Behind the Scenes


TK’s voice in the background as the kids run forward says, "Who knows where they’ll end up. But the only way to find out is to take that first step into adventure!"

//Scene Ends//

Davis: Well, it’s about time!

Kari: Yeah, no kidding. //sits down// Whew! All that smiling was too much work.

Yolei: Hah! You think you had to work? Try being married! //takes off her wedding ring and throws it over her shoulder// I’d hate to do that full-time!

Ken: Do you think we fooled them?

Matt: Hell, yeah! Everyone out there thinks I’m married to Sora! //laughs// Can you believe they’re all so gullible?

Sora: Puh-lease! //rolls her eyes// Yeah right!

Davis: Yeah, well, heck! My boyfriend’s got three kids! //blinks// Hey, we forgot about the kids!

Tai: Oh yeah. //glances over at kids, now immobile// You guys can change back now.

//children all turn back into Bakemon//

Ken: //to Davis// So, tell me again why I had to be married to Yolei! Why couldn’t you do it?

Davis: We’re trying to make this believable, remember? //kisses him// Come on, I’ll make it up to you later. //suggestive grin//

Yolei: //shakes head// Guys! Besides, being married would so interfere with my social life! How am I supposed to be dating Willis and Michael at the same time if I’ve got a damn husband in my way!

Kari: Well, you did have a crush on Ken, remember?

Yolei: Yeah, well, that was before I found out that he thought Davis was prettier than me! //dreamy smile// And before I found out that Gennai was available!

TK: //looks away// Well, then…

//Davis and Ken are making out over the next hill//

Davis: Mmm… hey… maybe you really should get married!

Ken: What!?

Davis: To me, that is.

Ken: Oh, so are you proposing?

Davis: //innocent look// Maybe.

Ken: Why on earth would they think I’d marry Yolei? //starts kissing him again//

//on the other side…//

Matt: Yeah, I think we should just leave them alone for a while.

Tai: So you and I could find our own hill and prove why we’d never end up with kids?

Matt: … //looks around frantically for another hill// Aha! There! //grabs Tai and runs//

TK: I don’t have to narrate this too, do I?


The End