"Where do we get off, then?" Daisuke asked, glancing up at the words indicating the next stop, completely oblivious to the double meaning in what he’d just said.

Ken held in the laughter that wanted to escape from him so badly. You’ll see that soon enough, my charming Daisuke. "In a couple more stops. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when." Strange, how the nervousness had seemed to fade and vanish in Daisuke’s actual presence. He felt much more confident.

Daisuke must be rubbing off on me. But, as long as I can pull this off… Ken glanced at the red-head next to him. It’s worth it for him. I can do whatever it takes. And I think this is what it will take.


Daisuke stood on the sidewalk, staring up at the glowing sign in disbelief. "A night club?" he said, incredulously. "You gotta be kidding me!" He turned to face his best friend, and found him already walking toward the entrance. "Ken! Hey, wait a second!"

Ken stopped to wait for him. "Something wrong?"

"Well… yeah!" Daisuke stared at Ken for a moment, then glanced at the sign, and then looked back again. "Just about everything that could be wrong! You? At a night club? What the hell is going on? Am I in an alternate universe or something? This is – "

"My cousin owns this place," Ken interrupted, not looking ruffled by Daisuke’s tirade. "There’s something I want here. We’re not actually going to be dancing, if that’s what you’re worried about."

"Oh… well… okay." He felt so out-of-it, like he wasn’t controlling what was happening to himself any more – but Ken’s explanation mollified him. "Just… don’t you have to be a member or something to get in?"

"My cousin already knows that I’m coming," Ken told him calmly. "They’ll have my name at the front, and I’ll just have to show them some ID to prove that I am who I say I am. Now, if you’ve finished asking questions, let’s go on in." He turned back.

Daisuke followed along behind him, feeling a bit bemused and even somewhat disoriented. What was going on? All of a sudden, Ken was talking in weird riddles and walking confidently into night clubs… almost as if he’d been doing it all his life! Daisuke felt one of the huge Certainties he’d built his life around start to crumble; maybe he really didn’t know Ken all that well.

The thought was depressing. Ken was his closest friend! How could he know so little about him? After all those years they’d known each other for…

Daisuke felt ignorant, and a bit uncomfortable with this new realization. At the same time, though, he also felt that he wanted – needed – to know more about this new side of Ken. To not understand part of the dark-haired boy was unforgivable! They were closer than family! Ken understood him.

Then again, Ken had always been a lot smarter than he was.

"Come on, Daisuke." The taller boy’s voice shook him out of his trance. Ken had finished talking to the big guy at the front, and was motioning for Daisuke to move inside with him.

Well, I never turned down a challenge before… The red-head hurried to catch up with his friend, trying to ignore that uncomfortable, not-in-control feeling.

The club was nothing like Daisuke’s high-school dances. The floor was packed so tight that most people seemed to be pressed together in a very intimate fashion, though none of them appeared to care. There were all kinds of flashing lights, and a lot of people were dressed really strangely. The music, typically enough, overpowered any and all other noise. To be heard, they’d have to practically yell at each other. Daisuke kept his eyes on Ken, not taking much of a look around. The place unnerved him; he felt young and immature, like a little kid at a business meeting.

"Hey sweetie!" Abruptly, he was cut off as a woman dressed in practically nothing boldly swung herself into his path, smiling flirtatiously. She was pretty, in a heavily made-up kind of way, but the way she leaned into his chest was just plain scary. "Wanna dance?"

"Um…" Daisuke tried to get away, but she seemed to be blocking his escape in every direction. How in the world did she manage it? "I’m kinda here with someone else." He looked around desperately for Ken. "Sorry."

She didn’t seem to get the hint. "Aw, c’mon, pretty boy! Just one? What’s the harm in just one?"

Daisuke was considering turning and running the other way when a strong hand grabbed his arm. "Sorry," Ken’s voice said, flatly. "He’s with me. Come on, Daisuke." With that, he pulled the red-head along past the now pouting woman and back the way he’d been going before the interruption.

"Thanks, Ken!" Daisuke pulled his arm free and caught up with his friend, grinning at him in hopes of turning this into just another adventure the two of them could laugh about later on.

Ken just shrugged. "That happens often. You run into a lot of really strange people here. Just walk around them if they try to get you dancing."

"Hey! I tried!" Daisuke protested, immediately defending himself.

"Never mind." Ken changed the subject abruptly. "Here we are."

Daisuke looked up. They’d somehow made it all the way across the huge room without his noticing it, and Ken was standing in front of a closed door, reaching into his pocket for something.

"Where does that lead to?" he asked, instantly curious.

"The storage room." Ken pulled out a key and fit it into the lock on the door. After a few minutes of struggling with it, he managed to get the door opened. Behind it was a steep, wooden, dimly lit staircase, which the violet-eyed boy stepped down onto without hesitation. "Close the door behind you when you come in, Daisuke," he said, not looking back.

Daisuke didn’t have much choice but to obey. Once the door was closed, the music from the club dulled down to a low roar. He hurried down after Ken, nearly tripping over his own feet on the way. "These stairs are too steep," he complained. They creaked under his feet, too, almost like they were going to give way at any moment.

"It doesn’t take that long to get down here," Ken answered, reaching the bottom and turning to his right. "So it shouldn’t be too much of a problem." As Daisuke got closer, he realized there was another door, which Ken was in the middle of opening. Curious, he followed his best friend into the room beyond it.

The actual storage area was surprisingly big – though Daisuke had a feeling it shouldn’t have surprised him, considering how large the room above them was. There was no light in there, either, but the dim glow from the stairs allowed him to get a pretty decent look at his surroundings. The room was almost wider across than it stretched in front of him, and there were boxes of junk piled on the sides. In front of him, about 50 feet away, was a plain fence – like the kind at the pound that kept the animals from escaping. There was a gate in the fence, too, with a heavy padlock on it. Daisuke wandered forward, looking around curiously.

And then everything went dark as the door slammed shut behind him.

"Whoa… hey, Ken?" Daisuke walked forward a few steps, arms stretched out in front of him. It was pitch black, and he couldn’t see a thing. "Could you turn on a light or something?"


"Ken?" He stopped moving and stood right where he was, trying to be quiet and listen for his friend. "You still there? You didn’t lock me in here, did you? Because that’d just be plain cruel, and you’re supposed to have the Crest of Kindness!"

Still no answer. This was getting creepy.

"Ken! What are you doing?" Daisuke waited for an answer, but still got nothing. What was going on? He was starting to feel just the slightest bit nervous. "Ken?"

There was a ‘click’ from behind him, and the room was suddenly flooded with light. Daisuke spun around and found himself face-to-face with his jogress partner, who was standing right behind him with one hand still holding the chain that turned the bare light bulb over their heads on and off.

"Geez, Ken, what’re you trying to do give me a heart attack?" Daisuke tried to hide his relief at being able to see what was going on again. "How come you didn’t answer me, anyway?"

"I was looking for the light switch," Ken explained simply, lowering his hand. "Sorry. At any rate, I brought something with me that I wanted to show you. Hold on a second." He reached up and started undoing his trench coat.

"What, you’re hiding stuff under your clothes now?" Daisuke grinned weakly, trying to get past his moment of nervousness. "This isn’t some kind of James Bond type thing, is it? I mean, you’re not hiding a bomb under there or anything, are you?"

The comfort of being able to joke around was short-lived.

Undoing the last button, Ken shrugged smoothly and the trench coat fell in a heap on the ground. Thoughts of James Bond or anything else not associated with the scene in front of him fled Daisuke’s mind immediately.

Ken’s long, graceful legs were poured into deliciously tight black leather pants, and from the waist up, he was bared to the world – if the world were there to see it. That in itself would have been enough, but there was some sort of black, thick cord wound around his neck, running down to make an ‘X’ across his chest and then disappearing around his slim hips. It crossed again where Daisuke couldn’t see it – though he could picture it all too well – over the curves of his ass. The cord appeared again, on the outer sides of his legs, wound once around on either side to circle the thighs, and then hung down loose against the front of his knees. The cord was… familiar…

His whip. Daisuke stared at his best friend with something very much like shock, rendered speechless by Ken’s blatantly sexual attire. He’s wearing his whip! That’s not… it’s so… I…

"I told you, I found it last night." Ken shrugged again, offhand. "I didn’t feel like carrying it around, so…" He waved a hand vaguely to draw attention to the "decoration" – as if attention could be drawn away from it! "I saw it in a magazine somewhere."

"Oh," Daisuke said weakly. That was all he could manage to get out. He was, at the moment, fighting a losing battle with his libido, and couldn’t concentrate on much else.

"Here." Ken reached down and took hold of the end that was wound around his right leg. "Do me a favor and pull this off, please. It’d be awkward for me to do it." His mouth curved in a strange little smile. "Don’t pull it too fast – you wouldn’t want to tear my skin, would you?"

Daisuke’s mouth had gone dry. He shook his head wordlessly, not able to take his eyes from the sight of Ken’s body displayed for his viewing pleasure. Taking the whip from his friend’s hand, he began – slowly, tentatively – to pull it toward him.

The coils around Ken’s body started to move sluggishly in time with his pulling, sliding smoothly over the leather and tightening around his thighs. As the first leg was freed, the other end of the whip unwound to dangle in the space right… between… his… legs…

Daisuke forgot to pull; every ounce of blood in his body felt like it was concentrated between his own legs. Oh god, please tell me he hasn’t noticed, that he’s not… looking… oh god, oh god, oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod…

"Daisuke?" Ken’s voice made his head snap up guiltily, heat rushing up to his cheeks. The taller boy raised an eyebrow. "You stopped – is there something… wrong?"

"I… I…" That one syllable seemed to be all he could get out through his uncontrollable gasps for air; he was practically hyperventilating and couldn’t seem to stop. Numbly, he started pulling again, hands trembling badly as they gripped the thick leather. The black cord glided almost sensually over Ken’s skin, like a snake coiling itself around him. It seemed to have a life of its own, exploring the pale surface beneath it in slow, incredibly sexual motions, as if were caressing him with its body. Sliding, moving, grinding, slithering…

The whip pulled free abruptly in Daisuke’s hands, and he nearly had an orgasm right then. That… oh man… that…

Ken smiled. "Thank you very much, Daisuke." He took a slow step forward, displaying a frightening similarity to a predator on one of those animal movies.

Instinctively, Daisuke shied back a step, the whip falling loosely from fingers that seemed to have turned to cooked noodles. What’s he… what the…? He couldn’t think coherently, and his knees felt like jello.

Ken stepped forward again, and bent smoothly to recover the whip. "Looks like you dropped something."

Daisuke took another instinctive step back, caught by the look in Ken’s eyes and unable to look away. What is he doing? He can’t be… No way… It’s… it’s… Oh god, if it is He had to choke back a groan as a sharp twinge of something shot up from the ache in his groin at the prospect.

"Are you feeling all right, Daisuke?" Ken took another step forward. "You’re acting very strangely."

"Um…" Daisuke’s back hit something that clattered a little as he stepped away again. He’d been backed up against the fence. Wide-eyed, he stared up at his best friend, who smiled in return and closed the rest of the distance between them.

"Hmm." His fingers brushed lightly against Daisuke’s wrists, which rested against his sides, shaking uncontrollably right along with the rest of him. Then he started to lean down, his breath brushing softly against the shorter boy’s cheeks. Fully expecting to be kissed, and in no shape to say or do anything against it – even if he had wanted to – Daisuke let his eyes slide shut, lips parting instantly. He was more than a little surprised when Ken bypassed his face altogether, and couldn’t hold back a sharp gasp as the taller boy’s lips brushed the edge of his ear.

"You dropped the whip," he whispered, drawing out the words so that he was practically breathing them into Daisuke’s ear. At the same time, he was turning the shorter boy’s hand so that he could press their palms together, and then threaded his fingers through Daisuke’s, lifting the unresisting limb until he could pin its wrist against the fence, above the level of the red-haired boy’s head. "Don’t you want to play with it any more?"

Daisuke nearly purred, unable to focus on anything but the feel of Ken’s warm breath in his ear. It was like nothing he’d ever felt, so soft and strong at the same time… He almost felt like crying when his friend moved away, and couldn’t hold back a soft whimper.

"Don’t worry," Ken said softly, whispering into Daisuke’s other ear. He repeated the same motions with the delirious boy’s free hand, lifting it up slowly and pressing the wrist against the fence behind him. "I’ve been putting it to good use."

It wasn’t until he moved away that Daisuke realized the taller boy had used the whip to tie his hands to the fence.

"K-Ken!" he squeaked, struggling to think straight. He tugged a little against his bonds, but they didn’t give. The violet-eyed boy moved back, and Daisuke’s body felt cold. "Ken!" His voice had an edge of panic; he felt desperate for further contact. Again, he tugged vainly against the thick leather cord.

"Shh." Ken made a soothing noise, bending down beside his discarded coat. Daisuke whined a little, watching the way his muscles moved under those practically painted-on pants. "I’m not going anywhere. I just needed to get a couple of things, that’s all."

When he stepped back toward Daisuke, he was holding a small tube and a pair of scissors.

The red-head hardly had time to wonder about this, because Ken set the tube down and turned his attention back to his friend. Daisuke’s breath caught in excitement that he couldn’t hide as the taller boy leaned over him, mouth inches away from his own. Kiss me, kiss me! Daisuke’s mind kept screaming. His body was awash with a thousand different needs and sensations, but he wanted Ken’s lips on his, on his skin, on his throat, on his shoulder, and more. The dark-haired boy was moving at an agonizingly slow pace, softly placing his hands on Daisuke’s hips, always keeping his body just millimeters from touching him. It was intolerable, totally unbearable!

With a desperate whimpering noise escaping the back of his throat, Daisuke thrust his hips forward, achieving some measure of success as he felt his aching erection brushing hard against Ken’s. Both of them gasped at the contact.

"Finally!" Ken moved forward, leaning against the red-head and drawing another moan from him. The violet-eyed boy was breathing quickly and he began to grind himself up against Daisuke, the friction between their aroused organs causing both of them to make little noises of pleasure. "It’s about time you… mmm… took some… oh-h-h… initiative!"

"God…" Daisuke breathed out the word, groaning as Ken’s hands slid up his chest. "More… ah… Ken!" Something cold brushed his skin, and he felt as well as heard the scissors cutting through the material of his T-shirt.

The shirt and scissors both dropped to the ground, and Ken leaned forward to finally capture Daisuke’s lips with his own. With the bare skin of their chests in direct contact, sending fire coursing all through the red-head’s body, there was no room for awkwardness. He’d never had a kiss like that one, so full of passion and mutual need. Daisuke wished he could free his hands. His groin was demanding immediate attention, and he felt like he’d burst if he didn’t find some form of release.

"Please!" he whimpered, not caring how it might sound. "Ken!"

The taller boy was slowly sucking and nibbling on the skin of Daisuke’s neck, while his hands slid over Daisuke’s back and then cupped the rounded flesh just below it, through the fabric of the jeans. He was still grinding up against him hungrily, hands kneading Daisuke’s body in time with the thrusting motions. "Ah… ah… AH…" The red-head tried to match Ken’s rhythm by pushing his hips forward, seeking that climax he so desperately needed to reach. "Uhhh… Ken…"

"What?" Ken breathed the word into the flesh of Daisuke’s neck, where it met with his shoulder. "You don’t want me to stop, do you?" He licked the beads of sweat building on that skin slowly, sucking on the spot just the slightest bit.

"No-OO… Ohh…" The red-head moaned deep in his throat as Ken’s hands slid around over his bare skin, along the waist of his jeans. The taller boy suddenly bit down on his neck, and Daisuke’s body jerked involuntarily.

"You’re like heaven, Daisuke," Ken breathed, pulling the button of his jeans free. "Heaven. Your skin feels like the softest clouds, so smooth and silky and moist." The vibrations caused by his zipper being undone made Daisuke shudder in pleasure and shut his eyes. "You taste like sunlight, and purity. Too much purity – I want to take it." He lowered himself, trailing kisses down the front of the red-head’s exposed chest, as he pulled Daisuke’s jeans and boxers down his legs. "I like it when you call out my name. I want to hear you scream it. Soon." He brushed his lips over the tip of the shorter boy’s erect organ, and when Daisuke let out a cry and jerked his hips, he pulled the clothing all the way off.

"You’re beautiful, Daisuke," he breathed, sounding almost awed. "Gorgeous. Perfect. Like I’d always imagined. Like a work of art." He brushed light fingers where his lips had been before.

"Oh god… Ken!" Daisuke could hardly think through his agony of needing. He thrust his hips forward again, seeking more of that contact, but Ken was rising to his feet again. "Please… need you…"

Ken kissed his mouth again, fast and hungry. "Do you have any idea," he asked softly, against Daisuke’s badly trembling lips, "how much I’ve wanted you? How much I want you right now? Do you?" He moved his head and bit Daisuke’s skin again, just behind his ear. The red-head whimpered with pleasure and gave another wanton little jerk.

"Do you?" Ken repeated, in a tone that verged on desperation, pressing Daisuke back into the fence as he kissed him, tongues teasing each other desperately. "Tell me!" he demanded breathlessly, ending the kiss. "Tell me you want me, tell me you’ve always wanted me! Tell me now!"

"I-I want you… I want you bad… Please… Ken!" Daisuke groaned, wishing there wasn’t still that annoying barrier of the taller boy’s pants separating them. He tugged against his bonds again, without success. "I want you always… Always… Please…"

"I’ve always wanted you," Ken breathed. His hands suddenly left Daisuke’s body – the boy was about to complain, but Ken hadn’t moved away from him. His fingers were hastily undoing the fastening on his pants. "Always. I waited for you to do something, to start it – but you took to long, and I had to have you… had to do it…" He kissed Daisuke again, struggling with the tight waist of that confining leather clothing. "I want you… need you… Tell me you feel the same!"

"Need you…" Daisuke repeated, still in his hazy, pleasure-hungry world, and unable to concentrate properly on what Ken was asking. He caught sight of the taller boy as he pulled off what remained of that bothersome material, and groaned again, feeling moisture leaking out of the tip of his arousal. He’s so… perfect. Beautiful… Daisuke let out a whimper, half mad with desire. "Need you, Ken… want you… ohh… take me, take me, take me!"

"Anything," Ken whispered in his ear. "Daisuke, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear that…" He bent and picked up the tube he’d discarded earlier, and the red-head trembled in uncontrolled anticipation. Finally, he was going to get what he’d been so desperately craving. Finally!

Carefully, Ken lifted Daisuke’s legs up, by the knees, letting his weight rest on the bonds that held him to the fence. He hooked them up around his lower back, one on each side, pressing his body up against the shorter boy’s in the process and making both of them moan in desperate pleasure. Then he opened the tube and shakily spread a generous amount of whatever was in it onto his fingers. At this point, he was trembling almost as much as Daisuke, and his breathing was hoarse.

"Ready?" he asked, almost in a gasp, wedging his fingers in so they were pressed over Daisuke’s entrance. At a whimpered affirmative from the bound young man, he slid one finger, slowly and carefully, up into his body.

Daisuke buried his head in Ken’s shoulder to muffle his gasp, wrists tugging against the bonds that wouldn’t let him cling to the other boy. The invading finger felt weird inside of him, not hurting but not that far from it. He struggled to relax, accepting the touches, until they started to feel nice, wanted… "More," he whispered hoarsely, into the skin of Ken’s neck and shoulder.

The dark-haired boy carefully slid in another finger. Daisuke couldn’t help biting down on Ken’s skin, letting out a shuddering gasp as the new intruder probed inside him with the first. "More," he gasped, suddenly impatient. "Please…do it…"

"Just one more," Ken told him softly, steadily, as if he were making a conscious effort to restrain himself. Daisuke writhed and groaned in helpless pleasure, feeling those fingers barely brush something, deep inside him. He lost any and all doubts at that point.

"Ken, take me, please take me, just do it, I need you, please, please, please!"

"Just… a minute…" Ken gasped, rubbing more of the tube’s contents on his own erect penis. "I’m sorry, Daisuke, I’m sorry if this hurts…" He gripped the fence behind Daisuke with both hands, clenching his teeth tightly as he slowly began to push himself into the tight heat of the red-head’s body.

A strangled gasp escaped Daisuke’s throat and his head fell back instinctively, mouth working silently as he took in shuddering breaths of air, eyes wide and yet hardly seeing a thing. It hurt, like nothing else, Ken stretching him out as carefully as he could, filling him with his own hard arousal. Daisuke shook violently, even as the taller boy gasped in tightly restrained pleasure. It would stop hurting… he needed to relax… it would start to feel good soon, if he relaxed… He took in several deep, steadying breaths, trying to loosen himself and grow more used to Ken’s presence in his body. The hurting started to fade, and he noticed Ken clenching his teeth to keep from moving as Daisuke recovered.

"Okay?" he asked, voice and body trembling with the effort of that restraint.

"Yeah… do it… please…" Daisuke squirmed, starting to enjoy the connection. The movement just about got that spot again…

"Daisuke!" Ken gasped, and started to move, pulling himself out and thrusting into the red-head’s body, trying to be slow. He groaned, still shaking. "Oh god… Oh, Daisuke…"

"Ahh…" Daisuke arched his back, lost in sensation. It felt so weird… so new… he was more painfully aroused than he’d been when Ken was teasing him; this was real, and intimate, and wonderful! He’d never felt so complete in his life! "Ooh… Ken… more…"

One of Ken’s thrusts suddenly hit that spot that his fingers had brushed before, and the most thrilling, intense bolt of pleasure shot up Daisuke’s spine, making him cry out and push against the taller boy, shuddering. He wanted more of that… he wanted his pleasure, and he wanted it now! "Ken… oh, Ken… finish me…"

"Ah-h-h…. Daisuke…" Ken thrust into him, harder this time, pulling out faster and plunging back in with a force that suggested he was rapidly losing his tight control. "Oh… god… Daisuke… Oh god!"

Once again that beautiful spot was hit, and Daisuke cried Ken’s name, half in a plea for more and half just because he couldn’t help it. It felt so right, that he should he feeling this, calling his friend’s name as he experienced such pleasure. "Ken… Ken… finish…"

"D-Daisuke!" Ken thrust into him, hard, and his body shuddered violently as he found release in the red-head’s body. Daisuke felt him spill himself, spasms rocking his entire form. And then one of those shaking hands reached up to stroke the shorter boy’s own erection, and he came at last, a loud scream that he was powerless to hold in building from the back of his throat at the intensity of that long-awaited climax. Daisuke jerked in wild, helpless pleasure as he was finally able to pour himself out all over both of their chests.

Ken sank against his shoulder, breathing heavily, and Daisuke felt, suddenly, as if his arms were going to fall off from holding the two of them up. The taller boy reached up and hastily freed him from the bonds holding him to the fence, letting both of them sink to the ground in exhaustion.

Daisuke couldn’t help feeling enormously and wonderfully happy, despite that. Good… that was good… We have got to do that again soon! He leaned against Ken shamelessly, letting the dark-haired boy cushion him, and just smiled.


It was a while before Ken could think through the haze of heavy satisfaction and exhaustion, but he was dying to find out what Daisuke’s thoughts were on his little escapade. It had been risky from the start, but certainly worth it, especially if the red-head had enjoyed it as much as Ken thought he’d enjoyed it.

At the moment, Daisuke was breathing heavily and lying half on top of Ken with his head resting on the taller boy’s chest, so the results seemed positive. Of course, he’d have to find that out for sure.

"Daisuke?" He just murmured the name, unable to voice anything louder by result of his exertions.

"Mmm?" Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who’d been worn out.

"How was it?"

No hesitation. "Awesome." Daisuke’s eyes were shut, but Ken noticed the little smile on his face with some relief.

"As good as you thought it would be?" That was a risk. Ken wasn’t entirely sure that Daisuke had ever thought of him that way. However, if he did…

"Better." Daisuke’s breathing was starting to slow down. "Next time, you’re the one tied to the fence, though. I wanna see how the other side feels."

"We’ll have to talk about that," Ken answered, trying to hide the elation he felt coursing through him at those words. He said next time! That means there’s going to be a next time! So he’d succeeded, after all.

"A’right. Ken?" Daisuke squirmed a little.


"I’m jus’ wondering… why’d you do all this? I mean, you planned it out, right? But why this?" He seemed to be recovering a little more, and sounded curious. "Wouldn’t it’ve been easier to just tell me you wanted to jump my bones? Not that I’m complaining, of course…"

"Of course." Ken smiled to himself. "I’m not really sure why I did it. It just… came to me. Maybe it was finding that whip, and remembering all those times I fantasized about using it on you…"

"You too?" Daisuke made an effort to sit up, but slumped back down almost immediately. "Eh… tired. Sleep now." He sighed and shut his eyes.

Ken was silent for a moment, thinking. "Daisuke?" he asked softly.


"How do you feel about me?" He had to know. "I mean, exactly."

Daisuke yawned a little. "Um… like you’re keeping me awake and I wanna sleep? That’s a joke," he added hastily. "I dunno, though – I think I wanted you but part of me thought you were too good, so I never tried. That’s just what I think. I’m… not too good at figuring out stuff like that."

"You did fine," Ken assured him. "And I can assure you that I’m not too good." He smiled suddenly. "I know this is a far cry from a declaration of undying love, but… go out with me Saturday?"

It would have been nice to make that declaration, Ken thought. But he couldn’t yet, not at this point. He would work up to the declarations later. Daisuke needed time, he knew, but Ken would be patient. There was a reason for it this time. Love was worth the wait.

"Sure." Daisuke suddenly tilted his face up, with a mischievous grin. "But only on one condition, Ken." His eyes shone with typical Daisuke brand enthusiasm, despite being sleepy. "Bring that whip along with you."

Ken laughed softly. "Anything you want, my dear Daisuke," he agreed, softly stroking that thick red hair. "I’m yours to command, after all. Totally whipped."


The End