Believe It or Not




Everything was green.

What the hell…? Daisuke let his eyes slide open a little further, feeling confused and still half asleep. Green? His dorm room had blue wallpaper, didn't it?

He shut his eyes, not really wanting to think about it. It was so comfortable… But, once started, his mind wouldn't stop. Ireland… I'm in Ireland… at a hotel? No… I talked Takeru into going out to sleep in that mound…

Daisuke frowned to himself. The mound was not green…

So… what gives?

He opened his eyes again, rubbed them a little to make them less blurry, and sat up, trying to figure out where he was and how he'd gotten there.

There was grass under his hands. Trees shaded the miniature grove he was sleeping in from the sun. His head had been pillowed on a pile of moss. Uh…okay. Daisuke bit his lip. I don't think I went to sleep in a forest last night…

Yamato had said not to stay in that mound for very long, though.

Uh-oh. Daisuke hunched his shoulders guiltily on instinct, a habit that showed when he realized he'd done something wrong. This can't be good… I mean, what happened to Takeru? Guilt made him squirm. He and Takeru had both been in the mound, and he was currently in a forest… what if his friend had wound up somewhere awful? It would be Daisuke's fault for wanting to go to the mound late at night in the first place.

"Takeru?" he said, quietly so he wouldn't attract the attention of whatever spirit-y thing had nabbed him in his sleep. "Hey Takeru, you there?"


"Takaishi, if you're playing with my head…" Daisuke let the threat trail off, feeling a bit queasy. The silence was really annoying; it felt like something was lying in wait, ready to…

"Well, it's about time!"

Daisuke jerked in surprise, and his head whipped around automatically. There was no one in his line of vision. "Hey, who's there?" When he didn't get an immediate answer, he glared at the empty air and continued, "Stop playing around and come on out!"

"All right."

Daisuke's head jerked around again, and this time his eyes found something. A striking and somehow very familiar figure stood right over him on his left side. Silky black hair hung delicately around a pale, perfect face and the form beneath that face was slender and damnably attractive - at least, in Daisuke's somewhat confused opinion. A pair of heart-stopping blue-violet eyes watched his reaction with some satisfaction. The stranger also wore tight, strange-looking blue clothing.

"Wha… Who are you?" For some reason, he felt that he should know this exotic boy.

"You can call me Ken." The boy shrugged, and knelt down next to Daisuke. "For now. You'll learn more about who I am later, I suspect." He reached out with one pale hand and touched Daisuke's cheek, a little smile spreading on his face. "I know you already, you'll find."

Daisuke pulled away in shock. "What? Where am I?"

"You're in my time." Ken leaned forward, not looking the slightest bit surprised that Daisuke had evaded his touch. "My space as well. You're here until I decide it's time for us to leave."

"Uh… okay." Daisuke glanced around, starting to feel nervous. "Where's Takeru?"

Ken shrugged. "I left him at the mound." His smile widened, and before Daisuke could react to that, he'd shoved the red-head back and was hovering just above him, trailing a finger down along the edge of his face. "I only wanted you."

"Oh. Great." Daisuke hastily pushed himself back until he was out from underneath Ken, then crawled backwards until he hit one of the trees. "I don't suppose you left him a note or something saying where I was, did you?"

"A note?" Ken looked amused. "Saying that you've been taken to an Immortal plane to be Consort to the Kaizer for the rest of eternity? Well, not quite eternity," he amended, quickly. "But for eons, anyway."

Daisuke gaped at him.

"Something the matter, love?" Ken asked in a low voice, moving closer to where the red-head sat, frozen in place. There was an intense look in his eyes that practically had Daisuke pinned to the tree. His insides felt like they were having some kind of party.

"Immortal plane?" Daisuke finally managed to squeak out, incredulously. Is this guy insane or something? His mind caught on the last bit, and his eyes went even wider. "Consort?"

"I think you've got it." Ken smiled, looking even more amused than before, and leaned toward Daisuke to again begin stroking his face. Their noses were inches apart. "You agreed to this, love," the dark-haired boy murmured. "So you must want it, even if you don't know that, yet. You gave yourself to me already, so fighting is useless."

"I… what?" Daisuke gulped, trying to get his breathing back under control. It was too fast… no, too slow. Ken's breath brushed his face, seeming to join his fingers in caressing. It was strangely soothing, and Ken's eyes were hypnotic. He couldn't look away, and it made him feel weak.

For some reason, that also made his insides seem to melt.

"You're mine," Ken purred, slowly uncurling Daisuke's legs from where the red-head had had them tucked up against his chest. "I asked permission to take you, and you gave me your consent. You belong to me now. There's no use in arguing with me; I always win."

"But… I never…" Daisuke was having trouble thinking straight. Ken's free hand drifted lightly up his thigh, and a rush of heat originating in his groin made his whole body shudder. He closed his eyes, caught in a wave of bliss at the light touch of the Immortal's fingers.

"Oh yes you did, Daisuke." Ken chuckled, bringing his face even closer so that his lips brushed Daisuke's when he spoke. "I gave you a brilliant, colorful dream and asked you several times if you would come and stay with me forever, and you answered 'yes'. I could do whatever I wanted with you, and you wouldn't be able to stop me."

"What is… uh… stopping you, then?" Daisuke gasped out the last bit, groaning a little as Ken's hand moved to his inner thigh, mere inches from… Oh damn… It was a struggle just to think, and Daisuke shook with the effort of not bucking his hips to achieve more of that contact. There was no way to hide the hardness growing between his legs; just those light touches made him highly aroused. No, no, no… talk now, sex later… Agh, no! No sex! Bad Daisuke! Bad!

Bad or not, he couldn't bite back a gasping moan as light fingers brushed his erection through the cloth of his pants. It was the most maddening, teasingly light touch… He squirmed, fighting the urge to thrust against the source of it. No…

Ken turned his head so that his lips brushed Daisuke's ear. "What fun would it be if I kept you here against your will?" he breathed. The red-head struggled to think, feeling like his conscious will was being dragged down into a haze of hot, foggy pleasure. "You'd pout, sulk, feel sorry for yourself… no, Daisuke, you're far more fun when you're willing." He rubbed his hand firmly over the red-head's arousal, and Daisuke bucked helplessly, sounds like animal grunts escaping him.

Hormones yanked the 'thinking' task away from his brain. Okay, screw talking, sex now!

Ken bent and pressed his lips against Daisuke's firmly, parting the red-head's mouth with his tongue and at the same time stroking his erection with smooth, rhythmic motions. He swallowed the moans this action produced and drew his prisoner even deeper into the irrational realm of pure, sexual pleasure. "Nice to see your priorities are finally straight, love," Ken breathed, pulling back a little.

Daisuke couldn't remember the last time he'd been so aroused. He thrust against Ken's hand, wishing he could free himself of the now unbearably heavy clothing. "I want you," he half-whispered, half-gasped. "Now."

"Save that for when you've lost some of that clothing," Ken murmured, then reached up and tore the red-head's shirt right down the middle. He favored Daisuke with another deep kiss, then pushed his now willing partner down so that he could lay him out on the ground and attack his neck, nibbling delicately on the tender flesh. His hand had stopped its teasing caresses, and he pulled the shirt completely off, licking and biting at Daisuke's left shoulder. Then he started down.

"Guh… good…" Daisuke shuddered as Ken's wandering fingers found a tender spot around his hips. He was so hard that it was almost painful. It felt like he should come any moment, but he couldn't… it was torture. Ken's mouth sent waves of hot ecstasy flooding through his system, but he wanted more… so much more… Daisuke let out a whimper and his fingers clenched in the dark silky hair as Ken nibbled at the flesh of his stomach. Lower… please lower… The Immortal's mouth felt hot, and the way his tongue darted out and licked at him… He wanted out of his pants, wanted to bury himself in that wet heat, and thrust hard until he reached orgasm. "Ken," he breathed. "Puh… lease… Ohh…"

Supple fingers slowly unzipped Daisuke's pants and freed the tortured erection underneath. The red-head let out a loud groan and fell back against the soft moss under him, not even noticing as Ken left his stomach to pull the annoying cloth off of him completely.

The red-head reached down to pull his lover back on top of him, kissing him desperately. He felt ready to burst if he didn’t get his release some time soon. Reaching up to tear off the tight blue clothing, Daisuke's hands met… bare skin.

For a moment, his shock overrode his arousal, and he pulled back. "What…?"

"They're… illusion," Ken explained breathily, leaning down to rain kisses over Daisuke's face. His hands ran greedily over the red-head's chest, holding him close so that he could grind their bodies together and create a delicious friction that made Daisuke start to pant. "I… decide whether or not… they're there. M-m-m… Oh Daisuke…" He nipped and sucked the junction of his partner's neck and shoulder.

Daisuke went through a brief period of confusion as Ken started to nudge his thighs apart. "Ah…" He wanted the Immortal, quite badly, but… submitting like this? The idea was deadly sexy, causing a rush of hot desire that made him squirm helplessly in anticipation. But still…

"Shh." Ken kissed him, rubbing his bare skin and pressing their bodies together in an attempt to relax him again. Daisuke groaned as his erection came into contact with his partner's, and offered no further resistance as the Immortal rearranged his body into a satisfactory position. The idea of having Ken inside of him became less disturbing and more desirable with every motion of the dark-haired boy's body against him.

"You'll… have your chance… later," Ken assured him, between breathy gasps for air. "Once you've… learned. Relax." He buried his face in Daisuke's neck and slowly slid one finger, slicked with something kind of cool and creamy, up into the puckered entrance. The red-head gasped; his back arched and he opened his mouth but couldn't let out much more than a squeak.

It felt… weird. Not bad. Weird. The finger moved slightly inside him, somehow contributing to his already high state of arousal just by the fact that it was such an intimate touch. A second finger joined it a moment later, and Daisuke groaned. He wanted Ken to touch him like this - wanted the Immortal inside him, touching him, knowing him like no other. It was just right.

"Ken… please…" He whimpered, wanting release quite badly. It felt like he'd die… He would do anything to reach orgasm at that point. "Ahhh…" Ken's fingers just barely touched against something… perfect. Daisuke's whole body arched, seeking more of that. "Ken… Ken… oh… oh!"

The Immortal removed his fingers from his squirming partner's body, and gave him a brief kiss, muffling the desperate little noises Daisuke was making. "Mine," he breathed practically into the red-head's mouth, and pressed into him slowly.

"Ah-ah-ah…" Daisuke stared up at the sky without seeing it, caught up in the mingled pain and pleasure. He was too aroused at that point to care much about pain. It was bearable; the feeling of being filled brought him beyond the normal levels of ecstasy. How could anything feel like this? Waves of heady pleasure surged through him and he whimpered and moaned and practically sobbed as Ken thrust into him slowly. The pale-skinned Immortal licked and bit at his skin, his breathing punctuated by groans and animal grunts. Daisuke almost screamed as that heavenly spot inside him was struck… again, and again…

"God, yes… oh god… Ken… yes…"

One shaking hand snaked across the red-head's waist to stroke his penis in time with Ken's thrusts, and that was it. Daisuke exploded in a wave of intense spasms, thick jolts of pleasure jerking his body in release. "K-Ken… KEN!"

As his muscles clenched involuntarily around his partner's, Ken groaned loudly and buried himself deep in Daisuke's body, every inch of him shuddering with his orgasm.

They were both silent for a few moments, breathing heavily and too tired to disentangle themselves. Daisuke felt warm and sated…. and exhausted. Sexual satisfaction made him sleepy, and he wouldn't have minded falling asleep in Ken's arms right there, even covered in sweat and semen, as he was.

Ken moved away slowly, as if reluctant to get off of the red-head. Switching to a position beside him, he pulled Daisuke to him. "How was that?" he murmured, voice quiet.

Daisuke would've liked nothing better than to roll over and sleep, but it seemed rude, so he made an effort to think. "Good," he said, at first. That sounded so… plain, though. He'd just had amazing, passionate sex; 'good' didn't seem like enough. "Very good," he corrected himself, lamely.

"I'm glad." Ken smiled. "So, you see, there are perks to staying with me. You'll have my attention most of the time, unless something important comes up that demands it. You can have as much time alone as you wish. You'll easily make friends here, I'm sure. And then there's… this."

Daisuke made an attempt to glare, feeling somewhat more awake now that his future was being discussed. "I'm not giving up my whole life just for mind-blowing sex," he said. "Just so you know."

"Of course not. You'll give it up because I tell you to. But I don't see why you'd refuse, anyway." Ken shrugged. "You have everything you could possible want here. There's nothing you could possibly think of that I couldn't provide for you."

"Give me a break," Daisuke muttered. He actually felt comfortable enough in Ken's arms that thinking about leaving was becoming less appealing with every second, but wasn't ready to make that general knowledge. "That's an easy one. Try freedom."

"Are you living in the dark age?" Ken laughed. "Do you know how many mortals have demanded freedom from our kind? If that's what you desire, Daisuke, it's yours. Nothing simpler."

Pulling back, Daisuke stared incredulously at his captor. "What do you mean? You're gonna just let me go?"

Ken shrugged, smiling at him in return. "You're free to come and go as you please between our plane and yours, if that's what you would like. My only condition would be that you return to spend each night with me."

Daisuke frowned at him, feeling suspicious. "You'd trust me that much?"

"Not at this point, love." Ken stroked his cheek. "Since you've agreed to be mine already, I'm free to pass through into your plane whenever I wish - through you. If I start to feel lonely, I can always come through and visit you." The little smirk on his face spoke volumes.

"I knew there'd be a catch." Daisuke scowled.

Ken nuzzled the side of his neck and sighed. "You agreed to be mine. I don't plan on releasing you from that any time in the next few centuries. So you might as well get used to the idea of being my Consort."

Daisuke bit his lip, feeling trapped. Oh great. What have I gotten myself into this time?


Beneath Yamato, the night stallion stirred. Time to dismount. He let himself slide off. A glance at Takeru showed that his little brother was already doing the same - though his movements were slow, and the look on his face almost reverent as he watched the girl in front of him.

Yamato recognized her. She was Taichi's sister, after all, and there wasn't much about Taichi that he didn't know well.

Torture yourself some more, why don't you? he told himself, feeling bitter. Despite the thought, he couldn't resist stealing a glance back toward the Immortal behind him. With an inhuman grace, Taichi dismounted and the iridescent wings on his back folded and vanished completely. Strands of soft brown hair fell forward into his face, but were brushed aside when he looked up to smile at the blond watching him.

Yamato turned his face away, but he could see the look on Taichi's face even without looking. Hurt. Disappointed. Longing. Soft… like his lips were. Like his body was…


"You know the way by now, Yama." Taichi moved past him, ignoring Takeru and Hikari, who still stared at each other in something very much like recognition - first love.

It wasn't so long ago that I've forgotten what it feels like.

"He won't wind up like me, at least," Yamato muttered, following his once-lover. "That's one good thing. I won't have to watch my brother suffer while I do."

Taichi turned sharply, only halfway down the hallway. "What are you thinking, Yamato? That you're the only one who's suffering? I didn't choose this, you know." He stepped closer, brown eyes more serious than they usually were. The gaze that met Yamato's was intense, so much so that he couldn't look away. "I'm just as miserable as you are… but I'd suffer less if you'd return to me."

"No, you wouldn't." The blond struggled to keep the cold tone in his voice. "At first, maybe, but there'd always be that shadow over it. Neither of us would forget, and even if we did, how long would it last for? It'd seem like a second or less for you."

Taichi sighed. "Yama… I've missed you. Nothing could be worse than that, not as long as you're with me."

"Maybe." He couldn't keep the cold tone up any more, and Taichi's eyes pleaded their love for him, his face tilted itself as if he wanted to kiss or be kissed but didn't risk contact for fear of driving Yamato away. With a shaking hand, the blond let his protective shell slip involuntarily and brushed the tips of his fingers over that smooth, bronzed skin. Taichi's eyes shut briefly, rapture displayed on every feature.

"This is worth anything," the Immortal answered in a low murmur. He closed the distance between them carefully, and pressed his lips to Yamato's still ones. The blond trembled at the familiar contact, and his resolve weakened. It would be easy, more than easy, to throw away his resolve and give in to the familiar sensations. To wrap his arms around the warm figure of his lover and pull him close, as he had so many times before. To lose himself entirely to the bliss of that embrace and promise to hold on to Taichi for as long as he lived.

Nothing so precious should come that easily.

"I love you, Taichi," Yamato finally breathed, pulling back until he could look the Immortal in the eyes again. "But I can't do this, and I can't let you do this." He pulled further away and looked away from the sad brown eyes in front of him. "It's better for both of us."

"If you say so, Yama." Taichi sighed and turned away again. "I did my best to convince you otherwise before you left. I didn't really expect that you'd have changed your mind. Let's go."

Yamato nodded, out of habit. The Immortal wouldn't see it. He watched Taichi's retreating back for a moment. Maybe it's just that mortals weren't meant to hold on to perfection like that.


For the second time, Daisuke felt himself drifting awake, and again, he didn't want to. There was something warm and comfortable about where he was… he tried to remember…

Ken! Oh yeah…

The red-head opened his eyes, slowly, and tried to pull himself out of that hazy, sleepy world he'd been in to figure out where, exactly, he was, and how he could get himself out of there.

The dark-haired boy beside him appeared to be sleeping, eyes closed, breathing regular. He had one arm slung loosely over Daisuke's chest and upper arms, a possessive gesture that had probably eased off while he slept. The shorter boy felt sticky and uncomfortable, suddenly aware that he really needed a shower. Both of them were still naked, and there was nothing to cover them. For a moment, Daisuke could only think of staring appreciatively at the pale body pressed against his.

Mm… Smooth skin, light muscles, nice-sized… endowment… small hips, long legs… I'll bet he has a nice, tight butt, too… Daisuke sat up a little to check that for sure. Oh yeah! Order me one of those! Did he say that I'd get a turn later…?

The idea of more sex in the near future was appealing.

But, as always, reality intruded. Ken's nakedness was making Daisuke more aware of his own, and the fact that they were in a forest, totally exposed… Damn! Just about anybody could walk by and see us! Oh crap, I hope no one was watching when we…The red-head felt his face grow hot. What was he thinking, dragging me out into a forest? Couldn't he have rented us a nice motel room somewhere?

Daisuke found it hard to believe that Ken could create his own completely private universe. He couldn't be the only one who could do something like this, right? Yamato had said 'they'. That meant there were a whole bunch, so it wasn't just Ken. If some other magicky-type person sailed on into the dark-haired Immortal's private honeymoon suite, they could start exploring and easily come across a very, very embarrassing scene…

I think maybe I should get dressed…

He squirmed out of Ken's hold, trying to ignore the slight soreness, and gathered up the clothes that had been scattered while they'd been trying to devour each other whole. Or something. Damn, this is gonna be hard to explain, Daisuke thought mournfully, staring at the shirt that Ken had torn in half. I borrowed this from Takeru!

Pulling on his clothes hastily, the red-head spared a glance for his new lover. The Immortal hadn't stirred once while his partner dressed. If he's not paying attention… Daisuke felt thrills run through him at the thought of defying this powerful person and actually escaping his role as 'Consort'. I couldn't have meant it when I said yes, he told himself, watching Ken's face thoughtfully. The last thing I'd want is to be forced into staying with him, right?

Well, whatever. He turned and hurried away from the grove area, feeling proud of himself for his escape. He can't force me to be his Consort, right? I mean, if I don't want to, what can he do?

Daisuke wasn’t sure he wanted that question answered. It was better to get away as soon as possible, and then worry about what might have happened. All he had to do was figure out a way to get out of that forest, and then he'd be in control again. Simple.

The red-head frowned. Maybe just a little too simple…

He kept walking. Eventually, the trees had to come to an end, right?


His pace lasted about two hours. That was the limit of Daisuke's patience, though, and he started to run instead. The trees didn't seem to get in his way somehow, and the sun didn’t seem to get any warmer as he went along. A slight trot turned into a jog, and a jog into a full sprint as he kept going, and became more desperate. There's got to be a way out of here! The forest can't just go on forever! That's impossible!

Impossible or not, he'd been walking in a straight line for more than two hours, and it hadn't gotten him anywhere. Everything looked the same. In fact…

Daisuke stopped short as he broke through the trees and found himself staring at a grove of grass and moss. A very familiar grove. "Oh no," he groaned, sinking back against a tree. Ken was nowhere in sight, but it was the same place he'd started at, for certain.

"You can't escape me, Daisuke."

The red-head sighed, not even bothering to look around. "Why can't you just let me go?" he asked plaintively, raising his head to glare at the empty space in front of him. "I don't wanna be your Consort! I wanna go to college and get an education and maybe become a veterinarian or something, I don't know. I don't wanna spend the rest of my life partying and having sex!"

Daisuke frowned, thinking that sentence over again. Wait a minute…

There was a moment of silence before Ken started to laugh, the sound seeming to echo from every direction. "Oh, of course not!" he said, after a while, voice laced with good-natured sarcasm. "Who could possibly want that? It's a nightmare! Poor, poor Daisuke, stuck with being forced into enjoying himself. Somebody alert the authorities; this is a horrible injustice!"

"Cut that out!" Daisuke muttered. He didn’t like being mocked, even when he knew he'd just made an idiot of himself. "You know what I mean."

"Actually, I don't." Ken's voice seemed to breathe itself into Daisuke's ear from behind. "Explain your reasoning to me."

Daisuke looked over his shoulder, but found nothing there. "I'm not gay," he said, stupidly. Oh sure, Dai… try to make him believe that after you let him screw you! It's going to sound believable now, isn't it?

Rough hands caught Daisuke's wrists and he found himself pressed firmly into the tree behind him. He looked up, startled, as Ken smiled and held his wrists against the bark, on either side of his head. "You can't lie to me, Daisuke. I know you a lot better than you think I do. I've seen into your thoughts, and watched you when no one else was around. Believe me, I can tell when you're not telling the truth."

Swallowing a little, feeling nervous about the fact that Ken had him rendered him pretty much helpless, Daisuke asked, "How… how did you manage that?"

Ken shrugged. "I felt you. I only just started looking for a proper Consort a few hundred years ago, and it took me that long to find what I wanted. I sensed that you were perfect for me when you were still just an idea in your parents' heads. And I watched you. I knew that, eventually, you'd be ready for me, and I'd find a way to bring you here."

"You watched me my whole life?" Daisuke stared at him incredulously. "Dude…"

"I got to know you pretty well." Ken smiled again, a soft light in his eyes that made the red-head start to sweat. One of his hands trailed away from Daisuke's wrist, to run a slow track down his arm, and onto his chest. "I remember exactly when you had your first 'gay' thought." He ran one finger in a lazy circle around the shorter boy's nipple. "You were thirteen, I think. One of the teachers was pretty good-looking; do you remember? Having a crush on a teacher when you're that young isn't the end of the world. Of course, you denied it."

Daisuke shook his head, even though he knew it wasn't going to do any good. Ken's fingers felt so nice… soft and light and teasing… He shut his eyes, biting back a moan. "I… didn't…"

"I was there, remember? You'd touch yourself at night - or in the shower - and thinking about him turned you on." Ken brushed his thumb gently over the nipple, and Daisuke groaned helplessly, already growing aroused. "It didn't make me too unhappy when you never slept with any of those girlfriends you had when you were still in denial and high school at the same time. All because none of them ever turned you on enough."

Daisuke didn't want to think about any girlfriends he'd had. Ken's hand ran over his stomach, one finger slipping under the waistline of his pants. "Ah…"

"That was when you had to admit that you were at least bisexual," Ken commented casually, freeing the button of Daisuke's jeans and pulling the zipper open. "I remember being a little jealous about the conversation you had with Takeru. He was very supportive of your preferences."

Daisuke's answer - if he'd had an answer - was lost in a gasp as Ken gripped his erection and began to stroke firmly, keeping a smooth rhythm that sent hot waves of ecstasy coursing through the red-head's body. Daisuke moaned and whimpered as the Immortal licked and sucked his throat, bucking against the source of that pleasure.

"But it isn't just anyone that you've been waiting to give yourself to, Daisuke," Ken whispered, right into his ear. His breath was hot, and it felt like he was scorching the words into the red-head's brain. "It's me. You belong with me. You're only waiting for the conscious part of you to stop fighting and give in to it."

"Yes," Daisuke breathed, in response to both the words and the way his pleasure rose as he approached his climax. "Yes… Ken!"

The Immortal kissed him quite firmly, swallowing Daisuke's gasps as his body jerked in orgasm. "I'm glad you've finally got your priorities straight, love," he breathed, again, breaking away as Daisuke went limp against him. "Are you ready to stay yet?"

The red-head felt something let go inside him, staring up at the blue-violet eyes. There was something in them… hope, maybe… or even love; Ken had certainly made his feelings clear. Whatever it was, he felt himself smile, and he leaned forward to kiss the Immortal in front of him again.

"Only if you keep your promise about letting me have my chance later."